He Is A Stranger

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Jen lived in a normal house in a normal neighborhood, had normal friends and went to a normal school. well suddenly everythings not so normal anymore. read the story and see for yourself :)
(btw jen has short, shiny black hair, her ears are not pierced and she has blue-ish violet eyes she is 15 years old)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - He Is A Stranger

Submitted: March 05, 2012

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Submitted: March 05, 2012



chapter one:

the beginning.

i gazed out my window, staring out into the drizzling sky.  i sigh and i walk to the door gazing at myself in the mirror as i walked out the door.  i trot  my way down the hall, down the stairs and into the kitchen, sliding on the tile as i went. "good morning," i greet my mom. it was another drizzly sunday morning. sighing again, i wondered when the rain would ever stop. "good morning," my mom replied lazily. i walked over to the cubbord and brought out a box of cereal. i went and got a spoon, bowl, and some milk. out of habit i looked at the milks experation date. use before 3/12/12. "mom the milk expires tommorow," i inform my mom as i walk over to my chair. i pour in some cereal and milk and i get back up to put the milk away. i lightly toss the milk back into the fridge and i go to sit down.

"so wheres dad and Ashton?" i ask my mom. "oh theyre at the store getting some batteries and stuff," muttered my mom. oh, of course they'd be at the store. i shake my head slightly and i continue to eat my cereal while thinking a Taylor Swift song to myself. when i finish i scoot my chair out and walk to the sink and i put in my bowl. i grab my keys and my bag and i walk out the door saying "i'm goin on a walk, be back whenever," i close the door behind me and i lock it and then i cut across the yard and i walk into the street. i had absoloutly no clue where i was going. i looked at each house as i passed it thinking about what i would do. then i saw some trees and i decided i would walk around in that forest. 

i gripped my bag and i ran across the persons yard and into the forest behind the fence, scraping my arm and leg and i flung myslef over. i didn't mind my own blood, it was other peoples blood that freaked me out. after i got out of view of the persons house i slowed by pace to a walk gazing around me at the beautiful trees. but at every snap of a twig, every rustle in the leaves, i flinched. i was on gaurd here, in this unfamiliar place. i sighed and sat down beneath a tree. i dug in my bag and i took out my book opening it to page 74 and beggining on the words: and there he was.

i sighed and i focused on the words of the book. i was suddenly completely unaware of everything but the book. so i didnt notice the occasional snapping of a twig or the hisses of pain when he came. i just looked up from my book and POOF! he was there. i flinch and let out a small scream as i see him sitting right next to me almost touching. then the spots appeared and everything went black.

*okay i hope you liked the story so far, but it might be awhile before i write the second chapter so please be patient, thanks!*

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