Silver Night

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A fifteen year old girl named Sadie Robyn, starts college in Madisonville, Texas. She's one of the smartest people in the world. Yet she chose to go to a college in the middle of nowhere so she wouldn't be noticed.
Sadie grew up thinking that everything revolved around science. 'You have to have a logical reason to everything'. That changes whenever Sadie goes to a masquerade ball held the night before college students got let out for summer.
Now, Sadie is stuck in a town where creatures run the night and she has nowhere to go.
Her family is over seven hours away, and her roommates aren't as easy to read as she'd originally thought.

Follow Sadie through this maze of terror, action, romance-packed novel.
The only question is—who will be the one to die?
Read to find out more!
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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Silver Night

Submitted: July 14, 2014

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Submitted: July 14, 2014



Arlington, Texas

Mistress," a male about the age of twenty, rushed up to a woman wearing an elegant white silk dress. "Arlington got settlers yesterday. Quite a few. They were asking of the founder. And—"

"Get to the point, Will," the woman spoke gently, but there was an authority in her voice that made the man jump.

"They're vampire hunters," the man—Will—spoke quickly as if afraid to upset the woman. "They seemed to have found out about Tyler. He's dead and I fear you are next."

The woman laughed. It was a genuine laugh. It was as if she was fearless.

"Will, they won't kill me because I have a whole town to protect me," the woman spoke as of it was a fact that everyone in the town would protect her.

Will shuddered and the woman turned on him.

"Right? My town will protect their ruler?" The woman was getting suspicious of Will. He had been a long time friend. For over two hundred years she had been with him. She had given him the gift of eternal life with his family. His wife. His children. Everything he could've possibly wanted.

"I'm sorry! They threatened my children! They killed my wife! I had to tell them!"

The woman felt anger boil within her.

The woman snapped the man's neck and ripped his head off. Will had been the only person she'd trusted. Now, all of her loyalty was demolished.

The woman picked up her telephone, which had only been invented earlier that year, and dialed a number. The other person answered immediately.

"Mistress, to what do I owe the pleasure of having your attention?" A male voice rang through the womans' ears.

"Round up Andrew, Harry, and the others. The hunters are here, and we need to move. I will not let our race die because of some filthy no good animals. Ralph, meet me with the others on the border in an hour. Pack quickly," the woman's voice was quick and elegant.

"Yes, mistress. I have not seen Tyler or Will lately, do you know of their whereabouts?"

"Tyler and Will are no longer with us." The woman's voice took on a sad tone.

"Oh, I am sorry, Mistress. I promise you, I will not fail you."

The call ended.

The woman laughed.

"You know, sneaking up on a vampire is not a bright idea. You could end up hurt," the woman said, turning around to face a small man pointing a crossbow to the woman's chest. "or worse."

"Camille." The man seemed mesmerized by the woman. Somehow, the man knew the woman's name, but the woman had never seen the man before in her millennia of living. "You're a vampire?"

"Have been for centuries, boy," Camille replied icily. "So, you're death shall be slow or quick?" Camille looked at the pocket watch on her desk. "Quick it is." Camille decided.

"No!" The man yelled as Camille lunged for the man's throat. The man shot a stake from the crossbow, and it planted itself right into Camille's chest.

Camille looked down at the stake in her chest and laughed, pulling the stake right from her chest.

"One good thing about living as old as me." Camille threw the stake across the room, sending it right through a wall. "Stakes have zero effect on me."

Camille ran at the man and buried her teeth in his neck, breaking every bones in his body and ripping his body to shreds.

Camille looked at her dress. "Well, damn. Now I'm never going to get this stain out." Camille looked at the body parts scattered across the room. "Oh well at least you know never to underestimate the power of a vampire."

With that, the woman walked over to her desk and began packing up her things. Soon after, she headed off to the border of Arlington.


Camille!" The voice rang in the woman's ears, and she whirled around, masking her excitement to hear the man's voice.

The man had only five vampires behind him and Camille's eyes widened.

"Where are the rest?" Camille asked.

"Do not fear, Queen. They are meeting us in Fort Worth. It is twenty minutes away. It is the only place they could go undetected," Ralph explained to the woman.

The man—Ralph—wore a dark suit that was stained dark red, along with the others. He looked ready to kill, more perhaps. But he chose not to kill more than he had because he knew his queen—Camille—wanted to live in peace with the humans, even if her temper turned her ruthless.

"Let's go before the hunters find us," Ralph spoke to no one in particular.

It didn't take long for them to get to Fort Worth. But when they got there, nobody had arrived yet.

"Ralph, where are they?" Camille asked hesitantly. She had already been betrayed once that day, and she was getting suspicious of their loyalty to her. Eventually, every person leaves in the end.

"They should be here, Camille," Ralph spoke the truth, Camille knew. She had always had a gift for that.

"Well they're not and we do not have time for this. We must move. Now."

They all headed back into the automobile, just as another vehicle pulled up.

Camille and Ralph stayed put and watched as five vampires got out of the car.

"Queen, we're sorry. There were too many of them. Ola and Harry are dead, and the rest fled like birds. Nobody knows where they went." A male vampire, Camille had made over four centuries ago, explained to her.

Camille walked up to the man. "Andrew, you couldn't have done anything about their cowardness. Karma will catch up with them one day. For now, we must find a new home," Camille told them.

Camille walked back to the automobile and climbed gracefully into the passenger side as Ralph got into the drivers seat.

"Where are we headed, Mistress?" Ralph asked hours later.

"Stop the vehicle here," Camille stated.

Ralph stopped the car, and Camille stepped out of the automobile. It was a desert. Nothing for several hundred miles around except dirt and sand. It was exactly what Arlington had been only a few months before they had had to flee. They could make a new home there.

"Vampires." Camille looked at all of the vampires that were giving her understanding looks. "Welcome to your new home."

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