The Adventures of Ellie

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - What are you saying?

Submitted: February 02, 2014

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Submitted: February 02, 2014



Before I knew it, the world around me started spinning faster, faster. I thought about things, but mostly preyed Jodie was okay. Anna knocked her out, angrey from my new news. I was a strong fighter, and I could carry my own weight. But to be honest, Anna wasn't a great fighter, or at least, compared to Jodie or Tyler. Iwas used to losing, so after I threw the first 3 knives, I felt amazing.

Anna tried to keep up with me, but before we new it, she was on the ground, in the corner, waiting for my first aid. I had thrown a knife at her big toe, which cutt off her center of balance, putting me to a vantage point. I dressed her wonds, feeling happy for my first victory, when I remembered Jodie. Anna had knocked her out, so I looked over to her, started dragging her motionless body to a wall, and sat her up against it.

First I took off her jacket, seeing a few wonds. Not to bad, I think. Then I see it. A gaping bite in her right arm. Ican feel Anna's gaze meeting mine, then Jodie's meeting our's. How long? I write.

"It's been about two days now. And I should have turned, but I didn't. So that means something right?" I heard hope rising in her voice.

I break there gaze. It probably happened when she went to see MY traps. I feel tears welling in my eyes, so I try to blink them back. It takes me a minute to process before writing, I'm going to fix your scratches, bruses, ect. It hasn't even bothered trying to infect you, so it might mean something. Just please don't get your hopes up.

Jodie stares at me for a minute. I break her gaze again and pull out some medicine. I treat her wonds, when she tries to say something. I hold my hand up, as if to say, I don't want to here it. She stops and lets me finish. My god! I think. God forbid us from being somewhat normal! For christs sake! I feel like you fu- freakin hate us!!!!!

Pull yourself together! You need to take watch tonight. Just trust me. There goes my voice again. Doesn't it have amazing timing?

*******************************************Bonus Stuff*****************************************************************************

"How is she?" He asked. His voice deep, the kind you only heard on tv. That is, when it was around.

"Heart beat normal. Blood presure normal. Temperature average."

"And her sister?"

"Schedualed for termination."

"Excelent. And who is that with them?"

"First name Anna. Last name unknown. She was once held here. Escaped. They saved her from the diseased. Shall she be terminated?"

"Not yet. Did she help us?"

"No. She was immune as well."

"Thank you. You are dismissed." He looked out the window for his own dramatic effect. "Ellie Rose Fender, You will be my daughter once again. That I swear of."


Thanks so much for reading!!!! I really enjoyed this chapter. It was interesting. Umm but look at BloodyStrawberrys page for her point of veiw. Hers is on lost still. Chapter 3. Look on Mei1misaki's page for a different person's point of veiw, (We'll explain it later) And enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BBBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!


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