The Story of Us: Amanda and Caleb

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Chapter 9 (v.1)

Submitted: March 04, 2013

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Submitted: March 04, 2013




The Story of Us


I walked through the Saunders’s front door, and entered the living room. Caleb was in there, shirtless, pushing most of the furniture out of the way for out homecoming dance.

“Hey!” Caleb said when he noticed me, his eyes lighting up. He walked up to me, and then pulled me into his arms into a close embrace.

“Are you excited for tonight?” Caleb asked, pulling away. “Totally but are you decorating the entire place by yourself.” I questioned, gesturing to the living room. “Because if you are I’m willing to help.” I added smiling.

He turned, and started pulling lights out of a box. “Nah I got this. Just head up to Sky’s room and relax, and get ready. It starts at 7:30.”

Soon me and Sky were all dolled up and ready to head down stairs.

I did a 360 in Sky mirror. I had to admit I looked pretty good.

My blonde hair was curled. I was wearing a pinkish tan dress, with a jeweled waist embellishment, and the bottom was tired in such a beautiful manner. My shoes and nails matched my dress, and I had my 2 hearts necklace that Max gave me for our two month anniversary. My make up was done lightly, and added to my natural look.

I heard a little gasp, and turned to see Sky. “You look so gorgeous.” She mumbled wiping fake tears from her eyes.

“You don’t look to bad yourself.” I replied winking and letting out a little laugh. “Now let’s head down stairs.”

As we stepped into the living room, I felt my jaw drop. Caleb had completely transformed the place into a school dance.

“How did you do all this?” I asked Caleb, walking up to him, pulling him into a tight hug. “I’m magic.” He replied simply laughing. “Thank You, Caleb.” I smiled, looking into his eyes. His face turned serious, and then he said, “I’ll do anything for you.”

“Um can you fix this for me?”He said, messing with his tie. I gave him a small smile. “Sure.”

The home homecoming dance was soon in full swing. Caleb hooked up his laptop to speakers, blasting the perfect playlist he made. There were a good forty people, and with all the dancing going on, the place was getting pretty heated.

The song “You” by Framing Hanley came on, and Max simply grabbed my hand, leading me to the middle of the dance floor.

Max and I slowly rocked our bodies to the song, my arms around his neck, his hand on my hips.

The next song that came on was another slow song, “White Horse” by Taylor Swift.

Caleb tapped Max on the shoulder, “Mind if I cut in?” His words cause Max to tense up.

“It’s just one dance.” I told Max, placing my hand on his arm. “Besides he threw me this whole thing so I could have a homecoming dance, the least I can do is dance with him.”

“Fine.” Max replied bitterly slumping his shoulders, defeated.

Caleb placed his hands on my waist, as we slowly danced to the music. “You look stunning by the way.” Caleb whispered into my ear, his hot breath making my skin boil. Before I could say anything, the song ended, and Max was right back at my side.

I felt disappointment rush through my body as I watched Caleb head back over to Hallie.

All too soon the home homecoming dance was over. Me and Max sat on the front porch waiting for his mom to come pick him up.

We were just sitting there, holding hand, when Max blurted out “I love you.”

My heart pounded in my chest. I saw a frown form on Max’s lips. I was taking too long to respond, and I couldn’t bear to disappoint him.

“I love you too.”


Amanda’s Homecoming Outfit:


So I decided to just keep on posting chapter whenever I can get them out. Partly because I have spring break next week. Don’t really have much to say, hope all you have had great days(:

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