The Story of Us: Amanda and Caleb

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Submitted: December 19, 2012

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Submitted: December 19, 2012




The Story of Us



“Amanda’s stunt group! Front and center.” Hallie growled at our Saturday cheer practice.

Me, Dylan, Marina, and Logan all walked up, crossing out fingers, hoping we weren’t get a punishment of 10 suicides.

“Everyone this stunt group gets the most air out of all of you, and Amanda is one of our biggest fliers. You all need to aspire to be like them.” Then Hallie turned to the four of us. “Because of how well you four did today, you are dismissed early.”

The rest of the squad groaned, as the four of us high fived each other and exited the gym.

“Need a ride home?” Dylan one of my bases, and close friend asked me. “I you don’t mind…” I replied.

I remember when I first meet Dylan. It was at cheer camp last summer. I thought he was one of the cutest guys I had ever laid my eyes on. Then he introduced me to his then boyfriend Charles.

“So what are you doing when you get home?” Dylan asked pulling up to a stop light.

“Oh just going over to Sky’s to get ready for my date tonight.” I said smirking.

“You got a date?! With who?” Dylan asked.

“Only Max Saxton.” I replied looking at my nails. “Only Max Saxton?! Amanda he the hottest freshmen guy, and the most popular!”

“I know I’m so excited!” I chirped as Dylan pulled into my driveway.

“Don’t screw it up!” Dylan laughed as I started walking up to my front door. “I don’t plan too!” I yelled back.

I climbed up the stair to my bathroom. My thighs were aching. I started a hot bath and lowered my body into it. I closed my eyes, letting the stress out of my body.

As soon as I got out of the bath, I threw on some sweats and a tank top, threw my outfit for the night in a bag along with some perfume and my IPhone. I jammed my feet into some bunny slippers and headed over to Sky’s house.

“I’m here Sky!” I yelled as I shut their front door.

“She’s in her room.” Caleb grumbled walking out of the kitchen, carrying a bottle of water. He looked horrible. He was wearing only a pair of basket ball shorts, and his black hair was flipped everywhere. He had bags under his eyes, and his skin looked unordinary pale.

“What’s wrong with you?” I asked crossing my arms.

“I went to this guy Hanson’s back to school party, and now I have the worst hangover in the history of hangovers. He groaned shuffling into the living room, and slumping down on the couch.

I rolled my eyes at him, as I walked up the stairs to Sky’s room. As soon as I opened the door, I got pulled into a bear hug. “Girl let’s get you all dolled up for your date!” Sky Shirked.

Me and Sky catched up on our weekly Degrassi, as she painted my nails a color that matched the shirt I was planning on wearing tonight.

“Okay Amanda, go change into you outfit so we can do your hair and makeup.

I walked into Sky’s bathroom, and slipped out of my clothes. I pulled on my jean shorts, and threw on my brand new pink tub top. I did a 360 in the mirror, and then tossed on my black vans, and black heart necklace.

I sauntered back into Sky’s room as she whistled. Someone’s looking sexual.” I sat on her bed rolling my eyes. “Just do my makeup and hair, Max is going to be here in 20.”

Sky quickly braided my hair, and then started applying my makeup, trying to make it looks as natural as possible.

“What are you guys going?” Caleb questioned us, leaning against Sky’s door frame.

“Just getting Amanda ready for her date with the hottest guy in school.” Sky replied casually.

“Obviously he’s not the hottest guy in school because I go there.” Caleb said smirking.

“So where’s he taking you?” Caleb asked, walking up to me, brushing my bangs out of my eyes, making me blush.

“Um we’re going bowling.” I replied. Caleb stifled out a laugh. “Cheap guy.” He said with a smirk. What kind of car does he drive?” Caleb asked.

He’s only a freshmen like me, he can’t drive.” This earned a big laugh from Caleb.

“So what is his mommy going to drive you guys?” He smiled sarcastically.

“Yes…” I muttered quietly. Caleb nearly fell to the floor laughing. “Just leave before you kill my mood.” I barked crossing my arms over my chest.

Caleb threw his arms up defensively. “Sorry, sorry.” He replied. “Have a good time.” He said giving me a half hug. Right before he step out of the room, he turned around and added, “You look really nice by the way.”

“My brother is such a dick.” Sky mumbled. Before I could say anything the door bell rang.

My Date was here.


Amanda Outfit:

Note: I’m really sorry about the long wait. Exams are killing me. But after tomorrow I’m on winter break. So Yay. For anyone who didn’t know, I don’t upload on a schedule. I just do it when I have time to write, which since I started school, hasn’t been a lot. I will try my best in the future. Anyways, what do you think?(: -Dayna

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