The Intriguing Mystery of Harbany Falls- Chapters 1 & 2

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Harbany Falls is no ordinary Vermont town. Yes, it may be small, yes, it may be boring, though there are secrets that are hidden in it's core. Carissa Cane is also what would seem like an ordinary honors student, with a good life, a rich daddy, and everything she would ever want, though her family contains secrets that not even she could imagine. "The Intriguing Mystery of Harbany Falls" takes a ride into a small town, with Carissa showing us, how it is not so small after all.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Intriguing Mystery of Harbany Falls- Chapters 1 & 2

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Chapter One


It is almost like getting a letter saying you have been drafted into the war. When you read it you feel this pit in your stomach, and a lump in your throat, and you think to yourself “I have to fight for my life and the lives of every one of my people? This is not going to end well”.

When I discovered I was a witch it wasn't what I wished it would be like when I was seven and watched Winx Club. I walked into my bedroom and looked in the mirror and said “This isn't real. Just wake up.” I smashed my mirror to try to get rid of the nightmare. But I never woke up. After weeks of praying it was only a dream. I realized it was the truth. I had to face this. Let me go back to where it all started.

I was at my grandmothers for the weekend when I was told. I was sitting in the tea room, sipping a cup of coffee when my grandmother walked in with a book. A book that smelled of mold, and years of wear in an attic. She opened it, and gave me a letter.


My Dear Moira,

I didn't want you to have to live a life of torture, and pain.

Though everyone in our family has had to, and so will you.

Instead of telling you in person, I have decided to put my thoughts into a letter. You are an Elixa, a witch. You will have to protect everyone in world with your gift, a gift you are yet to receive. I give you my prayers, and I wish you the best. I do not wish to talk in person about this, you will write me letters and leave them on my shelf when you wish to ask questions. I love you sweetheart. I know this is confusing, but soon it will all make sense.




What did this mean? I hadn't a clue. A letter to my grandmother from her mother telling her that she was a witch. Nice joke, right?

“Grandmother, so you're a witch, eh?” I asked jokingly.

“Yes my child. And so was your mother?” she said seriously.

“Gran.... please stop fooling around, I am really not in the mood to joke about Mom. Especially about something as insane as magic.” I explained sternly.

“I wish I was joking. Our family is among the Harbany Falls coven of witches or as they are called Elixas. I have invited you hear this weekend to tell you that you are also a witch.” again, saying this seriously.

“Stop it Gran, I don't find this one bit funny.”

“Now you listen hear! I am telling you this hoping you will understand, and be calm about it. You are a witch! With powers and the whole enchilada. I am not good at explaining this, I wasn't with your mother, and I am not with you. Though I am doing the best I can. You will soon discover what a mess this is. You are a witch, and that is all I can tell you because each experience is 100% different.”

This isn't true. It can't be! Everything you hear on those CW television shows doesn't seem so abnormal now. Do I believe her? No! This is crazy.

“This is nuts. You are fricking insane! Just get the hell out of my life. I am never coming back here!” I say as I begin to run upstairs to get my things to get out of this nutty house. My grandmother stands up from the sofa and lifts her hand, I feel the stairs being to tremble as she lifts her hand. And before my eyes I feel the stairs disappear from under me. And I fall to the ground. I stand up and widen my eyes, and drop my jaw in awe. What just happened?

“Gran. What did... did... you just... do.” I said as my voice was shaking.

“I have the power to make things disappear, and to make them reappear. I am the leader of the Harbany Falls Elixan Coven of two generations ago. And now you are the new generation. You must protect the coven until your child is old enough to take on the duty.

“Gran, I can't do this. This is absolutely insane.”

“But you must embrace the insanity, and believe.”

“But I..”

“Believe. Now go home, filter it all, and come back tomorrow so we can discuss things more.”

Without even gathering my things or saying goodbye I walk out the front door of the ancient white colonial, and hop into my Buick Lacrosse, and head for home. When I hit Main Street everything hits me like a big yellow bus. I am a fricking witch. A WITCH!? In the past half hour I have went to normal every day straight A junior in high school, to a witch with powers. That crazy-ass lady must have schizophrenia or something. Or do I have schizophrenia? Am I loosing it? Was that all a hallucination? I pick up my iPhone and dial my grandmother's house. When she picks up I say in a saddened tone, “Gran, was that all real?”. She takes about twelve seconds to respond. “Yes, Yes it was.” I just hang up.

