Born with the Love of a Goddess (official )

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The full story of how the world was created by a group of God's, how it was created and the journey of two love-stuck God's and the threats to humanity and the universe.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chronicles of Amoire - Flames of Forenthral

Submitted: July 10, 2014

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Submitted: July 10, 2014







Years and years ago our universe was under the command of a group of Gods. Each had their own specialty and belief of how the worlds should be, but all craved one thing- the throne of ‘Forenthral’- The temple of the God’s. Whoever beheld the throne would be crowned King or Queen of all the Gods and ruler of the universe and therefore all others. Hence all God’s craved it, some for their own rights and some for a better dimension.

Our universe beheld the dimensions of many God’s. Each had their own world in which they ruled. The God’s all joined together and conversed about the idea on preserving and creating life on a planet to give them something to rule over- some Gods- the most righteous of them all believed this was a bad idea for it would likely create war between them. Though some god’s cared not for the idea of war and persisted with the plans causing great arguments and furies. This fury and the tremendous battles that commenced where the beginning of the universe in its own; for the God’s did not understand that the all-father- space itself had granted the greatest Gods improbable strength that could not be faulted and therefore caused a huge explosion from the particles within their magic. This explosion created a blast of power that ripped the space into millions of pieces killing the all-father and creating giant lumps of rock destined to become planets. Rock and dust would float in the endless space forever causing torment for the larger rocks and even in some of the God’s own dimensions, as huge lumps of rock and magic and space particles came thundering down on them killing armies and animals who found harmony on the planet.

Some of the Gods had decided to only create life on one planet for they did not want to have to split their priorities. Yet some of the smarter Gods argued that if they created life on one planet that particles of life would likely spread through the atmospheres and end up inventing unintentional life on other planets. The species would be different, maybe more advanced, maybe less. But some God’s argued that it would be a risky experiment.

For billions of years Forenthral was the grand palace of where the meetings of such dire matters would be discussed. The God’s would all convene around a single circular table and discuss the pros and cons of each topic that arose. As predictable as it was, an argument would always break out at each meeting.

“If you create creatures in such an image as our own, who is to say that they will not develop their own powers?” Kanvatir, the God of nature would argue each time that the topic arose. Kanvatir was a great creature with the body and knowledge of a wise of elf and with the lower legs of a goat.  “Whatever these… things shall be… I do believe they should be circular shaped and have to transport themselves via a bouncy implement” Rabishika replied. Rabishika was the God of madness and music in the grand form of a griffin with a powerful purple staff that induced madness and dance, as well as the urge to pick up a musical instrument. He also always carried his beloved banjo with him, for purpose’s of “secrecy and bouncy flailing” as he usually said when any of the God’s questioned him.

One always smirked at his comment; Lorenzia Calamira. She was the Goddess of love, companionship and truth in the grand form of a gigantic red and black dragon of whom always carried her gigantic sword of the heart with her and was often seen carrying a beating heart. “Shut up Rabishika, there is not such possibility Kanvatir. Even if they did adapt powers it would be no more than a feeble talent compared to our space- all-father granted magic” replied Scientia, the lower goddess of knowledge in the form of a huge Jackal with a huge spear and golden armour. “Well whatever they are, they will need to get as much coital action as possible” Zelotypia said with a smirk, she was the Goddess of adultery in the form of a giant black-widow spider, always feasting off of her less powerful mates.

“Dear space Zelotypia! Not all life resolves around sexualized pleasure… do not point your pincers at me… you need to focus on this as much as the rest of us. This is a serious matter” Consensus barked at the horny lower goddess, Consensus was the God of conscience in the form of a giant white illuminated Pegasus. “Look as fun as arguing may be for some of you we need to reach an agreement, although Kanvatir does not speak complete truth in his belief that creatures would become more evolved than ourselves I do share his opinion that it is a bad decision. And Zelotypia as for your point on sexual congress, if these creatures were to mate as often as possible the population would get out of control and we would find it hard to keep ourselves sane… even though some of us are far from it” Lorenzia shared an amused glance with Rabishika. “Oh you always have to be the righteous, right one don’t you dear sister” Valmashol, the God of hell and Lorenzia’s brother spoke slamming his staff of perishing on the table. Lorenzia put her huge front legs on the table and dug her claws into its material. “Shut up Valmashol, it is perfectly clear that you only wish to create this new race so you can start up a torture hobby you BDSM obsessive fuck.” She bared her teeth at her brother angrily “ Look, arguing like fools will get us nowhere I do not believe that any form of existence on a planet would be a huge issue but we need to look into the matter from every angle” Creatura yelled slamming her massive paws on the table to shut the bickering siblings up. She was the lower goddess of creatures and had authority on this matter.

Lorenzia and Valmashol were the first God’s to be brought into existence. Their power was above all others and their opposing strengths made them rivals.

“I ate a mouse today…” said Molestus the God of annoyance completely off-topic. Molestus was a giant rattle snake with ten-heads. “In the name of the all-father can everyone ridiculous shut up!” shouted Praelium the god of hate who was a huge chimera with the patience of…well…nothing. “If we did create a race, there would be wars… obviously, something to watch in enjoyment” grinned the god of war Inimiciatae. “ You sick lemon-licking fart-nozzle we are trying to avoid that, hence the two opposing opinions and the reasoning for this pillow meeting, are the lot of you madder than I… impossible… we either create them or we do not!” Rabishika barked back getting impatient with the bickering “I agree with Rabishika here, this is a feeble topic on which we will not all make an agreement on… there must be some way to come to a conclusion… any thoughts?” Lorenzia replied.

“Just forget it ?” Pigritia the slug formed God of sloth suggested. “Shut up” Olbanine- the phoenix Goddess of beauty rolled her eyes. “Look, lets just get to this. We need to decide on a mutual agreement” Nelrim said, she was the goddess of the furies and Lorenzia’s loyal assistant and helping hand. “Nelrim is right, this debate will get us nowhere. Anyone got any ideas?” Ruhtra said sighing, he was Rabishika’s assistant and the lower god of anxiety and paranoia. “You know what… fuck this and fuck you all. I will decide on this my own way. We will create this race. I do not care if I have to face all of you lilly-livered foul-mouths in battle myself. Goodbye” and with that last comment Valmashol vanished into thin air and traveled back to hell. With his disappearance his assistant Telfasok the Scorpion demon of pain, Zelotypia, Pigritia, obsidiere- the goddess of obsession, Praelium, Inimiciatae and Sonitus the God of noise all left with him.

Littera- the Asena God of literature sighed “This doesn’t sound too good…”. “You’re right, I think this will be the que of a separation…” Lorenzia sighed. “Then I will be leaving, I do not want to be stuck in the middle of this…” moitre  (Death) said and in a fluster of his black cloak disappeared. “We shall leave also, Moitre is right” Vicis (The Lemming Goddess of fate) and Reperi (The ape God of invention), Sexualitas (the Seahorse Goddess of sexuality) and tempus (the seaturtle Goddess of time) all said in synch and left in a fluster of light.

The rest of the gods sat at the table looking at each other worried.

They had no idea what was to come. 

It was not long after the meeting that Valmashol created life on earth, which he insisted complete dominance over. The God’s argued insisting fair and equal dominance between them all, not long after Valmshol lost his temper in awe for dominance over something and created monkey’s in hope they’d evolve and give him something to issue himself dominant over.

This is where everything went wrong.














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