Darkness Hell(The opening)

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Darkness Hell (The opening)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Darkness Hell(The opening)

Submitted: January 11, 2013

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Submitted: January 11, 2013



Major Characters:(Mine comic Book)(soo.. Far)

1. Zeon 190887: His skin is mostly all shadow-ish black, he wears an head  bend and a mask that covers his face when ever he around public places. Zeon  is a Major lead character this book as he is one of the slave of his people, the people  mysterious disappeared after Zeon was born. Zeon is a lost race type of hero that well explored the world for the lost Princess, which isn't the Major lead the princess and the alive queen are good friends after and before her death, I meant alive because he well have to face off with her which is an Undead queen which is in slave by a victorous vampire name dark bleed. *(He is also a traveler)*

2. Bloody Rose:She is the top two of the main characters as much as she have a crush toward Zeon, she also have a crush on X Anderwson. As for her race which is the Vampire (Betrayal Bloodline) which are the vampires that betrayed the Vampire (Way) which is everybody nows sucking on people blood!.. As the family Kicked out of that clan she is working up a new clan which is based upon Mythical monsters that have NOT kill or bitting, and eaten  any human, and NEVER well.She also travels along with Zeon and leaving X andwerson with her clan behind . She likes to carried around her Undead guitar  that she makes money off of . 

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