She said to embrace it. Does this mean I should just go search for my powers and start brewing potions, and wear a pointy black hat? What does “embrace it” mean. If I am so all mighty and powerful, does that mean I am invincible? I must be able to get myself out of a car wreck. Without even thinking I swerve into the left lane and crash into a Chevy Tahoe. I apparently wasn't so powerful.

The next I knew I was in a hospital bed with white roses (my favorite) surrounding me. In the room was my father, my best friend, Lauren and my boyfriend Carter. They notice me open my eyes.

“Carissa! Carissa! Oh my friggen jesus, we thought you were leaving us!” Lauren screams.

“Hey Laur Laur.” I said with a small smile.

“I love you girl. Don't scare me like that again.” Lauren said.

“Sweetie, What the hell happened?” my father says as he hugs me. I sit up in my bed, remembering everything that happened that day. The whole magic shit, and the car crash.

“I honestly don't remember.” I lie. Dr. McCoren, one of the most respected doctors in Vermont walks in.

“Doc, is she going to be all right?” my father said.

“Should be fine, a bruised forehead, and a cut on the stomach, nothing to serious.” she says. “Miss Cane, you took quite a hitting there. Would you mind explaining how it happened?”

“I... I... It's a blur. All I remember is going over to the left lane and hitting a big SUV. I don't really know how it happened. All I know is that it happened.”

“Hmmm. Well it looks like we will have to see if your Lacrosse was defective, dear.” my dad explained.

“Probably a good idea, Dad. So Dr. McCoren, when can I go home?”

“Now. You are fine. You fell asleep in the ambulance, and didn't wake up, which worried us, but you seem perfectly fine. Mark can you check her out.”

“Yeah. Be right back Car.” my dad says as he walks out.

“Hey babe. You scared me.” my boyfriend Carter says.

“Well, I guess it happens to the best of us.” I say as I laugh. He laughs.

“I'll call you later, I have to go back to work in ten minutes, I'm on my break.”

“All right, bye.” I say as he walks out.

“Carissa, do you truly not know what happened?” Lauren says as she sits on my bed.

“I don't, It's all a blur.” I lie, again.

“Well I'll see you tomorrow. Get some rest for school tomorrow!”

“Bye, Lauren.” I say as she also walks out. My dad comes in and tells me we can leave. I stand up and as I walk out, a question pops into my head. “Did I really just test to see if I was a witch by purposely getting into a car crash?” I can't believe I just did that. I hop into Dad's Camaro, and we head home.

“So is the Buick totaled?” I ask curiously.

“Completely.” he says angrily.

“Oh crap! My purse!” I say surpised.

“The only thing damaged was the iPhone.” He says as he reaches into the glove compartment retrieving my Gucci bag.

“Ugh! Can we stop at AT&T tomorrow and get a new one?”

“I guess. I am little confused, Car.”

“About what?”

“You don't make mistakes like that, were you texting?”

“No! I never text and drive.”
“Well what the hell happened Carissa. I want answers. NOW!”

“I don't know what happened, Dad!” Though if I were to tell the truth I would say “Well, Gran told me I am a witch with powers and I just wanted to test my ability.” But I don't think that would fly over to well.

“All right, All right. I believe you. How about we go pick a new phone up now in Burlington. K?” my dad says as he smiles.

“That would be amazing!” I say acting joyful, though what I really want to do is head home and research everything I was told about myself.

We pull into AT&T in Burlington which is an hour away from Harbany Falls. Surprisingly there is no one there. We walk in and my dad goes up to the front desk to explain to the guy what happened.

“I'm sorry sir, we can't give you a new phone. The contract won't allow us to give you a new phone for uhhhhhh another six months.”

“So my daughter can't have a phone for six months? I don't think so.” My dad says in a stern voice. I listen to them argue back and forth, and decide that as a teenage girl, I am going to stick my nose into it.

“Excuse me, I am his daughter, I just got into a car accident and my iPhone got destroyed. So give me a goddamn new phone or shit will fly through the fan.” I say as a wave my hand to the ceiling fans, and something absolutely unexpected occurs. The ceiling fans fall from the ceiling and land inches away from the AT&T guy.

“What the hell!?” the AT&T guy screams.

“What the hell is right!?” my dad screams. The guy runs to the back with a brand spanking new iPhone and hands me the box. My dad hands him $200 dollars in cash, and we walk out. Well wasn't that confusing.

