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“What do I do? NO wait! Let me rephrase that question; what will I do?” I asked Marie over the phone.
“Well its kinda obvious isn’t it?” Marie said.
“Uh no it isn’t but please enlighten me”

Samantha Lee is a 16 year old girl living her life until Julius comes along. Julius is a new kid in town. He’s kind, funny and easy to get along with, Sam thinks she’s got him all figured out but does she? Is there a whole new side to Julius yet to be figured out? Or is he a completely different person? Surprisingly, they fall in love but will she find out who Julius really is before it’s too late or will the truth destroy the relationship?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Party

Submitted: July 25, 2012

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Submitted: July 25, 2012



“Hey Sam wait up!” A voice said behind me. I slowed my pace with a smile on my face. “Watcha doing this afternoon?” My best friend Marie asked me. Me and Marie were inseparable we practically do and tell everything to each other.

“Don’t know, why?” I asked her with a shrug.

“Well Charlottes having a party down at the docks and she’s handing out invites to her friends” She explained.

“Since when did Charlotte and I become friends?” I asked her pointedly.

“Well you’re not her friend but I am”

“I still don’t see why you bother being her friend, even though she’s a b***h towards to you”

“Well it doesn’t bother me anymore. Besides she has access to good stuff like parties which reminds me you’re dodging the question” She accused me.

“Give me one good reason why I should go to Charlottes’ party”

“I’ll give you three good reasons it’s called alcohol, boys and food. They cater for everything besides you need to get back on your horse Sam after what happened with Matt” Matt was my ex – boyfriend, he dumped me for Charlotte.

“And one thing results from all that and it’s called HANGOVERS!” I told as we went to sit in our sits for 1st period.

“Well yeah but it would be so worth it”

“Another thing is I am not even the legal age to drink”

“Legal age is for losers. PLEASE, please, please pretty please with cherry on top and sprinkles and a side of salad and chips!” Marie begged me

“Fine but if anything happens to me it’s your fault ok?” I asked her smiling.

“OK” The bell went for first period and we went straight to work.

I finished putting on a second coat of aqua nail polish when Marie arrived. She gave me the details for the party that afternoon and had agreed to meet up in 15 minutes. Now as she beeped her horn I realized how fast the time had flown by, “Hurry up Sam it starts at 5!” Marie yelled out.

“I need your help on clothes” I yelled back. I smiled as I heard her car door slam, just mention the word clothes and Marie will be there.

“You called” Marie said in a singsong voice walking into my bedroom. “Oh dear honey what happened?” Marie asked me, dramatically putting a hand on her heart and staggering back a few steps.

“What?” I asked her with my eyes wide.

“I don’t know where to start. Your hair looks like a racoon died in it, your face well I’m speechless actually it looks pale and pasty like you’ve seen a ghost. Now where to start….. Shower”

“Hey I just put a second coat of nail polish on!” I exclaimed.

“Ugh you always leave things to the last minute” Marie complained.

“I do not” I protested as Marie dragged me to the bathroom. “Did you not hear what I just said? I have a second coat of nail polish on” I told her again.

“I heard you and I have an answer to that to speed things up” she said as she got out my hair dryer. She plugged it into its socket and turned it on and she pointed it towards my nail polish and swished around for 2 minutes. “That’s why I am here. Now time for a shower” She took my clothes off and pushed me into the shower, she handed me shampoo and conditioner and lavender soap. “I’ll be waiting out here” She said as she closed the door. I let the water run over me and massaged the shampoo and conditioner into my head and thought to myself ‘What am I going to do with her?”

Once I was clean and sparkling I hopped out I wrapped myself in a towel and put my hair in a towel. I opened the door and stared with a look that said ‘well …..’

“No time” she turned on the hair dryer and blow dried my hair. Once that was done she styled it, I had no idea what she was doing to my hair but I didn’t care. Next was makeup, my face got lathered in foundation, my eyelids turned gold, my eyelashes were thickened with mascara, she put pink blush on me and she lathered my lips with red lipstick. She sprayed me with some unidentified perfume that smelt floral. “Clothes…..” Marie said as she sifted through my clothes. “Ok tomorrow arvo we are going clothes and shoe shopping” She said as she shook her head with disappointment.

“What’s wrong with my clothes!?” I exclaimed.

“Honey your clothes haven’t changed since two years ago. You need to stock up”

“Fine” I grumbled.

She handed me an aqua coloured loose shirt and some short shorts from my drawers. “Go get changed” she shooed me back into the bathroom. I got changed, opened my door then walked out. “Voila! You’re done” I walked in front of my mirror and gasped. Samantha Lee wasn’t there anymore; it was a completely different person. I stroked my face gently careful not rub any makeup off. My hair was twisted into an elegant bun held with a purple rhinestone barrette.

