Evil Within The Wealthy

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A rich woman with many enemies has been thrown out of her office window, and it is up to Tammy Williams (from my previous novel, "Linked?") to discover who the murderer is. However, it is when she discovers something else that she realises the killer's motive, meaning that several other lives could be in danger...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The deadly will

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Chapter 1

In the wealthiest part of the capital of England, London, there was a woman named Anne Le Trevell. She lived in a large house a large garden, where the trees grew tall and the flowers coloured brightly. The house was not quite a mansion, but it was extremely large, containing five bedrooms, one of which was used for an office, and the two spare rooms were almost empty, so they were not needed. Anne lived with her husband, Paul, and her sixteen year old son, James. The woman, who was in her forties, was very wealthy, since she started her own business in London selling women's clothes. Out of the four quadruplets, Anne was the only one who was incredibly successful. Each of the quadruplets had inherited a business from their father, who had died one year before. The other three quadruplets gave up their businesses, because they weren't making much profit from them, and therefore, it was seen as a colossal waste of time in their lives.

Anne did not care about her sister, Stella, or her two brothers, John and David. In fact, they had despised each other from been children. Also, Anne did not have a very loving relationship with her son. He got used to it, as he knew that his mother was often busy. It was Paul who mainly raised him, and he found that difficult as he was a judge and did not have much time for him, so the nanny, who was also the maid, took care of him. Anne did not pay her much, and Lucy, the maid, seemed depressed a lot of the time. Overall, none of the main people in Anne's life liked her, which was not surprising at all due to her personality.

One Monday morning, as Anne got up for breakfast, she started a conversation with Paul.

"I might leave", said Anne, showing no sympathy whatsoever.

"What?!" cried Paul.

"What has this place got to offer me?" she said, giving her reasons straight away.

Paul was in shock at this. "Why would she want to leave just like that?" he thought to himself. He wondered if it was his fault.

"You have a son to think about. You can't just leave", he said, trying to make Anne talk more, because he knew what she was like, and he knew that she very rarely spoke much about anything. Anne was always straight to the point, and she did not like to spend time explaining things to people, even if it was about an important subject.

"I'm not saying I'm going to, I just said I might. Anyway, I can still contact James".

"It's not the same! Where were you thinking of going?"
"I don't know. A hot country somewhere. You can come with me if you like", she said, knowing fine well that he was not going to leave his home in England.

"I like it here. Plus, I have all of my family and friends. James has his friends and family, too", said Paul.

"What family do I have here?"

"You and James?"
"Won't you miss us?"
"Paul, you both know what our relationship is like".

"You still have a son".

"He won't miss me. Like I said, he hated me when he was growing up. I'm just not the maternal type. Work comes first for me. James has you, and that's all that matters to him".

"Are you sure he won't miss you?"
"Why don't we ask James himself?" said Anne, as James walked into the room.

"What are you saying about me?" inquired James, completely in the dark about what his mother was planning.

"I was just wondering if you would miss me if I went away and never came back".

"I suppose I would. Why? Where are you going?"

"I was thinking about going somewhere hot, like Cyprus. Remember when we went there before?"
"I would miss you, but we can still talk over the phone, or on Facebook, right?"
"Certainly. I'm just sick of living here. Now, does that answer your question, Paul?" said Anne, knowing what kind of technology freak James was.

When James left the room, Paul said, "Anne, both you and I know why I'm still living in this house".

"If you love James so much why don't you move out with him? I know you've helped me with the business over the years, so I'll give you some of the money out of that, and we can sell the house and split it, fifty-fifty".

"If you want to go, then go. Nobody will care".

"I can't believe I used to be in love with you, all of those years ago", said Anne, trying to act like she cared.

"Well, look at us now. Anyway, I'm off to work", replied Paul, trying his hardest to look like he did not care.

When Paul opened the door, Anne's sister, Stella, stormed in. "What do you want now?!" Anne yelled.

"I've come to ask you something", said Stella. Stella was a fairly plump woman with blonde, curly hair and square glasses.

"If this is about money, you can forget it".

"It isn't. I want us to get along for once, instead of arguing every time we see each other".

"All four of us argue with each other. None of us are like true siblings", Anne replied, trying to get out of the house due to her complete disinterest in the topic.

"Look, Anne, I know it's taken you a long time to realise, but I know you care about us".

"I'm not that kind of caring woman. Anyway, remember what our father left us when he died? We cannot be friends. His will says so".

"Forget what our father said. You are still my sister".

"And John and David are brothers, but they never get along".

"David has recently won the lottery. Do you know that?"
"No! How much?"

"About twenty million - he told me".

"The Euromillions?"

"It was Rollover weekend!"

"So, you've been trying to make up with him, too?"
"I tried making up with you, David and John. John is the worst out of the three. He's just so agressive".

"That's what we were like when we were children".

"Anyway, Lola..."

"Don't mention her!"

"I was just going to say that she's pregnant, so you're going to become an aunt".

"I'm so happy", said Anne, sarcastically, "now, will you please leave".

Stella knew that Anne had no care in the world about any member of her family, but she knew that she had to keep trying to bring her round, and finally change her mind about everything in her life.

"There was something else I wanted to ask you..."

"I am thinking of starting a new business..."

"Forget it. I have my own clothes shop, and I am extremely proud of myself, so no. I have no reason to help you with any business plan of yours!"

"Maybe we can go out for a drink some..."

The door was slammed shut in Stella's face.

Meanwhile, in the city, David was at the casino with his wife, Lola, bragging about their new win. "We're finally rich!" cried David.

"We were already quite rich", said Lola, who was wearing rouged lipstick and orange make-up,"and anyway, we've spent nearly half of it already. Don't you think the rest of it should be put away for our new child?"

"Maybe, but there are still so many things that I have wanted my entire life, and we still don't have them!" said David, who was also a very greedy person.
"But surely, we can't spend all of it?"
"We'll keep a couple million, and we'll spend the rest on whatever we want. Fair enough?"
"I think we should donate some to my mother. She has been so kind and caring over the years, and I think I should give her something back in return".

"I'm sorry, darling, but I don't see the point in that. If you want to give some money to your mother, you can give her some of your own money, instead of taking mine!"

Everybody in the crowd was watching, but David did not recognise this until he started the argument with Lola. Most people were laughing and whispering to each other, which embarassed Lola terribly because some of the people there were people she knew, including John, David's brother. To Lola, popularity and socialising was very important, and she sometimes became very paranoid that she was putting it in jeopardy by doing or saying one minor thing.

When David noticed John, he was laughing in the crowd, then David said to everyone, "excuse me. I have something very important to attend to", getting up to speak with his brother.

"What do you want?" asked David.

"I've come to warn you", said John.

"Warn me? About what?"
"I've heard that Anne has found out about the money you have won, so she'll be after you".

"Anne doesn't scare me. Anyway, why did you warn me about that?"
"Just thought you'd like to know, because you have to give all that money to someone when you die, and I think since I made the effort over the years..."

"Forget it, John. You are not getting a single penny from me! You never will!"

"We'll see about that", said John, walking slowly towards the exit of the building. "Oh, and one more thing", he said, "you'd better watch out". Then, John left the building, leaving David to feel rather concerned. What did John mean by that? Was he going to kill David? David tried to forget about it and returned to his friends at the roulette table.

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