“Must've been defective wiring .” I say to try to cross out any other possibilites.

“Must've been. Weird it happened when you pointed to the ceiling” he responded, though he wasn't pointing fingers at me.

“It was!” I responded, so I didn't seem to suspicious.


We arrived home at around 6pm. What a day. So lets list what occurred during my it.


  1. Was told I am a witch, and have powers.

  2. Purposely got into a car accident

  3. Possibly flung the ceiling fans off of AT&T

  4. Believe I am a witch

  5. Got a new cell phone


I would have to say that is one of the weirdest days I have ever had. I realize that in that eventful day I forgot to eat. So I go to the stainless steel fridge in our gigantic kitchen and instead of sticking to my usual diet of salads, salads, and more salads, I take a jar of vanilla frosting and head up to my room. Instead of picking up the glass of water my Himalayan cat, Kiki must have spilled. I run right over to my desk, turn my MacBook on, hit Safari, and type in the search box Harbany Falls/ Witches. As its loading I take a gigantic bite of frosting, which tastes amazing after that harsh day. The page finally loads, Hm, what do we have here.




Search Results:


Harbany Falls: 1872 Witch Trials


Harbany Falls: Magic


Harbany Falls becomes the center of investigation in late 1800 witchcraft





Wow. Why didn't I ever know about all of this theories of magic in Harbany Fall?. Why had I never heard of the Harbany Falls Witch Trials? Why is Gran telling all of this to me now? These are questions I need to ask Gran. So I close the laptop lid and remember that I may have discovered my power. But something I should be doing is seeing if it was truly me who lifted the ceiling fans right off that AT&T building.

I stand up, and look around my room. What could I test this on. I look at my window. Could I open the window? I stare at the window and point my hand at it. I say “Open!”. It doesn't open. What the hell!? It worked when I was screaming at the AT&T guy! I point my hand at again and this time scream “OPEN!”. Again nothing. I point my hand at it again, and this time move my hand in the motion I wanted it to go. Holy crap... it opened! It seems I have to move my hand in the way I want it to go! I can't tell it to go somewhere. I have to “move” it somewhere! Wow!

Could this be a bad or good thing? I don't know. Though Gran said I would have to use this to protect people. How could I use this to protect people? Again, another question! I need to go see Gran. But, I have no car. I walk down the large spiral staircase into the den.

“Hey Dad, I think I forgot my laptop charger at Grans. Could I go get it?” I lie , again. I need to stop with the lies.

“I'll drive you. You aren't driving tonight.” he responds in a stern voice.

“Dad, I'm fine! Don't worry.”

“Carissa Cane, if you get into another accident tonight. I think it may push me over the edge.”

“I promise it won't happen again.”

“My keys are in the car. If you crash my baby, you're phone and laptop are mine for a good long time.”

“K! Thank you Daddy!” I say as I hug him. I go into the garage to get my dad's Camaro. I open the garage door, and what do we have? A nice pouring rainstorm. Wonderful. I pull out and turn on the windshield wipers and pull out of the driveway.

Once I reach Fern Grove Street, Grans' street, I realize that I don't know how to approach her. So much happened in so little time. What do I say first? I pull into her small driveway, and climb out of the camaro, and head for the giant white colonial that will never be the same again. I knock on the door loudly. She comes to the door.

“Carissa, I told you to wait until tomorrow to come back.” she said softly

“You threw a lot on my plate, Grandmother. You owe me ten minutes.” I say meanly.


“I think I discovered my power. I can move things by using my hand. I threw the ceiling off of AT&T in Burlington today, and I opened my window.”
“Goodness girl, you found your power fast. You are stronger than I thought you'd be. Your mother knew you'd be strong. But we didn't realize that you would be THAT strong.”

“What do you mean by that?” I said. I was getting pissed off.

“Your power. Telekinesis.” she said. What the hell is telek... whatever it is!?

“Telek... what?”
“Telekinesis. The ability to move things with your mind. No one has had that power in centuries. In the days of my great, great, great grandmother. The Elixan Council would kill anyone with that power. They said “Telekinetic abilities is to much power for one being to possess, they could turn evil in a second.”

“Uhhh. So they are going to kill me?”

“No dear. The Elixan Council no longer exists. They Australian Elixas destroyed the council.”
“Who the hell is the Australian Elixas?” I question, again, not knowing what the frick she is talking about.

“We'll get to that soon. We need to discuss how you are going to deal with this power. Tomorrow is Monday which means back to school. You cannot tell anyone about this! It is a secret that only you and your coven may know about.”

