Forward to the Past

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Chapter 2

The following morning, life went on as normal. Doris thought that Michael's strange behaviour had ended, so all was well again. It was like any other day in the Morrison household: Janey was listening to music, Doris was doing the housework, Winnie was sitting at the kitchen table reading, while Michael was in the living room with Janey, doing his homework.

"So, everything is alright again?" asked Winnie.

"Everything's perfect", replied Doris, "back to the way it always was".

"Do you want me to help you with the housework?"
"No. I'm fine. You know what your condition with your heart is like. You shouldn't be running around after me. Besides, I'm happy doing the housework all by myself - I enjoy it that way".

"Fair enough", replied Winnie, continuing to read her book.

"If I had the choice of winning a mansion somewhere, or stay here, I would stay here. I love my life the way it is".

"I'm glad to hear that", replied Winnie, "and besides, where are you going to get that money? One of these gameshows on the radio?"

"I know, but I just wanted to stress how happy I am".

Everybody remained in the house, doing the same thing for ten minutes, until something tragic happened.

"Doris!" cried Winnie, gasping for breath.

"What is it?!" yelled Doris, terrified that her mother would die.

"", whispered Winnie, falling off her chair, holding her heart.

"No! Don't die!" screamed Doris.

Winnie's eyes closed, and Doris felt her pulse. There was nothing. Winnie was dead. She had died of a heart attack.

"No!" repeated Janey.

The family was devastated.

"She was only sixty years of age", said Doris, crying into her hands.

Janey approached her mother, and cuddled into her. Michael just sat there, staring.

Two days later, Doris and Janey were still upset about Winnie's shock death. However, Michael did not appear to feel the same way.

"I'm going out for a walk", he said.

"Alright, honey", said Doris, still with sore eyes.

When Michael left the house and went round the corner, he met up with David, his 'friend'.

"You ready?"asked David.

"As ready as I'll ever be", replied Michael, walking with him to a nearby care home.

"They never expect it in the daylight", said David, "got your knife ready?"

The pair of them then stormed into the care home, holding their knives at two of the residents. They both wore masks, so that they would not be identified later.

"Right", said David, "here's the deal. Give us all the money and jewellery, and nobody gets hurt!"

One of the nurses in the care home got up and gave David the money in her purse, which was not much, and not enough for David.

"Don't joke around with me!" yelled David, holding a knife to an elderly woman's neck, "if you don't give me at least one hundred quid within the next thirty seconds, I'm going to slash her throat!"

The hostage was terrified, shaking, and quietly repeating the word, "please".

David did not care. He showed no sympathy whatsoever for the people he harmed or stole from.

"Here", said the nurse, "and this is all we have!"

David looked at the thirty pounds.

"I asked for one hundred!" he cried.

"This is a nursing home - we don't have much money here", said the nurse, desperate for him to leave.

All of the other residents and staff were hiding behind the furniture in the room.

"Please, this is all we have here".

"Don't lie to me!" screamed David, "you're telling me that not one resident in this building has jewellery?"
"They don't have much. That's why they're here".

"You're a filthy liar!" cried David, moving the knife closer to the hostage.

"David. I think she's telling the truth", said Michael.

"You idiot!" yelled David, "you said my name!"

"They don't know who you are, though!"

"Fine! I'll tell them all who you are. This is Michael Morrison, and he lives just round the corner".

"I think we should leave", said Michael.

The nurse stood there, still watching them.

"Alright. I'll go, but I'll be back, and you'd better make sure you've got something descent here, or else you're all dead! You hear me?" yelled David, swinging the knife around. He released the frail hostage, and they both left the building.

When they left, they were jumped by police officers. David was making his mouth go, but Michael said nothing, regretting what he had just done. Why did he do it? What was his mother going to think?

Meanwhile, two streets away, Janey was out with Steven.

"Come round here and I'll give you a kiss", said Steven, pointing to a back alley.

"Alright", replied Janey, making sure it was the right thing to do.

At first, Janey was unsure of what she was doing, but she felt safe around Steven. They then approached the dark, empty, quite dirty back alley, where nobody wanted to go ot even look down. Steven then went to kiss Janey, but instead, he grabbed her and forced her on to the floor.

"Now stay still and shut up!" he said.

Janey's eyes were wild with terror. She looked into his eyes, and saw that he was nothing but pure evil. He then undressed himself, and undressed Janey. She laid there, absoloutely terrified about what was going to happen. It all happened within a minute.

When Steven finished, he said, "don't tell anybody about this. You keep this to yourself, or I will find you and kill you!"

He then ran off, leaving Janey traumatised and shocked in the back alley.

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