Forward to the Past

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Chapter 9

Janey woke up the next day, wondering what to do with her life. She was terrified that either Steven was dead, or that the police would not take her seriously. If either of those things were the case, then Steven would not get punished for what he did, and furthermore, nobody would know who he really was. Janey wondered if she would ever see that monster again.

That morning, Janey knew that she needed to go to the bank in order to withdraw some money so that she could go and buy food. She was slowly getting the hang of the money management, even though she had never really learned about money before. When she stepped out the door, she heard a man's voice behind her.

"Hello, Janey", said the man.

Janey turned round and saw an elderly man. "Who are you?" asked Janey, fearing the worst.

"I'm your worst nightmare!" laughed the old man, "remember me? I'm Steven Clapton, the person who raped you!"

Steven laughed in Janey's face, showing no remorse.

"I've told the police about you!" cried Janey, "and you're going away for this!"
"I don't think so", said Steven, still laughing, "do you really think that the police are going to buy your story? Besides, if I did get found guilty, I would probably get let off with a warning. You know what prisons are like these days - more and more criminals are getting away with crimes because of the shortages of spaces in prisons".

"You don't have any remorse, do you?"
"What do you think?" asked Steven, staring at Janey with his evil look.

"You're a psychopath", said Janey, "why I fell for you, I'll never know".

"I never asked you...what was it like to be raped?"

"Just shut up!"
"Or how about your mother dying a terrible death, right before your eyes?"
"Shut up!"
"Or what about the fact that you lost the last sixty years of your life?"
"Go away! Haven't you got anything better to do?"
"Nothing can be better than seeing you suffer!"
"Why, Steven? You were fourteen!"
"I'll tell you why, but you won't want to hear it. I wanted to have sex. I wanted you!"

"You'll pay for this. I'll see you pay, even if it's the last thing I do!"

"I'd love to see you try".

Just then, a police car pulled up behind Steven.

"Steven Clapton?" asked one of the three police officers.

"What's the problem?" asked Steven.

"I'm arresting you for the rape of Janey Morrison".

Steven turned round and looked at Janey, who was smiling in relief. "I told you", laughed Janey, "now who's the smug one?"
Steven then faced a back alley and ran for it, even though he was in his mid-seventies. He managed to get into his car, and drive before the police caught up with him. He was a very fast runner for his age. It took the police ten more seconds to get back to the car and start it, but by then, Steven was away.

"No!" screamed a distraught Janey, "get him!"
The police chased after Steven, but they could not find him easily. He would have been gone out of the town by now. Just then, the police spotted a car crash. They stopped to help the people inside. Fortunately, Steven was inside one of the cars. He seemed to be dead, but he was not. The police then took him away, and as Janey was able to see from a distance, she cheered. She was so proud of herself for coming forward and finally making people see who Steven Clapton really was! It was like a weight had been taken from her shoulders.

Later that day, after processing the shock of what had happened that morning, Janey decided to have a relaxing afternoon in the peaceful park, where she had a picnic for Doris' 40th birthday. For Janey, it was nice to see that it had not changed much. Some of the trees were still there, and the lake remained in the same place. Of course, it was more modernised, but Janey didn't mind, as it was a very peaceful place. Also, the view from the park was stunning, as you could see for miles around. Janey sat down on one of the park benches, and breathed in the fresh air. She looked around at the beautiful views of nature. That was what she had missed from her life in the 1950s. She missed the peace and quiet, and everybody getting along fine. People were generally happier in the 1950s than at any other time. Within the seven weeks that Janey had been awake in 2012, there was not one day that went by when she wished that she had her old life back, and that she did not shoot herself. She had missed her whole life, and it had only started to hit her since she got out of the hospital. She wanted to think that it was all a horrid dream, but she knew it wasn't. This was reality, and although it seemed to be very absurd, it did not mean that he whole story was fictional - all of this was perfectly faesible, however unlikely.

After five minutes of hearing nothing but children playing in the park, and the very distant noises of cars down the town, Janey was interupted when a man sat down next to her. He was old, too.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" he said to Janey.

"Yes, it is", replied Janey.

"I wish the whole world was like this. When I'm here, I don't have a care in the world".

"Me, neither", replied Janey, "I can remember when this town used to be like this. There weren't many cars, and there was nothing to worry about. I miss those days".

"Me, too", said the man, "by the way, the name's John".

"I'm Janey".

"I'm sorry to be so rude for asking, but are you the woman who was on the news this morning?"
"I am, yes", replied Janey, trying to think about how many people had actually seen her on the television that morning".

"I bet you're going to be really famous", said John.

"I doubt it", replied Janey, "how could I become famous with my story?"
"Nobody has been in a coma for as long as you have", replied John, "I know because I am a doctor".

"It's not the best world record to break", said Janey, ashamed of herself, "but I suppose it is quite an achievement. I'm lucky to even be here, from what the doctor told me".

"Life can be hard sometimes, but you just have to make the most of the time you're here".

"I've wasted sixty one years!"

"More the reason to enjoy yourself now. You'll never know how long you have left. My father died when he was twenty-two, and my mother died when she was fifty-six, both of natural causes, so it is unlikely that I will live much longer".

"There's correlation between your longevity and your parents'?"
"In general, if your parents live longer, you live longer".

"Well, both of my parents' deaths were completely unnatural, so I'll never know how long they could have lived".

"I'm sorry", said John, "I shouldn't have brought it up".

"Don't be silly", said Janey, "I feel better by talking about it. It makes me feel like there's somebody out there to listen to me".

"I'm a perfect stranger", said John.

"Yet, if feels like I've known you for years".

"I have a friend who once told me about you", said John, "come to think of it, I have just realised she was talking about you!"
"Really? Who's this?"
"It was somebody, I don't know how they know about you, but they just told me your story, about the one piece of drama that this town ever had".

"I think 'drama' is putting it lightly!" laughed Janey.

"Listen, I don't know what you're doing later, but do you want to go and grab a coffee later and talk?"
Janey was shocked. She'd been asked out on a date!

"Yeah, I'd like that", replied Janey, feeling much better.

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