The Story of Us: Amanda and Caleb

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 31, 2013




The Story of Us



“Oh how much you’ve all grown!” My mom gushed as she took pictures of me and Caleb. Caleb standing tall in his football uniform, me in my cheer. Sky let out a little gag as she snapped a picture on her phone.

“If only they would realize they were meant for each other and just date.” Mrs. Saunders grinned, snapping pictures. I felt color rise to my checks, and Caleb stiffen up next to me. “Sorry to burst your bubble mom, but were both in relationships.” Caleb scoffed. “And Sky, Amanda, and me need to head over to the game.” He added grabbing his keys off the coffee table.

The three of us headed to the school’s football field.

I glanced at all the people in the stands, decked out in homecoming gear. My eyes locked with Max, who was shirtless, chest painted blue and yellow. I blew him a little kiss and joined the other cheerleaders on the side lines, passing the away teams cheerleader, who shot me daggers.

“Come on Caleb!” I screamed as he sprinted down the field going for a touchdown. We all bounced up and down as the home score went up six points. Caleb slammed the ball into the ground, and did his special victory dance.

The horn went off signaling half time, and the player vacated the field. “Guys huddle up.” Hallie yelled throwing her arms up in the air. “It’s time for us to do our half time routine. We’ve been working our butts off for weeks; I know we’re going to nail this.” We all smiled at each other, slapping each other on the back. “Now let’s do this!” Hallie yelled leading ups to the center of the field.

I stood front and center, pulling my best cheer smile. I could see Sky at the top of the bleachers, doing provocative dance move, trying to make me laugh.

The music started, and I did all the moves with perfection. I sashayed to my stunt group to do our ending stunt. Marina placed her hands on my hips, quickly then on my ankles as Dylan and Logan soared me up into extension.

“Cradle!” Marina yelled. “5,6,7,8!” Dylan and Logan threw me up into the air, much higher than usual.

My body slammed into the ground and pain shot everywhere. I let out a high pitched yelp, and clamped my eyes shut. I heard the crowd let out an “oh” in unison.

“Amanda!” Dylan shirked kneeling down next to me. “Amanda open your eyes” he added. I slowly opened my eyes and looked down to my leg, where most of the pain was radiating from.

My leg was abnormally crooked. I instantly felt woozy, and shut my eyes once more.

“Oh god.” I heard someone mumble, kneeling down to my side. I opened my eyes to see Caleb, his face painted with worry. “The ambulance will be here soon.” Caleb said rubbing the side of my arm soothing me. I nodded my throbbing head, giving him a weak smile, hearing the sirens wailing in the distance.

Soon the paramedics came, and loaded me on the gurney. “I’ll call your parents and tell them to meet you at the hospital.” Caleb said frowning holding my hand, as they prepared to load me onto the ambulance.

Caleb gave me one last look, before turning to return to the game. “Caleb.” I said in a raspy voice. He came back next to me, regarding my hand, sending sparks through my body.

“Win the game for me.”

Amanda’s Cheer Uniform:

Romeo and Juliet is perfection<3 Romeo and Benvolio and super attractive in the 1968 movie. Anyways…there won’t be another chapter up probably till next week. I have mega school work.

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