The Story of Us: Amanda and Caleb

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Chapter 15 (v.1)

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Submitted: March 31, 2013




The Story of Us


I felt my legs running, but I didn’t know where they we going.

I found myself knocking on the Saunders front door. I could see my reflection in their side window. My make up was smeared down my face, my eyes we blood shot, and my skin was blotchy. I looked a lot better then I felt.

The front door swung open and reveled Caleb, who was only wearing striped boxes.

“Amanda? What are you doing here?”He asked, his voice deep and groggy. I felt tears spill over my cheeks once again. I felt myself being pulled into his arms. “Ssh. Calm down. Let go up to my room so you can tell me what’s wrong.” Caleb said pulling me inside. He grab my hand, intertwined my fingers with his, and led me up to his room.

He sat me on his bed, and then grabbed his desk chair, sitting across from me.

When my tears finally ran dry, Caleb looked at me, a frown set on his face. “Amanda, what’s wrong?” Caleb asked. “Long story short, Max broke up with me.” I felt the tears brim my eyes, but I quickly swiped them away.

“Why? I mean it’s your birthday and I thought you guys where happy together?” Caleb replied.

I let out a sigh. “We were happy together. But he wanted to have sex and I didn’t. I told him I wasn’t ready, and he took that as I didn’t love him. So he broke up with me.

“He broke up with you…because you wouldn’t have sex with him?” Caleb seethed, gritting his teeth. I slowly nodded my head. “That…douche!” Caleb growled balling his hand into fist.

“Chill Caleb.” I said putting my hand on his arm. “This isn’t your problem.”

“Well Karma’s going to kick his ass.” Caleb replied smugly. “I wouldn’t be so sure. Karma’s never on my side.” I replied, frowning.

“Oh trust me, it is this time.”



Caleb pulled into the schools parking lot the next day. Sky was sick, so I was going to have to survive that day all alone. As soon as I had told Sky what went down between me and Max she said she would “personally rip his balls off, and shove them down his throat.”

“You want me to walk you to your friend period?” Caleb asked me shoving his keys into his letterman jacket. “I’d like that.” I replied smiling at him.

As we turned the corner that led to my English class both of our eyes landed on a couple, leaning against the lockers. I felt my heart drop as I realized who they were. Max and his “Best Friend” Lexi.

Before I could process what was happening, Caleb walked up to the duo getting within feet of Max.

“Hey Max.” Caleb said sarcastically. “I heard that you dumped my friend Amanda last night, because she wouldn’t bang you.” Caleb’s harsh word made me winch.

“Well guess what?” Caleb sneered, grabbing the collar of Max’s shirt, and pushing him up against the lockers. “Karma’s a bitch.”

Lexi screeched as Caleb’s fist contacted with Max’s jaw. I felt my eyes pop out of their sockets.

Max couldn’t keep up with Caleb’s speed. By the end of the fight Max hadn’t touched an in inch of Caleb’s body. With one last punch, Caleb let Max crumble to the floor.

Caleb straightened his jacket and walked back over to me. Lexi dropped to her knees, going to aid Max. Caleb threw his arm over my shoulder leading me elsewhere.

“Told you Karma had your back.”'


When your teacher loses an essay/short story that you work your butt of on, and that you were super proud of. Anyways hope you all are doing great.

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