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A small novel I started and editted slight (Draft form still)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Ends meet

Submitted: December 29, 2012

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Submitted: December 29, 2012




Purple Midnight Sky


::Those damn Police::


Chapter One

Sparks scattered with a turn of a wheel; flames combusts; the waxy thin paper began to burn. The slow edging flame danced across the tip of it with its content. Smoke began to rise from it as it caught aflame. The bridges of smoke heading north upwards towards the midnight sky, the moon could be seen from above, giving a dim glow. This glow, it traveled into the small stream of smoke illuminating its existence. A small blow of the wind occurred and the group of boys gave a small sigh, as again they tried. A turn of a wheel; a fast rapid succession of faint clicks; fluid released as it burst into flames at sparks contact. The opposing end being lit was sheltered with the teens dry lips as one of his hands cupped the flame. The small stream of smoke again rose. The stream climbing into the air, it began to disband as it raised above the teens head.

A strong inhale of his lungs, as his eyes closed. Not to a burning sensation, but rather to a pleasured sensation. The smoke edged into his lungs scratching against his throat as he felt his eyes water, now his lungs almost bursting to cough out the gas. His arm extended towards the next male, reaching over the metal railing between them. The male sitting on against the metal railing, took the joint from his cold-burned fingers, tapping it against the rail as the red hot embers escaped the none burned drug. Silence held strongly around them all as the “Fag” was passed around all four of them over and over again until the rest was so small that only a fly could smoke from. The other two teens sitting next to each other on the opposing end, created a small circle as one sank their hands into their pockets.

In between them was an opening of just rock and rail. The only thing connecting the two cards was a driving like wheel with two metal bars going from either end. On each left and right side of the carts was a metal fence no higher than a cat fully extended from head to toe. And centered in the middle of the cart was another one of these fences, parallel on both carts. Behind them it slopped down into a dip where all them could side if they choose if the wind became too fierce for them. As indeed, it had become, the autumn air had bit at their fingers with its shark like jaws. The one with his hands in his pockets had nodded his head to signal for them all to come over to where he was. They all had done so climbing into the dip where the wind was cut off from the plates of aluminum on each side. The boy with his hands in his pockets, slipped into the farthest corner, and he spoke a single word. “Light” and instantly, one of the boys had pulled out a lighter and had begun a flame. From his pocket, he pulled out a prescription drug bottle. Even with its light orange coloring, the element inside was quite certain. He opened it; the bottle being about half full and the dip began to smell of a strong herb. The teen, looked up. He was the youngest and also one of the most loved by all of them as he began to speak.

“My friends, I give you ‘Purple midnight sky’,” He paused for a moment as he waved the bottle around as the sent filled the dip even further. Continuing… “This is one of the strongest breeds found around Chicago as of right now. Shipped straight from Los Angles, California, this single bottle costs me almost three hundred dollars. For right now, I’ll let anyone who pays me twenty dollars, smoke let’s say… Three grams of this with me, anyone in?” The pause continued as two of the boys threw in twenty dollars.

The fourth boy had looked down at his wallet with disappointment, saying with a soft voice. “I’ve only got 12 dollars left.” One of the boys looking to be an older brother of him gave him a ten as they threw it in with a shuffle of quick whispers sounding the nature of “You owe me,”

The first boy had rolled the joint with it lit and taking a hit and passed it around. He continued the conversation, “So, tell me. Jason, how’s it feel being high for a first time?”

The boy with only 8 dollars had looked up taking the fag, and taking a deep huff. In reply “I’ve never felt so-“He was cut off by his giggle as his eyes seemed darker red than blood. His older brother had taking the joint from his fingers taking a hit before answering for him, his voice ashy. “He loves it, Lynn.”

