Chasing Kallen

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

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Submitted: February 27, 2012



"When's my birthday?"

"December 24. You were born in R----- hospital at 12:00."

"My color."

"Black, red, and sometimes white."

"My music."

"You have a variety except for country or pop."

"My favorite number."


"What I hate and love."

"You hate tacos, ugly people, and sometimes fish. You love modeling, singing, dancing, acting, and laughing at people."

"How old am I."


"Good. Now last but not least, who's my rival and why."

" Francisco Santo because you succeeded him in 'Rebel' and now he's serving as top male model in a rival fashion company called 'Virgo.'"

Kallen, dissapointed to see no faults in Barabara's knowledge, asked her to follow him to the studio where she will begin her job. "Today's December 1st and I'm wearing-as you can observe- a black coat specially designed by Lonzi Batist. I'm all ready so I suggest you do your work and start photographing me." Barbara quickly took out her camera from her bag and hastily turned it on as she followed behind Kallen, trying to keep up with his fast steps. They entered through a tall medal door and Kallen, walking over to a plain wall, said, "All right, take the picture." The young photographer, frowning, quietly asked, "I-isn't it too boring like this?"


"It's too plain." The model nodded with a smirk, "Good. So where do we go?" Barbara started to realize what he was up too so she added, "Well...out in the streets where theres actually something going on." She followed after him outside to where the tall buildings of New York stood along with the busy streets. "Where do you want me to pose?"

"By the tall lamp, maybe can you lean your back against it and prop your foot on the...yes, yes that's right. Do you have a pair of glasses?" Kallen took out a pair of dark glasses from his coat pocket and put them on, " Ready when you are."

Barbara, suddenly feeling like a real photographer, bent down and took a few good shots of Kallen. She also had him hang upside down on a pair of bars in a children's playground close by with a cigarette dangling in his mouth to give him that rebellious look "Rebel' so much adored. "H-How many shots should I take?"

"I don't know, your the photographer." The woman then realized that she was the 'boss' here and had to do things right because if something went wrong with the photographs, it'll be her fault and not Kallen's. "I think we'll head back now since I've got a picture all ready." The model yawned with a roll of his eyes and placed an evil smirk on his lips, "You lucky that was just a practice round. I went easy on you, but get ready for the hardcore." Barbara's jaw dropped as she heard those words in disbelief. That's when the sentence 'Kallen is the stubborn type' started to sink in her skin.


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