Forward to the Past

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

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Chapter 3

Janey sat there, in the back alley, trying to process the thought of what had just happened. How could he do this? She had now lost trust in any male person she knew, including her brother. Janey found it difficult to get up; she was so shocked. She did not know how she could cope. It was not really the ordeal itself, but the fact that she had been raped. The ordeal lasted only for a minute, while the aftermath would last for a life time. Janey then thought about covering it up; she did not want her mother to know. She had an excuse to look upset, since she had lost her grandmother, so she was lucky. She did not want to come forward - she was too scared to.

Janey returned home shortly after the ordeal, where her mother was sat, looking at old family photographs of her mother.

"She was a stunning woman in her day", Doris told her daughter.

"I'm sure she was", replied Janey, filling up.

"Look, I know it's difficult, but I'm sure everything will be alright. Your grandmother would not have wanted us to be upset, would she?"
"I know", Janey replied, quietly.

Doris then received a knock on the door. When she answered it, to her surprise, it was the police.

"Doris Morrison?" asked one of the officers.

"Yes? Oh, God. It's about Michael, isn't it?" Doris cried.

The two policemen looked at each other.

"Yes, it is", said one of them.

Doris burst out crying, falling on to the floor.

"Please, no! No!" she cried, thinking that Michael was dead.

"Your son, Michael Morrison, has been arrested for burglary".

"What?!" yelled an astonished Doris, "so he's not dead?"
"Thank God!"

"But he's been arrested".

"What for?" said Doris, happy that her son was alive, but very disappointed that he had been arrested.

"We told you", replied the police officer, "burglary!"
"I'm sorry I didn't hear you the first time", said Doris, "I took it the wrong way".

"Well, we'd like you to answer some quesitons for us, if you may".

"Why? Is there proof that he did it?"
"I'm afraid there is. Two of my police officers caught he and David Branch, taking hostages in an old people's home".

"What? That's awful! It can't be my Michael, it just can't be!"
"I'm afraid it is".

"So, there were definitely witnesses?"
"Plenty of them".

Doris stood in the doorway, and turned around. She then put her hands on the table, and cried hysterically.

"Why is my life falling to pieces?!" she cried.

"We need to know when your son left the house", said one of the police officers.

"I don't know", said Doris, "anyway, what's he looking at?"
"The sentence? How long's he going away for?"
"It's hard to say at this stage, because he threatened to kill somebody, but I think it's fair to say a few years, at least".

"Oh, God, no!"

Doris felt like nothing, now.

"He'll be charged later this afternoon. If you'd like to come down in a few hours time, you'll get more information then".

"Thank you", whispered Doris, closing the door.

Doris then went over to her daughter and cuddled her tightly.

"It'll be alright", said Doris, who knew fine well that it was not going to be alright.

Janey could not stop thinking about the rape. She was upset that she had more or less lost her brother that day, but she was still in shock about the rape. Her head was all over the place.

"I want to be alone", said Janey.

"Alright", replied Doris.

Later that afternoon, after Doris had found out more information at the police station, she and her daughter visited the cafe. Janey was quite scared to leave the house, but she had to at some point. When she got to the cafe, she did not yet see Steven. If she did see him, it would damage her even more, looking into those evil eyes.

"I know these past few days have been a shock", said Doris, "but we'll find some way of coping with it, won't we?"

Doris tried to find reassurance in her daughter, but Janey showed little interest. Her eyes were so sore of the crying and the shock.

"Of course", said Janey, who was not really listening to what her mother had to say, "so, what's happening with Michael?"
"Michael..." begun Doris, "he's in custody at the moment. I don't think they'll let him out. They're really tough on burglars, and hostage takers, so I've spoken to his solicitor, and he reckons he'll get about six to ten years".

"For that?!"

"He did do some serious damage", replied Doris, "and remember, this is not the first time he's done it. He's done it a few times at that other home down the town".

Janey was even more wrecked now. She didn't know what was worse - getting raped or losing your brother.

"Janey", said Doris, "I just want you to remember, I will always be there for you, no matter what, alright?"
"Yes", replied Janey.

"And you can always tell me anything. Anything".

That sentence made Janey think twice about telling her mother. Could she do it?

"Mum", started Janey, finding the courage to tell her.

"What is it?" asked Doris.


Before Janey was give the opportunity to speak properly, Marilyn came into the cafe.

"I came as soon as I heard", she said, rushing in to cuddle Doris, "I'm so sorry".

"I'll manage with it all", replied Doris, "I don't know how, but I'll manage".

"You're a very strong woman", said Marilyn, "now come on, you two. Let's go over mine and we'll talk about things there, where it's more private".

Doris agreed, so they left the cafe. When Janey left the cafe, she saw Stephen, with Kate! Kate looked at her, winked, and kissed Steven on the lips. Steven saw her, too, and laughed at her. Janey was in shock. She slowly walked over to them, completely unaware of her other surroundings.

"Janey!" screamed Doris.

Janey was in the middle of the road, and a giant truck was coming towards her! Janey just stood and stared as it came closer and closer. It stopped before it hit her.

"Janey, what are you doing?" cried a shocked Doris.

Doris then decided to run over to her. While Doris was running, she was knocked down by another car coming the other way, it knocked her into another car, and both cars collided, with Doris in between them both. Doris then fell to the ground, not moving.

"No! No!" screamed Janey, running over to her mother. Marilyn was already there, and a trained paramedic ran over to her. He felt her pulse, and checked her breathing.

"She's dead", said the paramedic.

Janey stood there, looking at her mother's lifeless body. She then ran all the way home, where she sat in the corner, shaking up and down.

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