Lynn replying, being the youngest, had chuckled softly. He had taken the joint from His older brother, Michael. Relighting the tip, he sucked in hard holding the gas in for a good thirty seconds before releasing it. Passing it back to Mason, Lynn got up off his ass as everything seemed to be in slow motion and noise roamed from each ear. He stumbled on his own feet as he planted his hand on what seemed cold metal. His limbs felt as if strobe lights with the numbness in them. His vision had seemed so clear before, but now seemed to have the strobe light effect as it blinked on and off. The joint was two thirds done as he began to gather his things picking up the bottle. Stuffing them into his pockets, he found his way to the top out of the dip. He vaulted over the railing falling almost 7 feet as his duct tape shoes hit the smooth rock with a “Crunch!” sound. On the side of the train cart was 4 skateboards all lined up. Lynn had taken his from the middle. Its deck design was of a bowl being smoked from. The smoke had formed letters across it spelling “Girl,” a company that made skateboards. Locking the trucks to his forearm, he began to walk away. All the sounds around him seemed to be amplified left and right. He was used to it and gave no notice as he continued walking, all the way to the road.

Planting the board’s wheels to the ground, he stepped on with his left foot first and pushed off with his right gliding down the street. Head lights from behind and in front raced past him in blurs of motion. He felt they were traveling in minimal frames per second; choppy much like an old movie that ran in black and white on film. The cold wind and air froze to his skin but he gave no notice. From behind him minutes later, he heard the roaring of other skateboard wheels, as indeed it was his “Clients.”

Doing a “Reap” on his board, he slid his wheels on the cold pavement 180 degrees while the wheels gave a loud scream. The latex wheels continued rotating as he faced opposite from where he was heading.  The joint still lit on Jason’s lips, he gave a strong inhale riding up next to Lynn handing it to him. With short of breath he managed to tell him “Kill it,” Lynn, taking it from him gave it a strong inhale before burning the last substance of it. Throwing it to the ground, he looked behind him as Jason was waving from one side of his board to the other having trouble riding straight as he chuckled. The head lights above them seemed like stars glowing lights down on them. Raising his hands into the air, he placed his foot on the tail of the skateboard, pushing down hard. Jumping with the board, he turned his shoulders in midair landing 180 degrees facing the current direction. The head lights seemed to follow their skateboards as they all rode in a line with Jason at the end struggling to keep it straight. From behind him, Mason had taken out his new stereo iPod. He has programmed a much stronger stereo to it and with a blast over the roaring wheels. He had turned on a famous band all of them knew. Asking Alexandria- Reckless and Relentless. (A personal Favorite I must add.) The music filled around them as they all found themselves putting their hands into the dark sky. They turned into a dark empty road, as the head lights flickered on and off. Lynn, pushing his foot to the ground hard decided to take off speeding down the road. He felt his beanie begin to slip his the top of his head. Grabbing onto his beanie, he waited for the others to catch up. Michael speeding up next to him, he flew past all of them and set his feet up for a “Pop Shuv it.” The board popped into the air and under his feet span doing a 180 degree turn. Quickly, he had reset his feet, and again, he did. The board popped into the air and as if in slow motion. The board span, the bottom of his deck showing a design with a panda throwing grenades at a pair of Indians. Not turning 180 degrees but instead a full 360 degrees. He landed it with slight wobbles as he all gave a “Whoot!” Again He lined his feet up, but not for a shuv it, but instead a “Big spin.” A “Big spin” was a 540 Degree pop shuv it, with a slightly different feet setup. The board popped into the air, Completing a 180, to a 360, moving into a 540, one of his feet didn’t catch the board. With all in a blur, you could see him hit the floor, hands first. His foot that did land the board propelled the skateboard towards the group. They all gave a large opening as they sped past him. Lynn shouted into the distance “One down!” as there was a roar of laughter. Michael grabbing his deck had raced to catch up and within a minute or so did.

