October's puppet dolls

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October dolls. Beautiful and exquisite, yet hiding a dark secret.
A detective goes on a search to find why these dolls' owners are dying of mysterious deaths.
One thing is sure--The dolls aren't toys.
(THANXS SILVER MAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! READ HER BOOKS U PEOPLE >:DD)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - October's puppet dolls

Submitted: February 29, 2012

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Submitted: February 29, 2012



In the year 1900, there once lived a man who made a living by creating beautiful porcelain dolls that, with their own unique key, could move and do things no ordinary doll could do.

The man who created these dolls was called "Mr. October", because he only sold his dolls in that specific month. Each year there would be new dolls Andover who managed to go to Octobers' shop-which was unusually hard to find- would pay more than they could afford to obtain a porcelain beauty.

This went on for a few years, when suddenly, October dissapeared along with his works.People went to his shops and inspected it but found no trace that anyone ever live there. A few days after this event,two people mysteriously died-there souls seemed to be sucked right out of them- then another two, then 3,4,etc.. everyone was afraid of going out late at night so they kept inside. In the month of October, however, not a living souls would leave their house even if it was mandatory. Fear had struck them like a lightning bolt and spread throughout the small village here in London.

I Charlie Schulz was appointed there after a young girl died. She was sitting on her father's armchair with her October doll by her side, watching the family fireplace with a childish grin on her face. Her mother told me that the young girl had no disease of any sort and that she was healthy like all the other children.

Please detective, sir." she added with clear tears, "So many people have.... died ...this way. I'm afraid we are dealing with something out of the ordinary here." she stared fearfully at how her daughter's doll which sat elegantly in a elaborate blue dress with white lace. She held on tight to an umbrella with a somewhat somber sad looking gaze. it looked like she knew exactly what had occurred to her owner.

i turned back to the frightened woman,"I'm pretty sure it's a virus or something. But for now, I'll be gone." I picked up my coat which hung over a coat hanger. "As for the doll," My curiosity got the most of me, "What will you do with her now that, well.." the woman stood up tall, "i don't want her in the house anymore. She'll be thrown away in the morning." I nodded, "It's a shame, really, to throw away such a nice doll. but you do with her what you like." With my apologies, I exited the house with a stretch and sigh. It was time to head home, say hello top my wife, and forget about today....That is, until tomorrow when things were going to get much more interesting.

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