Secrets to be Told

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Sapphire Snape is the daughter of Severus Snape, the Potions Master. She doesn't know who her mother is.

When Sapphire arrives at Hogwarts, she discovers many secrets about her past, present, and future life with her best friend, Rochelle, who just happens to be Draco Malfoy's twin sister.

What will happen in Hogwarts as Sapphire's secrets unfold? Who is Sapphire's mother? Does Sapphire have a mysterious connection to Harry Potter or the Dark Lord? Read to find out the mysteries of Sapphire Jewel Snape, the Potions Master's daughter!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Intro

Submitted: June 07, 2011

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Submitted: June 07, 2011



\"Hi there! I'm Sapphire Jewel Snape, and I have just arrived at Hogwarts. When I got my letter was so excited, all though I was expecting it. I wanted to tell you all about my Hogwartian adventures-- but first let me tell you about myself. I am, of course, entering my first year. I heard Harry Potter was too! Anyway- I have red hair and sapphire blue eyes. I don't look very much like my father- Severus Snape- so I guess I look a lot like my mother. Not that I know who she is. She died when I was young, and anyway, my dad found me on his doorstep. But he assured me my mom was a great person... but I guess I'll never know, right?\"

\"Why hello! I am Rochelle Narcissa Malfoy, the nice Malfoy. My twin, Draco, is such a git sometimes. Especially when you have to grow up with him... live with him... but sometimes he's nice. It's rare, but sometimes. Anyway, me being his twin, I look almost exactly like him. except our eyes. His are grey, mine are grey with purple flecks. (\"And whats in your pants, that makes a big difference...\") Shut up Sapphire! You would say that lolz! Anyway, you know who my parents are obviously... so I'll see you at Hogwarts!\"

\"Hello , hello, hello! It is I, Kalista Rebecca Smith! I love Quidditch, and I'm in Gryffindor! Going into third year, baby! Now, lets get this over with... Hair? Dirty blonde. Eyes? Green. Parents? John and Nancy Smith. Siblings? Older brother: Robert Smith. Older sister: Gigi Smith. Younger brother: Joe Smith. Yup... now if you need me I'll be with Fred and George letting off some Dungbombs!\"

\"Top of the morning! My name is Mariella Inkette Williams. Pureblood, sure no one else has told you their blood status! Ha! Not that I care, I'm a Ravenclaw! Going into fifth year with a dashing boy named Oliver Wood. You know, though, I'll tell you the above people's blood statuses! That Snape girl is a half-blood, the Malfoy is a Pureblood, and that Kalista is a Muggle-born! I heard she's the only witch in her family, ha! Anyway... not that I care... My hair is brown and my eyes are brown. Maybe I'll run into you in the corridors? Bye-bye, then!\"

\"Lolli Kamamille Lovegood, at your service! Going into my fourth year, I am, yes! I'm Luna Lovegood's elder sister. I look a lot like her, hm? Anyway, I'll just be... looking at Nargles...\"

\"Well I hope you have a good overview of us now! You'll be learning more as the adventure of Hogwarts unfolds... this is Sapphire Snape, over and out!\"

\"And Rochelle Malfoy! See you soon!\" :D

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