Over My Head:

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Over My Head:

Chapter One-

The music blared. I could hardly hear myself think. Suzanna my older sister was again, throwing a party. And I was not invited. So here I am stuck in my bedroom for the evening. Studying or at least trying to. 

People keep barging in my room seeing if their boyfriends or girlfriends are in here. God I need a lock.

But my parents didn’t see the reason. They didn’t know every time they left town Susie was throwing a party. Nor would they care. Susie was “perfect”.

Right on cue. “Hey Macy did Brandon come in here?” Susie asked as she barged in my room. “No! Now get out of my room!”I screamed. I was sick and tired of Susie and her obsession of Brandon, her boyfriend. She even had a shrine to him in her room.

I put my dresser in front of my door. I inserted ear plugs and begun to write my essay. I could feel the house shaking from the music. It was terribly hard to concentrate.

There’s no sleeping till the party is over. People can be cruel at parties to the sleeping sisters. You could end up on the top of the house, or thrown into an ice cold pool. Or even worse: the hot tub. Sorry but I don’t want that to happen.

I try to relax. “Creeeeekkkk” a dresser in front of my door doesn’t stop football star Mathew Parks from getting into my room. The first thing I notice is he looks pale.

A weird green substance goes flying across my room. And then he passes out.

“SUSIE!” I holler at the top of my lungs. This just sucks. I have loads of vomit all over my room. How amazing my life would be if this party never happened.

“Oh my gosh what is on the floor?!? And Omigod what did you do to Matt?” Susie slurred.

I could feel my face going red. This wasnet the frist time something like this has happened. “What do you think? He puked all over my room and then passed out! What are you going to do about it?? This is YOUR party!”

Susie stared at me blankly. “Let’s drag him to the spare bedroom and then you clean up the puke.”

“Okay” I agreed. I was just in shocked that she volunteered to help.

We pulled him into the spare bedroom. He was a lot heavier then he looked. We plopped him onto the bed and locked the door behind us.

I ran down the stairs to get cleaning supplies and candles. Don’t want to forget about the vomit. When I walked into my room I wasn’t only hit by the smell of puke but also smoke. Great. Brandon and his buddy Freddy were smoking on my bed.

“OUT” I screamed, as I pointed to the door.

“Whatever. It smelled like puke anyways!” Brandon said as he bounced down the stairs.

“BANG BANG” I hear down the hall. I stood up and walked around. It was coming from the room Matt was in. Great. I opened the door.

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