In the middle of the street was a sewer opening, Lynn had taken the chance coming up to it, popping the board into the air and landing it smoothly; an Ollie. Lynn driving forward in front of all of them again popped the board into the air. An off breed of the Ollie was the Kickflip, a more advanced trick in which the board spun showing the bottom of the deck to the rider. Lynn popped the board into the air straightening his left foot as it flicked past the left corner of the deck. Lifting his legs as if in slow motion his deck spun under his feet showing his familiar bowl and smoke design, his wheels still in motion before the board completed the spin. With his right foot, he caught the board behind him as his left foot lead onto it. With a dull thump his board landed and a loud “Whoot!” came from the crowd. Lynn raised his arms into the air bowing his head. He placed his feet in the position of a “Pop shuvit,” but with his leading foot; his left, he placed it near the right corner of the deck much like the Kickflip. Popping the board, he curled his foot under the deck creating the shuvit motion, but swiped his leading foot past the left corner. The board gave a 180 degree turn in midair as the bottom of the deck spun over backwards and again on its wheels. Lynn cheering himself slightly as more of them whooted, he landed sketchy but at this point didn’t mind he landed the trick; the trick being called a “Variale.”

Lynn kept in front of the crowd as Mason pulled up next to him, whispering, “Heelflip, same timing.” Lynn smiled at the idea and he gave about a good 7 feet of free space in between them. A heelflip being the exact same as a kickflip only using the opposite side of the board and using your heel to flick the board, with a kickflip, the board spins inwards. Imposingly, the heelflip spins outwards.

Lynn put his back foot; his right on the tail of the skateboard into an Ollie like position. His lead foot had been placed near the front truck nails with his toes hanging off the edge of the deck. With Mason yelling “One! Two! Three!” On three they both popped the board at the same time and pushed their feet off the edge as the board spun under their feet showing the bottom of their decks. Lynn landed the trick as well as Mason. Mason fell back in line with the rest of the crowd as Lynn set up for another risky trick. Named the 360 flip, Lynn lined up his feet with the accordance to the trick. With a pop, he “Pop shuvitted” 360 degrees with a kickflip, the board turning under his feet rapidly fast. He pushed down on his feet trying to catch the deck. Indeed he caught the board, but his toes hanged over the edge too much as he was abruptly stopped and he fell to the ground. Someone within the crowd yelled “Ghost Rider down, I repeat, Ghost Rider down. We’re requesting back up A.S.A.P.” Lynn breaking out in laughter picked up his deck, and running towards them planted the deck down taking off. Lynn catching up to them, he stayed in the back of the crowd with Michael as Mason had taken the place of entertainment, Lynn starting the conversation between them “So, we heading to chill at your place?”

“Should be closing in now, Mom will know we smoked but won’t care as long as we don’t leave.”

“Sounds sexy, how much longer you reckon it will take to get there from here?”

“I dunno, maybe like twenty or so minutes. Shit! Cops!” With spin on his board, he looked down the road behind him; a cop car was closing in fast on them. Sweeping his hood over his head, as all the others did, they road to the side of the road making way for the cop. All of them smelling of weed, none wished for the cop to have any reason to pull over and take a look at them. Inside Lynn’s beanie was three small baggies of weed and in his pocket was the bottle of Purple Midnight Sky. They calmly skated as Lynn was brought to the middle of the group, all of them refusing to even look at the car. The cop kept at a consent speed next to the group obviously checking all of them out. From out the window, the cops took out the spot light that was on the side of the car, flashing the bright light at them. Lynn tilting his head down for his hair to cover over his eyes as the cop directed it towards him. Finally the cop had killed the suspense and yelled out of the car,

“Everyone, get off your skateboards, Now!” Every single one of them did as told. Slowing down into a stop, Lynn popped the board into his hand. The warning that Lynn gave everyone was to make sure none of the cops could see their face, or to touch anything you don’t plan on taking with you. The cop stepped out of the vehicle, taking out her flash light. The cop was short, no taller than a 7th Grader. Her uniform blended in with the dark absent space that she walked into as she began to ask questions “Anyone of you over eighteen?” None of us answered.

