A Weak Dieing Sixteen Year Old

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A girl is diagnosed with cancer when she is 11 years old. Her parents abandon her as soon as they find out, and then five years later, when shes not sure she will make it, they jump back into her life. She finds out many surprises, and goes through many, many twists. :)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Weak Dieing Sixteen Year Old

Submitted: July 22, 2010

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Submitted: July 22, 2010



“Oh come on!  Please let me go home.  I feel fine!  Here, I’ll show you!”  I tried walking with my doctor in front of me.  Looking at me just waiting to say, “I told you so.”  Just as I took a step.  My feet just had to betray me.  Down I went.  Right into the doctors arms.  He didn’t say anything, but I saw the look in his eyes.  “How long…?”  I asked as he helped me back into the uncomfortable bed.  Ugh, these days just seemed to drag on and on.  You’d think I’d be used to it.  
“Another week at the most.”  Then I knew there was more bad news coming.  Couldn’t be worse than finding out I had cancer.  This was the second time.  Only in 5 years time.  I’m sixteen now.  I saw the look in his eyes.  His brown eyes tell you everything.  He was my doctor this whole time, but this was the first time that he had tears in his eyes.  Then I knew that it was worse.  “Callea.  I’m so sorry.”  Those words.  I never ever want to hear them again, but these next words.  They are my nightmare.  “The treatment… it isn’t working…”  
My doctor is like a dad to me.  So when I started crying, he automatically took me into his arms.  He’s gone through everything with me.  Including when my parents abandoned me when they found out that I was diagnosed with cancer.  Ever since then he has paid for everything.  Even offered for me to stay with him, but I had to have my own place.  Not a place where everyone would look at me like I would breathe my last any second.  This, this I wasn’t expecting.  I thought I would have years.  Even maybe go into remission for a couple years.  Maybe he’s kidding.  He has to be joking, but nope.  No one in his right mind would joke about this.  You have the teens that complain that they have the worst life ever, but you should see how quick they shut up when you say your parents abandoned you when you were first diagnosed with cancer five years ago.  Then they won’t complain to you anymore.  “How long do I have…?”  I asked my doctor, Dr. Rezder, when I had gotten done crying.  Which had been quite a long time.  
“I’m not sure, but I do know that you can’t be living alone anymore.  That offer to move in is still out there you know.”  I knew now that I couldn’t turn down his offer.  I couldn’t even walk anymore, and it probably wasn’t going to be any better.  What are my friends going to think?  I can’t work anymore.  I don’t even think I’ll be able to go to church anymore.  They all knew I had cancer, and always prayed for me.  They always understood when I couldn’t make it to church on Sunday, but what will they say when they find out I’ll never be to church on Sunday again.  I never thought this would happen so soon.  Then the song “Live Like You’re Dieing.” popped in my head.  One of my favorite songs, and now its turned to reality.  What can I do when I have no energy left?  All these questions are going through my head.  Way too much to take at once.  “Callea!  Are you ok?”  Wow!  I had passed out!  I never had that happen before when I found out bad news.  
“Yeah, I’m as fine as possible.  About your offer.  I don’t think I have much choice.  I have a question though.”  
“What’s that?” I just had to smile.
“Well, since I’m moving in with you and you’re a doctor.  I don’t need to be in this hospital right?”  Just then I crossed everything I could cross.  My bare toes, fingers, legs, and arms.  He laughed a little.
“I suppose so.  I mean, what could it hurt?”  
Yes, freedom!  I wanted to jump up and down and dance so bad, but I thought about it for once, and thought better of it.  I could still dance while laying though.  So dance I did.  No more hospital!  You have to be happy about that!  At least there is some good news.  
“Only one rule.”  Oh no.  This can’t be good.  “You’re going to have to use a wheelchair seeing as you are much to weak to walk, and I won’t be home all the time.”  
“Ugh.  I don’t have a choice do I?”  A wheelchair!  That completely puts me at the bottom of the scale.  Now everyone is going to want to push me so I don’t have to use my arms.  And I’m just going to be the weak, dieing sixteen year old.  At least I can do my famous wheelies though.  I laughed thinking about the times going to get an x-ray or something.  Speeding down the hallway doing wheelies.  One time I actually flipped the wheelchair.  I had everyone around me trying to help, and they thought I was hurt, but really I couldn’t stop laughing.  
“My son can help you when I’m not home.  He’s only a year older than you.”  Wow!  I didn’t know he had a son.  I’ve only ever seen him at the hospital, and I’m at the hospital a lot, but I’ve never known he had a son.  He obviously saw my expression.  “Yes, I have a son.  My wife passed away 8 years ago from cancer.  Him and I keep the house going.  He’s a nice kid.  You’ll like him.”  
