The Story of Us: Amanda and Caleb

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Chapter 18 (v.1)

Submitted: April 27, 2013

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Submitted: April 27, 2013




The Story of Us



For the past week I laid in bed watching sappy romance movies, and stuffing my face with popcorn, chocolate cover strawberries, and buckets of ice cream.

Each happy ending made me want to barf. Seeing people fall in love and have everything perfect disgusted me. And when each movie hit the credits, fresh tears streamed down my face.

I needed my best friend more than ever right now. Sky was constantly inviting me over to her house, but I knew if I went over I would see Caleb. And even if I invited Sky over here she would make me spill what was going on. Even though I desperately needed Sky, I wasn’t ready to tell her what happened between me and Caleb.

I got off my bed, shuffling to my closet. I pulled on my black running shorts, and a hot pink t-shirt. I then slipped on some running shoes, and headed to my front door.

When I stepped into the yard, I spotted Caleb and his friend Austin getting into his car.

I quickly sprint to some bushed, crouching behind them. I crossed my finger, praying Caleb and Austin hadn’t seen me. I heard the car start, and then the sound slowly faded in the distance.

I got out from the bushed, brushing the dirt off my knees. I debated on what I should do next. I quickly decided that I should just continue with my plans, and take a relaxing run around the block.


I ended up running all the way to the local park. It felt like I had run all the way across the country. As I slowly jogged through it, memoires of Caleb, Sky, and I hanging out here flooded my mind.

I shook the thought away, while I leaned over a water fountain, gulping up as much water as I could. I then collapsed on a bench, closing my eyes, and taking in the fresh air.

A cough echoed next to me, causing my eyes to burst open. I turned to see a boy who looked about my age.

I felt a blush rise to my cheeks as he stared at me. “Oh sorry for…um…sitting down next to you…you’re probably here with someone. I’ll just…uh…leave.” I sputtered out awkwardly.

Right when I was about to get up the boy replied “No, stay. I’m just here with my little sister. Some company would be nice.”

“I’m Nick.” He added, sticking out his hand to me. “Amanda.” I replied smiling, shaking his hand.

Nick and I talked for a while. I was able to find out a lot about him in so little time. He had just moved her from Ohio with his mom and sister. Also he’s only a few months older than me, and will be attending Sea Side with me after summer.

Also while we were talking I was able to observe him. Nick had bleach blonde hair, and some of the bluest eyes I have ever seen. But they were nothing compared to Caleb’s blue orbs though. Nick was also fairly tall. Taller than my ex-boyfriend Max, but not quite as tall as Caleb. He also seemed to have to muscle hidden under his baby blue v-neck.

“So do you run cross country?”  Nick asked, eyeing my attire. I instantly felt embarrassed. I was now covered in my dry sweat, and my hair was frizzy, bunched into a bun.

I let out a little laugh. “No, I just enjoy running. Actually I’m a cheerleader at school.” I replied. “Impressive.” Nick smiled.

A little girl with blonde pig tails and freckles cover her nose and cheeks skipped up to us. “Nick, mommy said she wanted us home at 5 o’clock and now it’s 5:25.” The little girl told him, pointing to her hello kitty watch. Nick pulled out his phone, and muttered under his breath as he confirmed the time.

“It was great talking to you Amanda, but I’ve got to go.” Nick grabbed his little sister hand and begun to walk away. Only seconds later Nick spun around on his heels, walking back to me.

“Can we swap numbers? If you don’t mind?” Nick asked. “Yeah sure.” I replied quickly. We swapped phone, and quickly typed in our numbers.

“Well I’ll see you later.” Nick said, sliding his phone back into his pocket. 

As he walked away with his sister, I felt a goofy smile form on my face.

I turned to head back to my house. As I walked down the path someone spit in front of me, just barely missing my running shoes.

I turned to the direction from where the spit came from to find Austin, Caleb’s friend leaning against the hood of a familiar mustang convertible. I felt my heart drop as Caleb walked up next to him, also leaning up against the mustang, lighting a cigarette.

“What the hell?” I said to Austin, narrowing my eyes at him. “Sorry, I have a bad habit of spitting on trash. Usually I have better aim.” Austin replied shrugging his shoulders.

I looked at Caleb, waiting for him to defend me like always. Then I realized it was never coming. I stepped closer to Caleb, hoping Austin wouldn’t listen.

“Just because I didn’t have the same feelings towards you doesn’t mean you and your friend have to treat me like shit.” I said to him. Caleb rolled his eyes at me, taking in a puff from his cigarette, and then blew the smoke in my face. “I don’t care.” He grumbled. I coughed for air, as the smoke assaulted my eyes.

I felt tears well up in my eyes, and not because of the smoke. “Awwww the poor baby’s going to cry.” Austin snickered.

Caleb’s face left his scowl. For a split second I thought he was going to hug me. But his face grew hard once more.

I wiped the tears from my eyes, then sprinted back to the direction to my house.



Sorry for the long wait guys. Lets just say life's been pretty complicated recentally. And if you want a visual of how Nick looks good Ross Lynch. Hope you guys enjoy!

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