Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. (A Love Story)

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Glow in The Dark Slimes Make A Good Bond

Submitted: November 03, 2010

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Submitted: November 03, 2010



CHAPTER 9: Glow in the Dark Slimes Make a Good Bond.
Have you ever been in a position where you’re about to choose if you’re going or not. Well, I think everybody has. Lucky are those who aren’t in the position I’m in now.
I looked around at the faces of my friends and at Nathan who’s having a puzzled look at his face.
“Who signed me up!” I pressed.
I stared at my brother who’s beside Kyle—who’s now standing up and forcing Kaitlin to join and not ‘ruin’ the fun’. My brother mouthed something. It went like, “Mom was the one!”
Mom. Okay. I didn’t know what the hell mom knew about my ‘fondness’ for Nathan. But I’m very sure that there’s some rational reason behind this.
I looked back at Nathan. He was now standing up, smiling at me. he approved of this. Ask me, I’ll say no. I’ve seen paper dance being played in children’s party. It involved a lot of groping to the arms, waist and hands of your partner. Not to mention that Nathan’s going to be the victim of this. Sympathy to Kaitlin who didn’t get Nathan as a partner but Kyle instead.
I really don’t know how to play paper dance. But Nathan looked excited enough to play it himself. I can’t say no to an angelic face like that. I looked at Pam beside me.
“You go! C’mon! They’re all up on stage.” She leaned in closer to whisper to my ear. “You’ve never done this in your dream. Don’t kill the fun.”
I looked at her and nodded. Okay, no backing up now. I looked around at the encouraging faces of my friends. Then, Suze arrived with a tray of gin and tonic in her hands. I stood up and gulped one of the glasses. Then, I grinned at Nathan who’s now waiting for me in the aisle.
“Here we go.” I said to him.
We walked towards the stage. He smiled at me and I smiled back. My heart sped and my hands sweat. I don’t think all girls who plays paper dance has experienced this.
We climbed up the stage and when we passed mom, I looked pointedly at her. She just grinned and directed us at one of the spots where a big manila paper is laid.
“Good luck to both of you.” she smiled and left. She was obviously escaping from the talk I’m going to give her about this. The spotlights were all directed at the stage and I just imagined how good we look from the audience’s spot.
I looked at the pair beside us. It was Kaitlin and Kyle. They seemed to be debating about something.
“Kyle!” I said. “What’s wrong?”
“This whiner doesn’t like me as her partner! Wanna change?” he said, disgusted.
“Please!” Kaitlin begged.
I looked at Nathan. He shook his head a tiny ‘no’. “Oops, sorry, Kaitlin. I’d rather have Nathan than some other ass like Kyle.”
Nathan and I laughed. I looked down at the audience to find my brother and Pam grinning at me. They seemed happy for me. Well, it won’t hurt if I satisfy all our happiness. I just don’t know if Nathan’s very happy about my refusal to change with Kaitlin.
“Would you like her as your partner?” I faced Nathan.
“I’d rather have you.” he grinned.
My heartbeat went faster and my blood rushed through my veins. I edged closer to him. Close but not so close. Then, my mother tapped the mic again—signaling for everyone to watch.
“Okay, mechanics. Various party music would play and you have to dance around the paper. Once the music stops, you all have to cram yourselves inside your manila paper. Every time you dance around, the paper gets smaller too. Each pair that wouldn’t be able to fit and carry themselves inside the paper would be evicted. And the lasting pair would win a prize!”
The audience cheered. “We have to be good at this.” Nathan said.
My body tensed. I don’t know how to do this. Not to mention I’d have to do it with him. There’s no time for backing up now. I’m here at the stage and it won’t hurt me if I hold onto him just because of a stupid game. Besides, in my dream, I’ve held him a lot of times.
The speakers blared with Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi. The ten pairs called on stage were dancing. I brought my hands up to the air and ‘partied’. Kaitlin joined me and our partners danced awkwardly. The crowd cheered.
Then, after a few seconds, the music stopped. I immediately jumped on top of the manila paper and kept my hands behind my back—keeping them from holding to Nathan’s body when we’ve still got a lot of space.
