The Day God Left The World

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An unexpected time when Christians mysteriously vanish. When death flee from the world and leaving massive sufferings. The mark 666 equals identification and credit cards. And 90% chances of getting to heaven. I'm sorry atheist people. This may not be a big deal cause you love science but just a bit of an information about truth (not facts). [Based on a Biblical Apocalypse Story]

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Apocalypse runs first

Submitted: February 26, 2012

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Submitted: February 26, 2012



Apocalypse runs first

A day. Four Xs to mark on the calendar before the big day, the Prom. Everyone’s been waiting that for almost a year, every year. Not once, not twice but everytime, Zayn’s been talking about his date on the prom. Beautiful, irresistible, wonderful, what else can you call such girl of his dreams.

“You have no idea how’s it like to attend your first ever prom.” Zayn bragged.

He was so excited, obviously. Praising that event over and over again, it could take over hours or a day perhaps.

“Calm down Z, you’ll have your prom. Relax. You still have four more days to wait, you know.” explained Jervy.

Jervy had been Zayn’s best friend since kindergarten. He’s not an ideal guy for girls. Not cool enough but not so geeky as well. Just neutral. Having a conversation in the Cafeteria, Jervy noticed the arrival of Zayn’s date.

“There she is, though.” Jervy acknowledging the girl’s arrival.

Zayn couldn’t stand jerking his neck. There she saw her. Beautiful brown hair, white as snow skin, kissable lips, whats not to get recognized?

“That’s what I’m excited about.” Zayn boasted.

Zayn made a charming smile to the girl that the she didn’t manage to ignore. She replied him with a smile and a slight but recognizable wave.

“By the way, I still don’t know her name.” reminded Jervy.

“Do you need to?” Zayn made an uncomfortable stare at Jervy.

“Yes, of course. I’m your best friend. Why shouldn’t I?”

Zayn paused for a moment. “What if I make it a surprise? A bet or a deal or whatsoever? If you win, I’ll tell you her name. You seem interested, aren’t you?”

Jervy sighed. “No thanks. I am so not interested and if you don’t want to tell her name. Well, fine. I don’t care. She’s not even my date and I don’t think I’m your best friend anymore.”

Zayn started to make a slight grin and rolled his eyes. “Here we go again. An emotional scene. Yeah, you win. Her name’s Josh.”


“Yeah, Josh.”

“Well, isn’t that a – ”

“Guys’s name?” said Zayn. “Yes, it is but her name’s actually Josheilla.”

Jervy raised his left brow with hesitation. “Well, what a strange name for a girl. Sounds biblical.”

“I beg your pardon?” said Zayn.

“Nothing. Let’s finish our business here, shall we?” insisted Jervy.

“Well, I’d be honored.”

Zayn and Jervy continued their talk outside the cafeteria.

Talking about the weather, it wasn’t that good. Yes, very weird talking about it but there was something going on. Dark clouds covered almost every speck of the sky. No, it wasn’t climate change. It was much more than that.

Rain suddenly showered the outdoors though it was a straight midday. Traffic started to get out of hand. Pedestrians spread towards shelters avoiding themselves to get soaked by the massive rain. All sorts of honks and beeps begun to shoutout because the road suddenly froze.

“What in the world is going on?” said Mr. Heinz Parker. A professor in East Stanford High, the school which Zayn and Jervy is studying. He was in his car. Unfortunately, getting stuck on traffic wasn’t in his schedule. He tried to push his honk louder but it didn’t help. Only option left was getting out of the car and let nature wet himself for good.

“Bang!” Gunshot? No. It was lightning. Very frightening than it sounds. It moved the ground a bit. Like an aftershock after a massive earthquake. The lightning didn’t hinder the vehicles to stop them from their toots and honks. Traffic was still idle. Not a single progress. Still the same. Everyone’s been wondering why the road had stopped working and unluckily, it’s raining sick.

“Boom!” Problem solved. Now everybody knows what’s happening. There had been a road accident. Not just an average accident but rather, an unusual one. The professor turned on his radio and there revealed a shocking news.

“Just this noon, ladies and gentlemen. In the middle of this crossroad in Nelson and Howe Street created a colossal sinkhole that caused a lot of damaged of nearby buildings and lots of vehicles unexpectedly been swallowed by this unknown hole. Causes of the creation of this sinkhole is still undetermined. Please always be tuned in for more information about this disaster. For more details or if you know any missing people, please contact the following contact numbers…”

Mr. Parker turned off his radio speechless. “Jesus Christ, what’s happening to the world?” He took the deepest breath of his life. His hair raised as if it was willing to give the news a standing ovation. It was simply frightening.

