Forward to the Past

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

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Submitted: August 15, 2012




Chapter 5

The year of 2012 was a very exciting year for the people of Great Britain. The London Olympics had just finished, and many people were looking forward to the new technology that was been invented, so in general, things were improving for the country.

Janey Morrison, however, felt no excitement, because she was still lying in a hospital bed, still in the endless coma. She had now been in a coma for sixty years. Her body looked like that of any seventy-four year old woman, but her mind was still a that of a fourteen year old girl.

Two nurses then entered the room to check on the patients in there, who were all in a coma. One of the nurses were new to the hospital, and the other nurse was showing her around.

"And this, my friend, is a very famous woman", said the nurse.

"I don't recognise her", replied the young nurse.

"This is Janey Morrison. She has been asleep for almost sixty-one years".

"Yes. Every year, she goes into the Guinnes book of Records, for been in the longest ever coma, but nobody cares".

"Why? Doesn't she have any family left?"
"That's the reason why she is in this mess. She shot herself because she lost her entire family in one week. I don't blame her, I suppose. I would do the same in that position".

"That's why won't anyone turn it off?"
"Because there is nobody left to give permission to do that! I have more chance of winning the lottery, even though I don't put it on, but one of these days, this woman might still wake up, so it's classed as murder if someone turns if off".

"Is there nobody at all left for her?"
"There's a brother, but he's in prison".

"Nobody else?"

"So, what if she did wake up?"
"Then she'll have no-one to help her, will she?"

The telephone then rang in the next room.

"Stay here, and I'll get that", said the nurse, leaving the new starter in the room with the practically dead people. The woman stood there, thinking about Janey.

"You've missed your whole life", she said.

In all of a sudden, a bullet shot out of Janey's head, and Janey shot up into the air. The nurse screamed and screamed.

"What on Earth is wrong?!" cried the other nurse, rushing into the room, but then she saw.

"", she whispered, staring at Janey, "it's a miracle!"

Janey looked around the hospital room. The two nurses ran out of the room to alert a doctor. The last thing Janey remembered was seeing Marilyn's face, and firing a gun. To Janey, that was ten seconds ago. Janey then looked at her hands.

"Where am I?" she said, "how am I still alive?"

Janey's head was bleeding, and she saw a doctor rush in to help her. After Janey's head was cleared of the blood, the doctor started to talk to her.

"I know this may seem strange", said the doctor, "and everything will be explained to you, soon, I promise. I'm here to explain to you how you woke up. Do you remember shooting yourself?"

Janey replied, "yes. I did. I'm supposed to be dead".

"Well, I don't know if you've worked this out yet, but you've been asleep for a lot of years. The reason that you did not wake up for all these years, is because the bullet was lodged into your brain, and any surgery that deep would have killed you. Fortunately for you, you have recently developed a brain tumour, that has slowly pushed the bullet out of the way. There is now a whole at the side of your head, but don't worry about that. That will be sorted. Amazingly, whilst the bullet was forced out by the tumour, the tumour was pushed further out by the bullet, meaning that it is easily operable and can be removed".

Janey stared at the doctor, trying to take everything in.

"I know this must be very confusing for you", he said, "so I'll try and make things a little bit easier for you to understand: you've woken up from a coma. You're alive, and you're in your seventies. You have to have an operation to stay alive. I know you must have a million questions, so I'll allow you to think things through, and in fifteen minutes, I psychologist will be here to talk to you about things. Is that clear?"
"Yes", said Janey' completely lost for words.

The doctor then left Janey alone in the room, giving her time to think about things. She had so many questions to ask. What is the world like now? Is my brother still alive? Where will I live? What's going to happen to me?

Janey just about managed to process her thoughts together about what had just happened, before a psychologist entered the room.

"Hello, Janey", said the woman, "my name is Margaret Kindle, and I'm here to talk to you about things, to make you understand more".

"Hello", said Janey, still worried about what was going to happen to her.

"Now", begun Dr.Kindle, "I cannot imagine what it must feel like to be you. It must feel like yesterday when you lost your mother?"

"How did you know my mother died the day I shot myself?"
"I've looked in newspapers from the internet".

"The internet?"
"I'll explain everything to you in a moment. First, I just need to take things slowly. Now, in your mind, you are a fourteen year old girl, aren't you?"
"Yes", replied Janey.

"And things are very strange, because your body is seventy-four years old".

"I can't believe I'm still alive!"

"People live to be very old these days. Things have improved since the 1950".

"Yes. I'd imagine".

"So, feel free to ask any questions before I go on. You must have some for me".

"Yes. Is my brother still alive?"
"You would have to find that out yourself. I'm not sure about that, I'm afraid. But ask me anything about the world we are in today, because you are in the future, believe it or not. You've literally travelled through time, sixty years into the future. Now, that must be strange!"

"Of course it is. So, can I ask, how would I find out if my brother is alive or not?"
"There are death records that you can search. There are lots of records you can use. Luckily, the internet might be able to track him down".

"The internet?"
"The internet is a very complicated thing. It was created about twenty years ago, and it is used to find anything you want".

"Yes. You can play games on the internet. You can talk to friends, just like writing a letter, but on a computer".

"A computer?"
"A computer is just like a television, but you control it. Does that make sense?"
"Sort of".

"I'll come and show you. If you'd like to come with me, and you'll understand more when you see it".

Janey tried to stand up, but her legs were stiff. She was given a wheelchair.

"Your recovery process may take a while", said the doctor, "but you'll get there eventually".

The women arrived in an office, and Janey was shown a computer.

"This is what a computer looks like", said Dr.Kindle.

Dr.Kindle explained lots of different things that could be done using a computer, and Janey was astonished at everything that she was shown.

"This is amazing!" cried Janey, "I really am in the future!"

"There are also many other things that are different from your world", replied Dr.Kindle, "there are lots of dangerous people out there, Janey. You must be careful. You'll spend the next few weeks in here, where the doctors can hopefully help you to walk again, and then you'll be out on your own. Just remember - you're fourteen, and the world has become a much more complicated place. I will be here to help you understand things a little better, OK?"
"Yes", replied Janey. Janey knew that she was about to embark on the biggest adventure of her life.

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