“Okay, you mentioned “my” coven again, who is my coven?”

“Your coven is the group of witches and wizards you will lead.”

“Could you tell me who they are?” I ask. How can I lead people I don't know?

“I don't know who they are my dear.”

“Grans, I don't want to lead a coven. I want to be a normal teenage girl, like I was.” I say annoyed.

“You can't hide from your destiny, my child. I have something for you.” She runs upstairs. And comes back within seconds and hands me the book that she brought with her when she told me I was a witch.

“What is this?” It says Xander on it. My mom's maiden name. My mother died two years ago of cancer. It came so fast. And went so quick. I'd love to know about her experiences as a witch.

“It is the Xander book of spells, witchcraft, tips, instructions, and advice from past witches and wizards the book has been handed down to. It is your turn to have it. This is your guide to being a witch. Everything you will need to know is right here in this horrifically large book. I can't tell you everything, Carissa. Most you must learn on your own.”

“So you are saying I have to find my “coven”, learn how to be a witch, learn spells, and other shit, all by myself?”

“No my dear! You are not ready to find your coven, learn spells, and other “shit”, by yourself. You first must learn how to be a witch. It doesn't just come to you.”

“And who will teach me?”
“Well, you are supposed to learn from your parent whom was a Elixa. But you do not have a Elixan parent. So I must teach you.”

“More learning? Great.” I say sarcastically.

“You don't know the adventures that are ahead of you, my dear Carissa. You don't know the terrors you will face. You don't know anything that is going to happen to you in the near future. Just wait and see.”

“Grans. You are a crazy psychopath, but I love you to death. I still can't believe that I am a witch, but I guess I will have to.” I say as I sigh.

“As I said, embrace it.” she says mystically.

“Well, I have school tomorrow, so I should probably get home. Good night.”

“Read that book. I'm serious. We will begin our lessons tomorrow after school.”

“Okay, I will see you then!” I decide to skip over the whole “car accident” business.

I walk out into pitch black, and downpour. I get into the Camaro and head for home.

When I get home, it seems like my dad had left. Every light was off, and even the flat-screen was turned off. I walk into the kitchen and turn the light on and grap a Pepsi from the fridge. I head upstairs to check on dad. He's asleep. Not surprising, it was a tiring day.

I walk into my room, and notice that Kiki's water mess is still there. Hm, maybe there is a spell I could use. Nahh, not a good idea. I just leave it, it'll dry by morning. Kiki is on my bed, sprawled out on my side of the bed. I push her over to the other side of the large queen sized bed. As always, I check my phone right before I go to bed. Six texts from Lauren!? That can't be good. I unlock my phone and tap on messages and click Lauren's name. Good lord!


You need to call me! -7:08


Car! What the hell? I need to talk to you! Call me! -8:26


Carissa Cane, call me now.- 9:09


CARISSA! -9:20


It's really important. -10:00


Just talk to me in school then! - 10:11


It's 10:20. Maybe she's still up. I try her cell, but it goes straight to voice-mail. I am actually glad, I have enough on my plate at the moment. I don't need to hear her drama. I decide this would be a good time to go to bed. I turn my phone off and shut the lamp off. I slam my head on my pillow and close my eyes. Good night Harbany Falls.






















Chapter Two


I wake up to the aggravating sound of my stupid alarm clock. 5:30 AM. God, I hate getting up this early. I get up and head for the bathroom to take my usual shower, and other morning things.

After I shower, and eat a bowl of Special K. I head for the garage. Crap. No Lacrosse!

“DAD!” I yell.

“What? Oh damn, you don't have a car.” he says disappointed.

“Nope. What should I do?”

“Well I have to take the Camaro to work today. Take the Enclave.”

“You want me to drive that big thing to school?!”
“It's that or the bus.”

“I'll take the Enclave.” I say with a smile. I hop into the SUV and head for good ole Falls View Academy.


Falls View Academy is older than dirt. It is one of the oldest private schools in the nation, though ranks among the best in the nation. It isn't big, only holds about 600 students, Grades K-12. I'm a junior so we get the newest part of the building built in 1969. I pull into the student parking lot. And notice that Lauren is waiting right there in her usual parking spot, right next to mine.


“THANKS FOR NOT ANSWERING MY CALLS!” she says loudly, and angrily. Ugh, I really don't want to deal with this!

