Chasing Kallen

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: February 28, 2012

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Submitted: February 28, 2012



Jessy pushed past people as he tried to call Barbara, "Bar! Bar, I'm right here."

"Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't see you."

"Very funny. Listen, I just  came over to see how Kallen's working out." Barbara swallowed hard, "Um, h-he's kind of a rebel today." Jessy sighed in dissapointment, "Well did you at least get any good shots?" The photographer hesitantly showed him a few, causing jessy to jump with shock, "Why did you take picture of him yelling?"

"Well, I thought it made him look fierce and the only thing he was doing was yelling." The short man nodded, pointing to a picture in the camera, "I like this one. It makes the outtfit stand out more."

"Really?" Barbara examined the picture and saw Kallen, his fist in a ball and screaming at someone unseen to the side. He wore a ripped transparent shirt and some leather jeans. "It does make the outfit stand out, Kallen?" The furious, stubborn model hissed at a woman who pulled his hair while trying to brush it, "What do you want, lady?!" The poor photographer shakily showed him the picture and he snatched it , staring at the screen with wide eyes, "What is this."

"...It's the picture I'm choosing for you whether you like it or not." Kallen knighted his eyebrows together slighlty and tossed the camera back to her, looking away, "Do whatever you want." Jessy watched all this with a dropping jaw at Kallen's response, "Bar, "he whispered, "I think your the answer to our prayers."

"I-oh?" The man dragged her aside quickly and brought her down to his height, "He answered you without throwing a fit. This is good."

"Is it? He's been yelling at me a lot so far..."

"So what? Listen, I think he might like you." Barbara's face turne red, "L-like me?" Jessy, noticing the blush laughed mockingly at how stupid the photographer was, "Not that way. When I say 'like', it means he feels comfortable and ok around you. Not that he loves you, gosh no!" The woman, thinking about her bf telling her all the time that he 'liked her', nodded with a sad look, " Don't worry. I knew that."

"Good, now get ready for the next shoot." Barbara walked slowly backed to her place and was suprised to find a beautiful, tall lady with long blonde hair posing on the platform now and another photographer taking her picture. She wore a cozy badge winter coat and some jeans with fashionable brown boots.

Kallen had changed now, his hair to the side and wearing a coat with some fingerless gloves. When he laid eyes on the beauitful girl, she clapped her hands together in delight and ran over to him. "How have you been Jule?"

"I've been good, Kally." She bit her lip and right there in front of Barbara gave Kallen a long, passionate kiss. The photographer, automatically raising her camera took a few shots with a grim smile. The male model, not enjoying his smooch at all, forecfully pulled Jule away, "Stop, "he muttered and Barabra had to take another picture of Jules suprised look and Kallen's stern one. Jule, throwing a rude glare at Barbara, said, "Tell that imp to not take our pictures and maybe you might get more into it." She wanted to wrap her arms around Kallen's neck, but he stopped her, "I don't want you here. Leave or I'll call security." Barbara took another picture of the blonde girl and the model threw her a death glare, stomping off the platfrom with a great huff. 

As she passed by, people started to whisper,"His ex....supposedly going out with Francisco...she's gorgeous and popular..." Kallen told everyone to shut up and everything turned back to normal with indivudals all over the place. Barabara, however, stood still for a while as she stared unintentionally straight at Kallen who returned her look warily, "what the heck are your damn eyes staring at?"

"Oh, uh...nothing." The model snorted with pride and posed for his photograph. Although no one could see it, there was something in his eyes that Baraba noticed almost immediately as Jule had left. 


Sure, he was chased by chicks, obsesed over by woman, and envied by men...but did anyone ever think about Kallen Hanzter did when he got home away from the paparazzi and society? Would he glorify in finally being in peace or would he sit in the kitchen and eat his meals by himself, wondering why he's s alone.

Barbara thought about all this and felt like Kallen and her were the same in a way.

As the shoots were finished and the model went back to his dressing room, Barbara followed  him after a while to show him the pictures she liked best. Before she could knock, however, something crashed inside the room, amking her jump. Another crash was heard and it sounded as if things were being thrown against the wall in anger.The photographer sat down with her knees close to her like a small child. She could imagine Kallen, tear-stained, crashing the room up and sobbing.

Amazing how in one day, Barbara could learn so of a man she knew so little of (save for his b-day, etc..) After everything quieted down, she got up from the floor and walked away with a brooding mind.

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