The game continued for about five songs until there was only two pairs on stage—Nathan and me, then Kyle and Kaitlin. It was a close fight. The papers were now folded onto the smallest possible square. We’re the only pairs who managed to survive. I was thin enough to fit on the paper in the previous songs. I didn’t hold onto Nathan and he did the same. We had body balance.
But now, as I stare onto the paper, it looked so small. I didn’t even know if I could still use the ‘body balance’ I have.
“And now! Only two pairs left! Tina’s and Kaitlin’s! Who do you think would win?” the crowd cheered louder. Some of them chanted ‘Kyle’, some of the ‘Nathan’. I looked at my friends seated in the audience. They gave me a thumbs-up and grinned. I looked at Nathan and he just gave me an encouraging nod.
We’re both sweating. And I hope that my glow in the dark shirt wouldn’t be soaked with sweat. The speakers blared the sounds of Usher and we danced around the paper.
After the first chorus, the music stopped. I stayed frozen in my place until I felt Nathan’s arms at the back of my knees and at my back.
My skin burned at his touch. He swiftly carried me onto his arms and laid me tight near his chest. I wiggled free of his arms but he wouldn’t let me. His face was just inches away from mine and I can smell his expensive cologne.
“Don’t. We won’t win.” He said.
“But there’s no price!” I said.
“There is. And if it’s true that there’s none, at least I got to play this game with you.”
I gaped at him. Did he really mean what he said? Was that a friendly gesture or was it a flirty remark? I didn’t try to put on as much weight to it. Instead, I just glared at him.
Then, in the blink of an eye, He lost his balance. We wavered a little. The crowd cheered louder and I just closed my eyes. I know what’s going to happen next. We’re gonna fall into our backs, get some blisters and injured bones or whatever.
I’m never wrong. In just a mater of second, we’re on the floor, lying side by side and laughing our lungs off. We’re both facing the sky and just for a moment, I imagined it was only us. There was no crowd cheering, my mom wasn’t announcing our defeat. I turned my head to look at me and found him staring back. His lips slowly pulled up into the smile. And just as the magic started, it was gone.
The crowd was there again, cheering. My mom was helping me up to my feet and Kyle was excited about the prize. When Nathan and I were both upright again, he draped his arm around me. “It was a nice game.” He said.
I tried to act casually about his arm. I tried to stop my cheeks from flushing. And, I tried to block out the feeling of Kaitlin’s eyes boring into my back. “Yeah.”
We did a high-five and my friends made a teasing sound. Their voices were heard above the crowd and in an instant, I moved away from Nathan and he stood with his hands inside his pocket.
We walked away from each other, leaving a good five meters distance. Kaitlin and Kyle exited the stage and when I made the move to do the same, my mom spoke at the mic.
“No, no, no. there’s a consequence, my dear.” She said and the whole crowd cheered for more.
Nathan looked at me and mouthed, “Now what?”
I just shrugged and stood there in the middle of the stage with my arms crossed.
“Go in the middle of the stage, son. Join Tina.” My mom said.
Nathan awkwardly approached me and stood beside me. We were facing the opposite sides but I can feel the heat of his back to mine.
Then, two teenagers approached the stage with a bucket of green glow-in-the-dark slime inside. This didn’t look good. I tried to block out the panic inside my head. I tried to smile. and in that party, I did something that I know I wouldn’t regret, even the game of paper dance. Because it was the very event that provoked me to be with him.
The teenagers approached us and the crowd cheered. Then, when the teens were at our either side, the brought up the buckets and turned them upside down right on top of our heads.
I turned around and impulsively wrapped my arms around Nathan. He did the same and held me tight. I buried my head to his chest and tried to ignore the cold feeling of the slime running at my back. We just stood there, holding each other tightly as if there was no crowd cheering in awe at us. As if there wasn’t anyone around. And in that moment, I felt his heartbeat collide with mine. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine that it was only us under the starry night. I imagined a wishing star crossing across the sky. And I thought of a wish that I would make if any of my imaginations would come true.
I wish we could be like this forever, only us. Like in my dreams.

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