Love Is Priceless

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I am lost. Surrounded in darkness. ‘Where am I?’ I thought, as I struggled to get up, but ended up falling back down. I have a massive headache, but yet no heartbeat. ‘Wait’ I thought ‘No heartbeat’ I checked my pulse. ‘No! I do have a heartbeat’ I sighed in relief but my neck felt oddly strange. I put my hand on the side of my neck and pulled my hand away. I looked at but then quickly looked away. Blood, I put my hand back and felt two puncture wounds. Then suddenly it all came rushing back.

Felicity Young is just your normal everyday human girl. Well, until she gets involved in some supernatural cases. Her boyfriend, Daniel Smith has no idea what’s going on and why his girlfriend keeps vanishing exactly at midnight. Well, until he also gets tangled up in the mess. But once he finds out who Felicity really is, will he still love her or is it a relationship breaker? And what extremes will Felicity have to go to keep her secret?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Love Is Priceless

Submitted: June 05, 2012

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Submitted: June 05, 2012



Chapter 1; The Dream

I flop down on my bed and sigh. “Oh Daniel” I sigh, dramatically. “Where are you?”

“I am right here, my beloved Felicity. Come. Look out your window” I hear someone say. I smile.

“Is that you, Daniel? Could it be?” I say as I lift up my skirt and trot over to the window.

“Yes, tis I” I look out my window and smile.

“Oh Daniel! What took you so long?”

“My father gave me a very important job to do that needed me as soon as possible. But I am here now”

“And my have you kept me waiting?” I say leaning out the window but my grip slipped and I started falling down. I heard Daniel scream my name but it didn’t register in my head. And suddenly I was……. Rising? Wait no that couldn’t be right. I looked down and I found everything growing smaller. Yep I was rising all right.

“Don’t look down, trust me” said a deep (and if I might say), sexy voice. ‘How am I to trust you when you’re taking me away from my Daniel and from my house’ I thought.

“Just trust me” he answered my thoughts, which I thought was impossible.

“Who are you?” I asked him, I didn’t dare look at him. To me, looking at strangers face is bad luck.

“It’s too early for you to know that, my precious Felicity” and once again I descended or rather we descended. “Now it’s time to wake up, your Daniel must be worried that you’re in a coma”



I woke with a gasp. ‘Woah’ I thought as I remembered the dream, I suddenly wished it was real. Well, except for the last bit. “FELICITY!!” I heard my mother scream out from the kitchen.

“Yes mother” I say, as I get out of bed. A wave of dizziness rolled over me and I leant on my bed to keep myself from falling on the floor. Once my world stopped spinning, I quickly put on a pair of clean of clothes and made myself look presentable. I trotted down the stairs and sat down at the table, legs crossed. I flipped my hair back and put on my best, dazzling smile.

“FELICI……..” My mother began to scream out again but stopped as she saw me sitting down at the table. “Oh!” she shook her head and put down a plate of pancakes. “Hurry up and eat. Daniel is waiting outside for you”

“Mother!” I said as I put down my knife and fork.

“What!!” she exclaimed at my outburst.

“Don’t be rude” I say as I walk to the door. “You could’ve invited him in” I opened the door and poked my head out. “I must apologise for my mother’s rudeness. It seems that manners have skipped a generation in our family” I say as I open the door wider.

“Oh it’s ok. I sincerely forgive you Mrs Young”

“Why thank you Daniel” I roll my eyes at them and pull out a chair.

“Come sit, Daniel. Help yourself to some pancakes. Mum, grab a plate for Daniel”

“I don’t think I cooked enough pancakes”

“That’s ok. I’ll share” I say, I halved my stack and put them on his plate. “Enjoy”


“I should pick you up more often” Daniel said. We were in the car driving to school.

“You don’t need too, you pick me up enough already”


“Yeah.  In fact you’re doing it right now…..” I let him process that before a smile crept over his face.

“Oh really” he said in a rough, sexy voice.

“Oh yeah” he leant over and kissed me. His mouth tasted like mocha and golden syrup, a delicious combination. I pulled away and smacked him on the leg. “Focus on the road not me”

“Ow! That hurt”

“Focus. You can do whatever you want with me later but not now”

You could tell he didn’t want to but he kept his eyes on the road. We pulled into the school car park and walked in to the school. “See you later, kay?”

“Sure, babe. See you this afternoon” I lean up on my tip-toes and pecked him on the cheek.

“Oh please get a room, Felicity! We don’t want to see you making out with your bf” Sarah said, rolling her eyes and walking up to me.

“Oh pleeeeeaaaassse, Sarah, like you could talk” I said, glaring at her.

“At least I don’t do it in front of the whole entire school to see”

“Whatever. Let’s go”



“What in the world is going on here?” Ms Wethers asked as she stormed in to the classroom. Paper was flying everywhere. Everyone was loud and noisy. The only good students in this class, and I am not just saying this to make us look like goody-two shoes, were Sarah and I. “Class quiet down. SILENCE!!!” the noise immediately ceased but a few were still giggling. “I have had enough of this nonsense and of this class, one more noise, and I don’t care if it’s a giggle, a sneeze, or a cough, it’s detention for all the class and I don’t care if one person is responsible you will all be going to detention

“Good. Now that the noise has ceased let’s get this lesson started. Today we are going to learn about ‘The Big Bang Theory’” Miss Wethers said as she wrote it in capitals on the chalkboard.


“That was the most boring double period lesson ever” I said as I sat down at a table.

“Tell me about” Sarah said as she sat down opposite me. I grabbed my lunchbox out of my bag and grabbed a muesli bar. I grimaced. It was apricot. I sighed as I opened it up and started pecking at it.

“What’s new in Sarah’s world?” I asked her as I threw the rest of my apricot bar away.

“Hey!” Sarah protested. “I like apricots!” I raised my eyebrows.

“Really? Or are you just trying to shift the subject to apricots?” I said smiling.

“Ugh! What are you? A psychic?” she said wrinkling her nose.

“No, I am just a good observer and once again you’re changing the subject”

“Ok fine! Me and Brad are fighting” she said, her eyes on her salad.

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