“Where are you guys headed?”

Once again… Silence remained.

“Any of you know that you’re breaking the law?”

No words were spoken.

“All of you wait here. We’re taking you in.”

That’s when silence was broke by Lynn when he shouted “Bunnies! Unicorns! They all suck my dick! Cops can go suck my Mom’s penis!” The cop in total confusion as they all took off running in different directions. They all knew they were to go to Michael’s house. Sprinting towards some houses, Lynn ducked for cover as his skateboard was pinching into his forearm. He gave no chance to look who the cop had ran for, except once at a respectable distance. He slowed his pace, but the pace behind him wasn’t slowed as he was tackled to the ground without warning. He quickly rushed to his feet looking at the cop, now also to their feet. Lynn knew that she had already told the police the others had split and she personally came after him. He also knew that she couldn’t use a Taser without being threaten or pepper spray. She had taken his skateboard from him and threw it to the side. Lynn knew there was only two ways of retrieving it. Being arrested or making a lap around the buildings before the cop could catch them. Pulling his beanie over his eyes and face, he knew that she knew what he was doing. Low to the ground, Lynn used some knowledge he learned from metal music. He distorted his voice as he screamed towards her “You fucking bitch!” She charged for him as he took off sprinting, behind her was Jason picking up Lynn’s board and running in a different direction. Lynn ran fast and hard from her as he dodged between under brush and trees. When he was younger he discovered many ways of getting around town. His legs and arms becoming weak, he felt a cold sweat drown over his body as he knew she was catching up. His pace and speed was becoming unpredictable as his direction also did. His legs cramp up as he begins running towards a series of moving lights. He found himself heading down to the shopping center of the city. His breath heavier than his heart, he felt he couldn’t run any longer but kept going as he jump across cars. Vaulting over the fences that kept the streets apart, he kept moving forward towards a large forest. He kept moving, into the grave yard until he reached the forest edge. Looking behind him, he saw the cop coming close, and without a second thought, he ran forward sliding down a steep slope of dirt and ice. His heart dropping as he heard the sirens behind him. His arms scratched up and his pants torn showing the white stitching. He continued running fast and hard, his mind absent from all but getting away. Running he saw a torn apart tent and knew it was his hobo friend. He charged into it as he looked back to see the beams of lights chancing not far behind. His hobo friend, sound asleep in a huddle of torn apart blankets and jackets. Shaving him violently he opened his eyes grabbing Lynn by his arms threateningly unknowing who he was. Lynn withdrew his lighter flashing it on for a second to show who he was. His friend hearing the sirens knew exactly what was happening as he pushed him into the corner of the tent and took his sleeping mat, putting over Lynn.

“That’s what you call connection without words,” Lynn thought to his self as he felt himself steam into a cold sweat. His breath still heavy, but now his heart seemed to pound heavier. His body seemed numbed with fear as he refused to move a single inch, through the stitching of the jacket that covered over his face. He could see the lights around the hobo as they questioned him. After what seemed to be hours, they began to leave and search further more. The Hobo grabbed the pile of rags off of Lynn sighing. Lynn quickly reached into his pocket handing him the 60 dollars he had collected in a form of thanks as he began to walk in the opposite direction that the cops had turned. He walked away faster than the hobo could say anything. Charging up the slope, he felt himself restored with triumph of getting away as he walked out into the open. Walking down the streets alone and in the dark he made it to Michael’s. He moved over to his down stairs window knocking on it gently as the curtains spread apart. Michael opened the window as he slipped in. Landing upon a mattress, he laid down looking up at everyone. Everyone had made it, and everyone was okay. Jason handed him his board as they huddled into a whisper of,

“What happened? Are you hurt?” Or “Are you insane?”

Lynn took off his beanie and took out the three baggies of weed, and checked his pockets for the bottle. He looked up as he whispered softly. “It’s gone.”

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