“Oh, wow.  I’m sorry about your wife.  I never knew!”  I felt so bad.  I realized that all the time when we talked it was always about my health and my parents at some point, but it was never about his life.  Ugh!  How self-centered can you be!  
“It’s fine.  I’m not one to talk about that sort of stuff.  Well, I’ll be back in a little bit.  I have to go get your papers so you can leave, and then I’ll get your wheelchair, and we will go to your apartment to get everything you need.  This is when I regretted that I hadn’t cleaned my house before coming to the hospital.  
“Ok.  See you then.”  He walked out the door, and all I had was me and my thoughts.  I wonder what his son looks like.  I wonder how big his house his.  I mean he’s a doctor, he has to have a lot of money right.  
I started to gather my things.  Which wasn’t a lot, but being as I couldn’t get out of bed, I couldn’t reach half of the things.  I looked at the nurse button with hatred.  I hated being vulnerable, and having to ask for help.  I always have.  The hospital makes you feel just that, vulnerable.  “Oh, I can’t wait to get out of here.”  I spoke to myself quite a lot.  I tapped the nurse button.  I hated using it, but I didn’t have much choice.  
“How can I help you?”  Her voice was just too happy and excited.  I hate people that are fake.
“I need some help packing up some things that I can’t reach please.”  I knew my voice sounded annoyed, but who cares.  I’d be out of this hospital, away from these nurses, and most importantly, FREE!  
“Your nurse will be right in to help you.”  Always peppy.  I mean, I love excitement and happiness, but you can’t have it all the time.  You’re in a hospital.  How can you be so happy?  I guess I will never understand nurses.  
“Thank you.”  I just finished “you” when my favorite nurse came in.  She had brown hair, green eyes, and she was a lot different then the other nurses.  
“I hear you’re leaving me.”  She put on a pout, but I could see that her green eyes were happy for me.  I think when you get sick, you can read peoples’ faces even better.  
“Yep!  Going out to freedom!  Only bad thing is.  Guess what it is.”  Now I knew she didn’t know, but we loved playing these games.  Made the hospital a lot more fun.  She was always my nurse when she was working, and my best friend outside of the hospital.  
“I have no idea.  Tell me.”  
“I have to use a wheelchair.”  All the sudden she burst out laughing.  For some reason I laughed too, but I had no idea why she was laughing.  I was laughing because she was, and yeah.  “What are you laughing about?”  I managed to say while grasping my side.  “Ugh!  I can’t breathe!  Stop laughing so I can!”  She tried, but obviously she was holding her breath because her face turned red, and her eyes were still laughing.  She couldn’t hold her breath forever, and after about thirty seconds she burst back into laughter.  
“I’m….  sorry…”  She was gasping for air at this point, and holding her sides.  “I just…remembered…  the last time… you were on a wheelchair.”
“Oh!  Yeah.  The time I flipped it?  That was priceless.  You thought I was hurt, and then you fell over laughing when you saw me laughing on the floor.”  
“Oh, good memories.”  Oh, how best friends never get work done.  Dr. Rezder came in, and I wasn’t even halfway packed, and Sara and I were still laughing hysterically.  He looked at us curiously, and decided not to ask apparently, and started grabbing stuff and putting it into my bag.  We both managed to stop laughing when Sara just had to say.  “I thought I was going to pee myself!  Thanks for saving my pants Dr. Rezder.”  Then we were all laughing again when she ran to the bathroom.
“I think that’s all of it.”  He said after we both finished laughing.  I glanced around the room, and nodded my head.  
“I sure hope so.  I’m not going to come back for anything.”  I meant that too.  I never wanted to come back to this hospital, or any hospital for that matter.  
“If I were here as long as you, I wouldn’t want to come back either.”  I knew he’d never understand what I’ve been through, but he has seen it enough in his life to have more understanding than a lot of people so I didn’t mind him trying to understand.  Then he looked at me, and gave me a little smile.  “Don’t kill the paper deliverer.  Please.”  He laughed a little and I did too.  I hated paperwork and he knew it.  He brought it out and laid it on the rolling tray next to my bed.  “Just sign here.”  He pointed his finger at the x.  I despised the letter x now.  I never wanted to see it again.  Everyone made an x where they wanted you to sign.  Evil x’s.  
“Thanks so much.”  I had to be sarcastic!  I was sixteen.  A teenager is allowed to be.  I wrote it as fast as possible.  I was ready.  Well, I was ready until I saw the wheelchair in my room, but Sara came to the rescue.  She looked really exhausted though.  “That was a very long bathroom break.”  I looked at her curiously.  
“That darn toilet wouldn’t flush!”  She glared back at the bathroom.  And then she heard the familiar beep, beep, beep.  I’ve heard that way too many times.  I definitely knew what it meant. 

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