“Sorry. I didn't bring my phone with me to my Grans!” I said even louder.

“It's fine. But I have something I need to talk to you about.”

“Did Harvey ask you to the Prom?” I ask sarcastically.

“No. Shut up! That's not even funny.”

“Well then what is it! Spit it out woman!” I say laughing.

“I don't want you to freak out, and act like I'm a psycho.” she says in a fast pace.

“Believe me, I won't.” Nothing can freak me out anymore.

“Okay so I went into my bedroom and turned on the stereo. So I started dancing, and snapping.”
“Okay? Whats your point?” I ask. What is so nuts about that?

“I'm not done! So I started snapping even more, and all of a sudden! My desk lit on fire!” Oh jesus. This can't be happening. “Do you think I lit on fire?

“Lauren. Come on! Please. Get real here.” I said as the warning bell rings.

“Okay. See you in Pre-Calc!” she says as she heads for the History wing.

“K.” I yell as I head for the English wing. I really hate my schedule. It's all over the place. English, Pre-Calc, US History, Chemistry, Lunch, Spanish, Sociology. It is all over the building!

I love English, because Carter, my boyfriend, is in that class with me. Carter Leigh is the most popular guy in FVA. He is the quarterback for the football team, he is the best soccer player, and he is the captain of the basketball team. Every girl in the High School wants him. For some reason he chose skinny, brunette, green-eyed, me. Everyone says that its only because my father is the President of Harbany Falls Bank. Which is a well respected bank in Vermont. Though I think he is truly a good guy, who likes me for who I am.

The one thing I hate about English is that Jackie Santario sits right in front of me. Jackie is a hispanic beauty who most guys say is the most gorgeous girl in school. Though besides the beauty she is also the meanest girl in FVA. She is always trying to steal Carter from me. Flirting with him, dropping her books right in front of him. I wish she'd just get as far away from Harbany Falls as possible.

After the seventy minute period of watching Jackie stare at my boyfriend, to the point where I was about ready to punch her in the face, it was time for Pre-Calc, where again we'd be back to the subject of Lauren possibly being one of the people in this coven thing. Oh Grans, why can't you just help me out here.

I go and sit at my usual spot at the table in the far left corner of the room in Mrs. Havarie's Pre-Calc class. Usually Lauren sits with me. But I see her take a seat next to Naomi Greene. Hm, this is odd. Five minutes until the bell rings, lets go figure this mess out.

“Hey Lauren? Why are you sitting here?”

“Oh I wasn't! I was just finishing a conversation with Naomi. I was about to come over. Hold on. Okay, so Naomi, text me tonight and we can talk about the English project.” She says to me, and then finishes her convo with Naomi. Thank god she isn't mad at me.

“So how was English with Mr. Pollock?” I asked, acting like I didn't want to talk to her.

“Forget that. We need to finish the conversation we were having this morning in the parking lot.” she whispered.

“So you really think you set your desk on fire?” I ask as if I don't believe her.

“YES! I really think I do. I mean I guess it's like a lab experiment in chem, you never know until you test it again. I guess I'll have to test it again.”

“Well lets do it at my house, tonight. I want to see this.” I demand. Mrs. Havarie tells us to get out our books. Which means the conversation is over.

After what seemed like an eternity, the school day was over, and it was time to see if she could really set fire to things. We went straight home, did our homework and got right to work on the “Fire test” as Lauren kept calling it.

“Okay. If this doesn't work you aren't going to laugh, right?” she says sadly.

“I promise I won't laugh.” I laugh. As I did, Lauren points her hand out and points at my trash can. She says “FIRE!” really loud. Just like I said “Open!” to my window. Nothing happens.

“Damn. I am really stupid. Jesus why would I even think....” she says. But I interupt.

“Maybe you just didn't do right. Focus on the trash can.” I say sternly. She looks for about twelve seconds and puts her hand out. And suddenly the trash can is in flames. I run quickly to the bathroom to get a towel to put it out.

“Holy shit. I did it. I have magical powers, Carissa!” Oh jesus. She has magical powers. This means she is part of my coven.

“I do too.”


“I have a power too.” I point to the window and motion it up, and it goes right up.

“Oh my god.” She says with a shocked face.

“Yeah. And I think we are witches.” I say like a little girl. “My Grans told me about witches, and how I am supposed to lead a coven, and I have to find all these people to be in my coven. And I think you are one of them.”

“I.... I...... Carissa... I...... don't know what to say.” she says as if shes going to faint.

