Chapter 8:

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Dear Diary,
You know diary.  I have been doing really, really great.  I know I’m not pregnant now, and Mason and I are doing amazing!  I’m sorry I’ve been so busy and haven’t written.  I had it all in my mind, but just didn’t have the time.  But I’m going to start from the beginning!  J
First, mom and I had to work at this lady’s boyfriend’s river lot.  We cleaned up his trailer which wasn’t really that bad except for windows that hadn’t been cleaned in at least ten years.  YUCK!  
I actually talked mom into bringing my dog Mia though so she could go swimming in the river for the first time.  Black labs love water.  
Well, when we threw Mia the toy she jumped in to the river without realizing it was over her head.  She quickly went under the water, but came back up right away.  She struggled a little at first with the doggy paddle so she wasn’t so sure on getting back in.
That’s where I come in!  J  I got to go in the river completely dressed to coax her in.  I held the toy in my hand and she followed me!  After a couple times of this, she actually went out on her own, and she didn’t want to get out.  She loved it!  That was a great day!  
Then, I had a couple bad days Diary.  Actually horrible days.  First things first, the break up and get back together.  
I never told you that I was once friends with a Christian, but he didn’t act like a Christian much.  I would just give him a friendly hug and he would push me onto the bed, humping me.  I told him to stop and pushed him off.  I told Mason this, and he didn’t believe that I fought this guy off.  He thought I just laughed and let it happen.  I don’t understand how Mason could think that of me.  I mean he knows that I really wouldn’t do that.  Anyways he said that we were over because every time he saw me, he saw me with that guy.  I ended up breaking down so much that day diary.  This thing with the Christian happened a long time ago, and it just popped in his head.  Then all this happened.  
I talked to him though, and eventually he said that he didn’t really want us to break up.  That he wanted us to work it out.  He couldn’t stand thinking about not having me there.  It took him almost an hour to realize this though.  And he even said it was hard to break up with me, but he broke up with me in the worst of ways.  All he did was yell over the phone that we were done and everything.  That hurt me so bad diary, but I forgave him, and we decided to start over.  
You are the only one who knows this diary.  I only tell my friends the good things about Mason because I know he is a good guy.  I want them to think that we are a perfect couple diary.  
Anyways Diary, Mason and I are doing amazing now!  We are back to being all lovey dovey and perfect.  I love it!  But its getting so hard to leave him now.  We only get to see each other once or twice a week, and saying goodbye is so hard to do.  It seems like we are a perfect couple!  J  
Now for another bad night diary.  Mason came over to swim, and we went to the parade and the carnival.  While we were at the carnival dad had went to the parade, and he just told us to meet him at the club at nine at night.  
I didn’t really think anything of it because I was just so excited that Mason and I would get to be alone that long.  
When we met dad at the club he was in a really good mood.  We both could tell right away that he was drunk because of the way he was acting.  The whole time Mason was squeezing my hand really tight, and he kept glaring at my dad.  
Leaving the parking lot, dad just ran off the curb without a care.  When that happened, Mason and I started getting really worried.  I mean dad had to drive us to take Mason home, about a ten minute drive, and then he had to drop me off at home.  Mason was freaking out.
The whole time dad was speeding and not paying attention to the lines or the cars around him.  He actually passed a lady, and she put up her middle finger as she passed.  Dad only laughed.  
At this point, Mason took off his seat belt.  He was going to punch my dad in the face, but I held his hand down so he couldn’t.  
Eventually we got to Mason’s house, and I kissed him goodnight.  I was so scared in the car though diary.  Dad was all over the road, and he really wasn’t paying attention.  He just kept weaving in and out of traffic, and pulling in front of people.  I was really scared.  
Don’t worry though Diary.  We made it home safe, and that’s why I’m writing now.  We didn’t wreck, and it all turned out alright.  Mason and I have been dating for ten months now, and I’m really excited.  I have to go though diary.  It’s time to go to sleep.  Goodnight Diary.  Thanks, as always, for listening!  

Love, July 5th, 2010

Submitted: July 22, 2010

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Love :) I'm sorry I can't read the other stories at the moment, I am quiet busy reading other people's stories and I also have books in my house I haven;t finished reading.

Mon, July 26th, 2010 9:48am


Its ok. :) Thanks for reading and commenting, and taking the time to. I'm glad you liked it :)

Mon, July 26th, 2010 3:08am

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