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 malinashaka sits there on the rock

her long green hair blending on her orange fin she is the oldest of many mermaids

she is now 18 and yes the oldest child

she is the nicest mermaid in the world

she has helped evil humans to kill her kind

so she is hated in the kingdom

monici is the next mermaid she is 18

she is mean and in line for the throne

that her father sit now

molyina loves the water and she is 18 also

there triplets molyina monici malinashaka

there father is so proud of two and the other one ran away

or swam away

mali swam after to find her when she was 16

her long black hair flows behind her as she swims

she is the friend of jelly fish matter of fact

she sleeps on them

if your wondering what the point is right now its so you know all the mermaids

there all sister some good some bad

molisha she finds her own stuff and wants to be an exploror

that might not happen cause she is 15

red hair blue fin and to nice people say

nadia with her decrative beads and shells she is one of the prettiest

her white hair flows in the current so butifaly

she is the mermaid of battle and she never loses

always just sits on a rock and watches over the land

she is twins with molisha and not much smarter

she is really a blonde

but nobody notices

she is the one sitting on the rock in her picture

all the guys cherish her and she hates

she just wants to be with her love

but no she cant they wont let her

aro she is all alone and hides on the rocks

her boyfriend never really loved her

but she loves him

he love moniques
 curse her says aro with a smile

so aro is now one of the bad mermaids

green and blue hair with her unusal fin she is faster then the rest

and stronger to

blondetisha she is the poser of the faimly she is always half naked posing

nobody like it

but the guys do

she is evil cause her love will never love her

just like aro she goes bad

blashkia she is the only mermaid that can change back to a human

and is proud of it she never does it though

cause she got caught once and now is being hunted

malkisha she is the bad girl

she drinks

twenty four seven and she never ever

is nice she flips and twirls in her drunken body

but thats all the mermaid and in the next chapter there will be adventures and more

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sorry this is just to meet all the mermaids

Sat, December 5th, 2009 7:02pm


Gotcha...the main thing is to use spell check, something I ALWAYS do before putting something out. Just hit me up if you need anything.

Sun, December 6th, 2009 6:10am


well the names are spelled right and on the rest i never passed any spelling test

Sun, December 6th, 2009 8:04am

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