“I wished I look like you” Marie sighed. “How is it that you look even more beautiful than I do and it was I that made you look it?”

“Because you are just marvellous” I told her, grabbing her arm and running down the stairs. “MUM!!!!!! I am going to a party with Marie” I yelled out mum who was in the kitchen making chicken burritos

“Ok but be back before 1!”

I ran out the door and hopped in her car. “Let’s go!” Marie drove out the driveway and we were off.

It was packed to the shithouse but luckily we had an invitation and we went straight in. Lots of boys whistled and whooped as we walked by and I smiled.

“Well, well look who it is” Charlotte said striding towards us. “Mummy long legs and Ms Obesity. What are you doing here? Isn’t this a little out of your league?”

“More like way out of your league” her friend Brittney said looking at us up and down in disgust.

“Whatever b***h, I have a lot on me more than you do” I said smirking.

“Oh yeah like what” she challenged me.

“I got the boobs, the body and the brain. And what do you have; no boobs, no brain and no body is that all?” I asked Marie. “Oh wait no you have your slutty friends” I gave her my famous b***hy smile and waited her to come back with something.

“No boobs huh? What are these?” she asked me, pointing to her chest.

“Well I think we all know the answer to that” I said putting my hands on my hips.


“Two words; gel pads. I saw your mum buying them on the weekend. I kept it to myself but oh I don’t know I just couldn’t hold it in any longer”

“Well…..” Charlotte said trying to think of a comeback

“Well what Charlotte is there something trying you’d like to say or have you swallowed your own gel pads?” I laughed in her face.

“Come on girls let’s not let these poor girls spoil our fun night” Charlotte said stalking of with her friends flanked behind her.

I walked off when suddenly I bumped off into someone. I looked up to see Bradley Marshall. I smelt alcohol on him and it was quite strong, he had been drinking. “Wow Sam I can’t believe you’ve rendered Charlotte speechless”

“Thanks Brad, you just got to find out what her weakness is then hit it where it hurts”

“You know it takes a lot to render Charlotte speechless”

“Well yeah I heard” I said looking around for Marie but I couldn’t find her I wasn’t worried she was probably off making out with Scott Harvey.

“And you were right; you do have the body and the boobs” he said, checking me out.

“Ewwwww gross! I’m sorry but I have to go”

“Aww come on Sam just one kiss for me” he yelled.

“No way in hell!” I yelled back.

24 minutes, 6 beers and no Marie later, I was making out with Brad anyway. Some part of me wanted to go home but another part of me said that I should be fun I went the fun Sam and stayed. “I knew you couldn’t resist” he said kissing my shoulder, then my neck, then my ear. I paused mid – kiss, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I pulled away and went to investigate. “Where you going sweetheart comeback and give me some more sugar”. I stumbled towards the figure. I couldn’t see who it was, but he moved really fast. When all of sudden he disappeared! I swore I saw him but I had like twenty beers and I thought nothing of it I was probably drunk. I went looking for Marie and found her sure enough she was with Scott Harvey. Scott Harvey was the go to guy for sex and well anything else you needed.

“Marie lets go”

“Mmm do we have to? I was just getting to the good part” she murmured in between kisses.

“Marie! I think I see bird poo on your windshield!” I gasped. Marie’s car is her baby anything happens to it and she freaks.

“What! Where?”

“How many beers have you had?”

“Like none”

“Are you sure?”

“Positive. If I was drunk I would be making out with any boy not only Scott. Call me” she said to Scott blowing him a kiss.

“Let’s go”

“Why’d you want to leave so early huh Sam?” Marie asked me

“No reason” I mumbled. For some reason I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had seen earlier that night, the shadow. I don’t know what it was but it’s like it had left an imprint in my brain. I shake my head in disbelief ‘Yeah right’ I thought ‘it was probably just a tree swaying or something’. But trees can’t move so we’re crossing that off the list.

“Sam, sam. SAM!” Marie woke me up out of me reverie. Apparently she was talking to me while I was daydreaming.


“I said why we don’t organize a date to see each other on the weekend. I get so easily bored, me being a lonely child and all”

“Sure, I need to get away for my family for the weekend or I’m going to die a lonely person”

“I don’t see how you can’t stand them? I would love to that many people in my fam”

“Uh I think we have it the other way around, I wish I was you so then I wouldn’t have people poking there nose into my private stuff”

“Whatever, anyway, where do you wanna meet?”

“How about Brill Lake Café?”

“Sure see you then”

I hope out of the car, close the door, and go inside. I go to sleep once I’m dressed and showered, knowing that tomorrow will be hell on earth.

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