There's a vampire under my bed!

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I was a pretty normal girl. Every day was pretty much the same, and I was cool with it. Until HE showed up. That crazy dude who acts like a vampire. Now he's changing my WHOLE life, and not exactly in a positive way. Thanks to him, I've got 3 weird guys stalking me 24/7 and weird notes. And wanna know the funny thing? I still let him sleep under my bed. Welcome to my life.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - There's a vampire under my bed!

Submitted: August 17, 2013

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Submitted: August 17, 2013



I was lying in bed when I heard a big thump at my window. Frowning, I looked up from my book. I stared at the big frame of glass for awhile, and when I heard nothing else, I went back to reading. About 3 seconds later, I heard another big thump at my window. Rolling my eyes, I slammed my book shut and tossed it aside. Reluctantly, I slid off my bed and stomped to the window. "I swear, if Craig is throwing that damn ball again.." I mumbled. Craig was my totally annoying next door neighbor. We go to the same highschool, and he has this major crush on me. His favorite thing to do is to throw a tennis ball at my window until I whip it open and ask about what the hell he wants. He usually ignores my question and starts reciting some mushy poem (ew!) or tries to serenade me with a pitchy rendition of a random ancient love ballad. Tonight, I wasn't feeling too friendly. I slid my window open and yelled down "Craig, I am SO not in the mood for your - oh." I stopped talking, realizing no one was standing on my lawn. I squinted my eyes, trying to see through the darkness. Somewhere in the yard I heard a cricket chirp. "Ooook then" I said out loud. Suddenly, a mess of black squealing fur flew into my face. I gasped and screamed as I felt sharp claws dig into my scalp. Whatever this thing was, it was caught in my hair! Wings flapped around in my face and I frantically swatted at the animal. I grabbed the hairy body and ripped it off my head. It began flying around the top of my room squealing. That's when I saw that it was a bat. I absolutely hate bats. "Ohmigod gross!" I screamed and bolted towards my door. Quickly I opened it and slipped through it. Then I slammed it shut. Shivering, I walked to the bathroom. I checked myself in the mirror. Pieces of my black hair were tangled together. I tried to run my fingers through it, but my hands got stuck in the tangled mess. "Gross" I whispered again. I slipped out of my PJ's and stepped into the shower. I figured that by the time I finished showering, the bat would have flown back out the window that I left open. After a nice cool shower and shampoo I felt relaxed. My hair was untangled and it smelled like strawberries and cream. I got dressed and padded back down the hall, stopping at my door. I stood very quiet and listened. There was nothing but silence. Very slowly, I turned the cold brass knob on my door and stealthily pushed it open. I inched my way into my room, with my eyes fixed on the ceiling. That's why I didnt realize that there was a person in my room until about a minute later. "Hey, there" he said slowly.

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