Forever Alone?

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Forever Alone?
Okay I know I might be over exaggerating but I’m seriously forever alone. I mean I’m 16 and I’ve never had my first kiss! Guys don’t even look in my direction! I’m not the most popular girl in school but I’m not a complete nerd! And I mean I know I’m not the prettiest girl around but I don’t look like medusa! I mean with my Sandy Blonde hair and Green eyes I’m at least average! I even dress up girly ever once in a while. It’s not like I have some weird name. I mean Abby Chandler. I think it has a nice ring to it! I mean what could be scaring the guys away? I’m only 5’7. It’s not like I’m towering over him. And at least I have some kind of Tan. I just wish one guy would see something in me. Just one guy.

Follow Abby Chandler In high school of figuring out she not forever alone…and she now Shane Wilson came into her life. Is it for the better or for the worse?
Characters: Main Girl- Abby Chandler
Main Guy: Shane Wilson
Best Friend One: Annie Lewis
Best Friend Two: Jenna Romano
Bimbo?: Lola Collins
Abby Chandler- Abby is a high school Junior, She’s sweet but at the same time she has a wildish side. When she reached the 1st day of her junior year she realizes she’s never been loved. And her one wish for the year is well to find love. She’s 16.Visual description in into/ description.
Shane Wilson- Shane is also a high school junior, He’s parties on the weekend, hooks up with endless lines of girls, and during the week days Lola Collins is his “Girl.” He wants no relationships to have fun. He already has Tattoos and piercings’. And has that rock star charm. He is 17, he got held back during the 5th grade. With his sleek black hair and being 6 feet tall he has the girl’s drooling over him.
Annie Lewis: Annie has know Abby since kindergarden and they have been best friends ever since. They’ve been through a lot together. Annie has long red hair and is 5 foot. She’s the Shorty of the bunch. She has pale skin with freckles. She’s 16.
Jenna Romano: Jenna and Abby have been best friends since freshmen orientation. They both always seem to have almost the same schedule. Jenna has curly black hair and stunning brown eyes. She’s 5’5. She’s 16.
Lola Collins: Lola is basically Shane’s week day girl. He basically hooks up with her on the week days and then on weeks ends he gets whatever girl he wants. Shane always tells her he doesn’t want her as a girl friend, just as well friends with benefits. No strings attached but Lola is determined to change his ways. Lola is 15 (She actually skipped a grade. She pretty intelligent.) Lola has brunette hair and is tanish. She is 5’4.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Forever Alone?

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Submitted: July 02, 2012



Forever Alone?


Abby’s Point Of View

“Took you long enough!” said my best friend Jenna Romano, as I slid into the back seat of her brand new red mustang. “We don’t want to miss the first day of junior year!” My other best friend Annie Lewis chirped. I let out a small groan, the only reason the wanted to come to school was so they could see the boyfriends.

“Cheer up Abby! There might be a cute guy that’s interested in you.” Jenna said as she turned into the school parking lot. Unless there was some hot exchange student who just met me, I highly doubt this year would be different than the others, I would just stay forever alone. Or as Annie puts it forever available.

Arm and arm, the three of us walked into the cafeteria, that’s where the juniors and seniors get the schedules on the first day. The three of split up, each searching for the table with the first letter of our last name.

“Oops sorry!” Lola Collins said right after she bumped into me. “It’s alright.” I replied helping her pick up her books. Me and Lola only had one class together and that was during freshmen year. I was shocked she was actually really smart, considering she lets everyone get into her pants.

We both awkwardly joined the C line. “Your Abby Chandler right? We had Pre Ap Geometry with each other freshmen year. “Yeah you always helped me study.” I replied putting us in a awkward silence. I don’t know much about Lola, only that she moved from Alaska here to Texas the summer before 8th grade, and that she was really smart so instead of going into 7th the bumped her up to 8th.  And that her skirt is extremely to short right now.

“Name?” a low voice asked me, snapping me out of my daze. “Abby Chandler.” I replied quickly smoothing out the invisible wrinkles on my shirt. He handed me my schedule and then shot me a creepy smile before moving on to the next student. My first period was Language Arts with Mr.Cadwell in room 104. “Ugh that’s all the way across the school.” I muttered under my breath.

As I head to my class, the halls were filled with couples kissing and holding hands. Its feels like even the new kids already have someone.

When I finally got to my class, there was a long line of students waiting to be let in. It felt like we were in elementary school again. I leaned against the lockers trying to relax when creepy smile walked up and entered the classroom. Great he’s one of my teachers.

“Welcome to 11th grade language arts!” Mr.Cadwell boomed coming backing into the hall. We all moaned in disappointment. “So here’s what’s up class. I already assigned each of ya’ll your seats, You will each be sitting with one other student. You will be with the same person the entire year! So enjoy getting to be friendly with each other.” This guy was really getting on my nerves. First the creepy smile and now our seating arrangements.

“Lola and Chad.” Mr.Cadwell called. Lola escaped some guy’s embrace who hands were clearly on her butt, before she made her way to the front. Mr.Cadwell lead the two of the inside to show them their seats.

At least I wouldn’t be stuck with Lola, seeing her incredible grades, and hearing about her hook ups.

Would this guy just hurry up and call my name? My new shoes are killing my feet.

Half the class was already inside and I skimmed the halls seeing who I might get stuck with for the rest of the year. I wish Jenna or Annie was in my class, or even one of their boyfriends, then I would have someone to talk to.

Mr.Cadwell cleared his throat making this disgusting gaging noise making the rest of us turn our heads towards him.

“Shane and Abby.”



Well that’s the first chapter (: taadaa. Not to interesting but good? If you could give me some feedback on what you think so far that would be great.-Dayna

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