The ground started shaking. Panic started to enter everybody’s mind. Screams of anonymous, random people started to disperse. Mr. Parker didn’t make any second thoughts. He grabbed his suitcase and everything he could save. He decided to leave his car in order to save his life. Rain started to get harder. Everyone, left to right, above or under started fleeing the road. Another sinkhole might popout at any moment.

Meanwhile, Zayn and Jervy were again, talking about that most awaited prom. Not noticing, the ground was slightly shaking.

“Riiing!” The school bell eventually rang. Everyone was startled. Not a student, nor a teacher knows what’s happening. Everyone got out of their classrooms. The ground was now vigorously shaking. Students uncontrollably ran towards anywhere. A teacher had been yelling at everyone to calm down but the state of the quake wasn’t a thing you can relax on. It starts to get more destructive. The floor starts to crack then continues it to the wall and every concrete gets a mark of the quake.

“Hisshh!” cried the rain. The quake stopped but the rain was still working. “Drip, drop, drip, drop.” Rain started to enter the campus. It inserted into the cracks of the ceiling.

“Everyone, get out of the building. Now!” shouted the janitor.Everyone, without any doubt, went straightly out of it. Everyone, not leaving any unimportant person behind.

“That was so very close.” relieved Zayn.

Jervy was speechless. Taking a view at the campus is like seeing a computer attacked by all sorts of threats and viruses.

“Hey! Are you okay?” Zayn checking Jervy’s status.

“Do you think, I’m okay? You? Are you okay? Do you think everyone’s okay?” baffled Jervy.

“Dude, relax.” calmed Zayn.

“How could I relax and by the way, I don’t think there will be any prom after this destruction made by some, cruel nature.”

Zayn’s eyes swelled and glossed. “No way, man. No way. Either what happens to this world, there will be a prom. Don’t doubt about that.”

Jervy recalled something and he gasped right out of his guts. “You have no idea. His return is near. Not next week, nor next three days. He’s almost here.”

“Wait. Who’s he? I don’t get it. I really don’t.”

Jervy suddenly grabbed his bagpack and headed towards the school’s parking lot, soaking wet.

“Talk to you later, Z.” he said to Zayn. “I’ll text you when I’m home.”

“You are such a weird person, Jerv. You really, really are.” yelled Zayn.

Jervy grabbed his scooter and took off to the destroyed road, on the way home.

“Wee-woop, wee-woop, wee-woop.” Ambulance started to gather around the most affected areas as well as firetrucks, police cars, choppers and every rescue vehicles present. News programs spread the same news all over the day. Live aerial views, broadcast footage, as long as it’s about the sinkholes and earthquakes, it has massive broadcast ratings.

“I’m home!” Jervy greeted the house. No one was there. Seemed strange but apparently, he is the only person present in the neighborhood. He dropped his hand into his pocket to get his phone. It was as well wet but how the technology was handling things, it wasn’t that much of a damage. Touching icons on the screen of his cellphone, he tried to call Zayn.

“The number you have dialed is out of reach, please try your call later.” responded the network operator.

“Oh gosh!” Depression is starting to be seen in Jervy’s face. “Now, what am I going to do? Telephone lines are cut, roads are in irregular state and apparently, electricity isn’t working as well.” He sighed disappointedly.

He managed to explore the house if there were such damage made. The ceiling had a visible crack but not very bad as it seemed. Walls were still in good shape but it wasn’t that a hundred percent safe to stay. He noticed a note stuck on the fridge’s door.

“The local authorities forced us to evacuate, son. Don’t worry. If you’re on a search for me and your brother, ask them, the authorities and if you can, please stay at your friend Zayn’s house for a while. Be good and stay out of trouble. – Mom.”

Jervy was relieved but at the same time, lonely. He couldn’t possibly manage to drive himself to Zayn’s house since almost all of the roads were wildly damaged and is probably closed until it is mended.

Jervy took some things that can be most handy for his journey. He got some of his clothes, his school stuff, tools, food from the fridge, money from his piggybank and his mom’s creditcard. He also took the picture of his mom and brother from a broken frame, probably broke when the quake occurred. He kicked his scooter and took off to his bumpy road trip.

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