Symmetry isnt Everything,My Everthing is You (death the kid love story)

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warning:i suck at spelling.may contain swearing(it wont most lokely)chapters are going to be short(raelly short).death the kid falls in love with a witch...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Symmetry isnt Everything,My Everthing is You (death the kid love story)

Submitted: November 23, 2012

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Submitted: November 23, 2012



caracter bio:

name:Angle White




personality:quiet,shy,careing,can be loud and outgoing around her friends


past:Angle is the exact opppisite of her name.Her parents are dead.Her mother was hunted down by the DWMA.

Her father had killed himself over the lose of his wife.She uses a special Black Magic her mother had taught her before she died.


crush:Death The Kid





CHAPTER 1:The Witch and the Shinigami

(I thought shinigami fit better than lord death in the title of the chapter but i will refer to him as lord death in the chapter-Death The Girl)


Angels P.O.V -

I've been trying to keep in hiding for almost a month now.Theres a rumor going around that the DWMA was searching for me.I hide in the sadows and live in an ally.Lucky me.I already have enough on my plate what with trying to survive with the very little money and food I have and now this?This has been way too much for me to handle.My beat friend is this weird cat for gods sake:




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