Forward to the Past

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Chapter 12 (v.1)

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Chapter 11

Janey stayed in the house the next day, grieving the loss of her best friend. Kate's death made Janey realise that life was to short to be messing around - she needed to enjoy herself while she could.

Whilst Janey was thinking of other ways to enjoy the remaining years of her life, Steven had spent his first night in prison. It was long, and depressing, and Steven's cellmate seemed to be psychotic. He did not know how long he could take it. He could not cope with it for a whole year.

Steven went into the hall for his lunch, and after he had eaten, he went outside to where all of the other prisoners were. Every day, the prisoners got one hour outside of their cells. Steven knew he could not make friends easily - he was in his seventies, and he knew that if anybody tried it on with him, he would get beaten up. He thought that he was safe since Janey had shot herself, but he got his comeuppance in the end. The cunning old man looked around, trying to see if there was anybody else his age. There were several people his age, and they were all gathered round in one corner. As he approached them, one of the old men walked over to Steven first.

"You raped my sister", said the man.

"Who are you?" asked Steven.

"I am Michael Morrison, and you are going to pay for what you did to my little sister!"

"Wait a minute! I'm not here for that. I'm here fraud. Who told you I'm a rapist?"
"Janey's friend, Kate, wrote a letter to me before you got sent down, explaining who you were and what you had done. You can't fool me, Steven. I remember you. You used to live on the estate that we lived on when we were kids. I know who you are and what you did".

"You've got it all wrong!"
"No. You're the reason my sister tried to kill herself. She didn't kill herself because our mother died - she killed herself because of you! You're going to apy for this!"

In a flash, Michael jumped on Steven, and he repeatedly smacked his head off the floor. By the time the prison guards managed to get over, Steven's face was completely covered in blood. His nose was completely bust, and one of his eyes were teaming with blood. There were half a dozen teeth on the floor. Steven was screaming. One of the guards grabbed Michael and tried to push him away, but the other old men remained loyal to him, and forced him away. One of the old men was David, who Michael had been with on the day of the robbery. They had stuck together ever since, and had helped each other in the worst of times. David forced the guard on to the floor, and the others managed to push the other guard away, allowing Michael to grab Steven.

Michael lifted Steven up by the neck, and before the guards got chance to grab him again, Michael took the opportunity to get revenge, and broke Steven's neck. Within seconds, Steven was dead.

Having heard the news at home, Janey decided to visit her brother once more. She needed to talk to him about this. He may have been shifty and a low life, but he was still her brother, and the only relative Janey had left. She wondered if Michael actually cared for her after all, since he had just brutally murdered the man who raped her, so there would probably be no other motive for killing him. Janey was now hopeful. Even though she disagreed with the decisions that he had made, Janey felt like she got her brother back again.

Janey entered the visiting room once again, this time instantly recognising who Michael was.

"Michael?" asked Janey.

"Janey", replied Michael.

"Why did you do it, Michael? Why?"
"I did it because he raped my sister. I regret everything I said to you the last time. I was just upset with you for what you did".

"I know", replied Janey, "and believe me, there's not a day goes by when I don't wish I didn't do it".

"Well, I'm only allowed five minutes, because I am supposed to be in solitary confinement for what I did".

"How long are you going to be in there?"
"Forget about that. We've got to make the most of our five minutes. Now, listen to me. I love you, I do. I want us to have a relationship again, just like when we were children".

Janey started to cry. She never thought that Michael was ever going to say that again. She thought that she had lost him forever.

"Of course we can", replied Janey, holding back her tears, "you know, this is the second emotional conversation I've had in two days".

"Has Kate died?"

"Well, thanks to Kate, Steven is dead".

"Did she tell you about it?"
"She wrote a letter to me".

Janey laughed. "Well, I suppose Kate got her own back in the end, and she knew it".

"Look, we've only got two more minutes left. I'll talk to you in a few months when I get out of that Hell hole. I'm going away forever now. I wasn't really going to get out in the first place, but..."

"What did you do?" asked Janey, curious of the past six decades of her brother's life.

"I made some bad decisions", replied Michael, "and I wish I hadn't, but I don't really hate my life. I share a cell with David, my best mate. I'm quite happy in prison".

"Alright", replied Janey.

"I just want you to forget everything I said the first time we met", said Michael, "just remember the good old days, when we played together when we were children".

"I always remember", replied Janey.

The guard told Michael that it was time to go.

"I need to ask him one more thing!" cried Janey.

"Go on then", replied the guard, "but be quick".

"What was the last thing you said to our mother?" asked Janey.

Michael was quiet for two seconds. "I told her that I was sorry, and everything was going to be alright".

Michael was then taken away. Janey watched, as she waved her brother goodbye for the next several months.

When Janey left the prison, she received a call on her mobile phone. It was John.

"Janey", he said, "are you coming back to the house?"

"Yes", replied Janey, "why?"
"There's somebody here who'd like to see you. She said that she's got something to give you".

"Who is it?"
"She'll explain everything when you get here".

When the conversation ended, Janey was left to wonder who this woman could be.

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