“I'll drive you over to my Gran's house. She'll explain everything.”

“O...okay.” she said, still as if she was going to become unconscious at any moment. I basically drag her out into the Enclave and put her in the passenger's seat. I run and hop into the driver's seat. I head out for Grans.

When we reach the big old white colonial, I hear loud laughter inside. Gran's is having a get together? On Monday? Her book club meets on Tuesday.

Knock. Knock. Knock. I hear the laughing stop. Lauren is standing on the front lawn with her hands in her head.

“Carissa. You missed your lesson.” she said as she opened her door. Oh shit. She will be angry for days now.

“Grans. I forgot. I'm sorry, I got caught up in something else. And I think you want to hear this.” I respond to her rude greeting, as I point to Lauren.

“This isn't a good time. Come back tomorrow. And you better be here for your lesson.” she says as she closes the door. I put my foot in the door.

“No. I am going to talk to you now whether you like it or not. Your little buddies can come back tomorrow. I am talking to you now so move over.” instead of letting her move, I push myself through the door. I walk into the tea room, and notice that Lauren's father and mother are there.

“Dad? Mom? What are you doing here?” Lauren says as she walks in.

“We...we...” Lauren's mom says.

“Book Club! Wuthering Heights.” my Grans interrupts.

“Right! Emily Brontë. Very important in British literature.” Lauren's mom responds as if she knew that it was a cover.

“Oh. Fun times. Fun times.” Lauren adds sarcastically. “Mom, Dad, I'll meet you guys at home. Ok?”

“Lauren Jackson, you better be home in an hour. 8:30 sharp.” Mr. Jackson says with a potent voice.

“Promise!” Lauren says. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson wave as they walk out the door. I watch as they pull out of the driveway to make sure what I am about to say cannot be heard.

“LAUREN HAS POWERS!” I belt out. There, the awkward stage is over.

“I know. Her parents know too.” Grans responds in the calmest voice ever.

“They know? How do they know?!” Lauren asks in a frightened voice.

“They came to me. They told me that things would randomly set to flames in your bedroom.”

“Well that explains that. But why did they come to you?” I asked.

“Because. Carissa, you know I am of spiritual religion. And everyone else knows too. Crazy Ms. Xander. Remember?” she says as if I'm stupid.

“That's right. So they must have thought you could help.” Lauren adds.

“They think a demon is possessing you. But I assured them it wasn't a demon possessing you. I explained to them about Elixan magic. And they are a bit shocked. But they know that you will soon be part of a coven of witches and wizards.” Grans says with dignity.

“Whats Elixan magic? What is a coven?” Lauren questions.

“Oh those questions keep coming up don't they.” Grans laughs.

“Wait, wait, wait. So is she a part of this coven?” I add in quickly.

“Yes. She is the Witch of Flames. Your power is a threat to the Australian coven. You will be targeted.”

“Who is the Australian coven!? Am I going to die?” she sobs.

“If you protect yourself... No. If you are weak...Yes.” Grans responds mystifying.

“This is all happening to fast. I knew something was weird about me.”

“Lauren, you are not weird. It's just something we are going to have to live with.” I say as I pat her back.

“Girls. It's late. Come back tomorrow for the lesson, Carissa. And Lauren, I can help you too if you'd like.”

“Night Grans. See you tomorrow.” We walk out the door and head for the Enclave. Off to the Jackson residence.

“Lauren, are you okay?” I ask as we start to drive.

“No I am not okay! I just discovered that I am a frigging freak with powers who can set things on fire!” she says angrily.

“I feel the same way. But I also know that we are going to have to embrace it.”

“Embrace what? Our “powers”. Car, this isn't normal. Maybe this is all a dream. Maybe I'm dreaming!” she says happily. Maybe this is a dream. “Crap I forgot my book bag at your house.”

“I'll bring it to you tomorrow. We did all our homework.”

“All right.”

“Try to get some sleep tonight, Lauren. Don't worry about this.” I say as we pull into her driveway.” She opens the door and sluggishly crawls out.

“Night, Car.”

“Night, Laur.” I back out of the drive way and head for home. This really is all crazy. I cannot believe that me, and Lauren are.... witches. This feels like a childhood dream.

I begin to remember all the things that we will be learning about tomorrow. Too much to think about tonight.

I finally reach home, and without even changing into my pajamas, I jump into the bed, and fall asleep. Day two of witch-life is done with. 

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