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"Where......where am........I?" stammered Sheridan as she awoke. "HOW DARE YOU!" screams some woman Sheridan doesnt know. Sherdan tries to sit up and soon finds out it wasnt a woman it was a man. Matter of fact it was Williom. "Williom... what are you doing here?" she says slightly happier than before. "Thats a nice way to greet your long lost brother after he totally saved your life" smirked Williom. "WELL what happend?" Williom walks over to Sheridan and puts his hand on her head. "Think about it now!" he screamed at her and she goes into a flash back. On march 30th: Sheridan was at the bar all alone. She was just there to pick up a drunk friend but before she got there her friend had already got a ride so she sat down for a drink! "What you want there sexy lady?" a young man said as he put his hand on hers. "Oh just a simple martini class of Jack Danials please!" The bartender groaned and went back to get his 16th bottle of Jack. "Sir, if its to much of a hassle i would like a Lemon Drop." she shouts across the counter "No you ordered Jack and its way easier, dont you know Lemon Drop is the most ordered drink in the world." he said slowly, "im just sick of it." and he handed her the Jack. and walked around the table and sat down next to her. She looked at him then took a swig of her drink. "So any guys in your life." he asked hoping to get a certain answer. "No, not really." she said lying. The only reason she lied is she didnt want this man asking personal questions about her love life. "Great, you want a discount on that drink." he asked chuckling. "Um sure but are there any back rooms open." She asked crossing the line. "Oh girl you want to.....?"  he was cut off. "No, its for me and the Drink in my hand!" she said sarcastlicly. "Well a .......Rodney any back rooms open!" he shouts across the bar over to a weird looking guy. "Oh yea, theres alot you'll have the privacy you need." Rodney said as if he knew what was going to happen. "Cool!!!" Sheridan pops off. And the bartender took her hand and they walked to the back rooms. They walk down a long dark hallway with hearts on all the walls in neon lighs. He kisses her on the neck and pulls her closer to him. "Why arnt you doing anything?" He asked confused. Thats when she punched him in the stomache. "That shall teach you to mess with a girl with a wedding ring," she said, "whats your name?" "My name is Tyson!" says the man as his figure starts to change. He changed into a swift creature that she didnt know about. He grabbed her and tied her arms behind her back. He did the same with her feet and sat her on a chair. You will enjoy every second of this or i will kill you! he thought. As he started raping her Rodney ran in. "What are you doing.....What are you Rayford." He screams at Tyson who apparently went by Rayford. Rodney runs over to Sheridan to help her and Tyson flips around and slaps him across the face. With Rodney on the floor passes out he picks up Sheridan and runs to his hideout.

Submitted: January 06, 2010

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Wow this is an intense chapter. please keep me updated. :D

Wed, January 6th, 2010 11:39pm


no problem i would love to keep updated

Wed, January 6th, 2010 4:04pm

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