Forward to the Past

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

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Chapter 6

Six weeks passed in the hospital, and Janey had not yet left the building. It had taken those six weeks for the doctors to teach Janey to walk again, due to the fact that her leg muscles had not moved in over sixty years and they were completely stiff. It took eight hours every day to do that. Also, every day, Dr.Kindle came to help Janey understand some of the changes in the modern world. She was also there to help Janey come to terms with what had happened. Janey just wanted to get out of that place, and find out if her brother was still alive or not. Dr.Kindle also taught Janey some modern features of every day life, such as a mobile phone and the internet. She learned about some of the substantial and important changes since the 1950s - how laws had changed, how black people had been more accepted into the community, how different groups of people had formed, how the country had fallen on hard times with the recession, how television had developed, and of course, how new treatments for diseases had developed.

Eventually, Janey felt ready to step into the outside world after those six long weeks.

"Come and visit me often", said Dr.Kindle.

"I will", replied Janey, stepping out of the hospital for the first time in sixty years. Janey still struggled to walk, so she used a walking stick until her legs eventually recovered from the stiffness.

When Janey left the car park of the hospital, she saw the modern world for the first time. She had seen it from up high from hospital windows, but never up close. She saw how busy the roads were, and how developed the cars were.

"There were never that many in the 1950s", said Janey.

Janey remembered the street for where her home was. The council had sorted everything out for her - they found her a council house a few streets away from where she lived as a child, and they gave her dole money for every week. Since Janey had never worked, she could not really claim a pension, so she had to live off the money that the government provided her. She was not supposed to be there in the first place - she was supposed to be dead, so she knew that something was better than absoloutely nothing. Before she decided to go and see her new home (which contained a fridge, a bed and a sofa, provided by the council), she spotted a shop on the other side of the road. The question was, how would she get across? Dr.Kindle had mentioned road safety before, but Janey had so much to take in, that she had forgotten most of it. She remembered something about finding the part where the floor was white and black, or alternatively, look for an electric post which showed a green man and a red man, but she could not see anything. She decided to walk further down the path until she saw something. She then saw a green light in the shape of a man. Just as she approached it, the light changed to red, and the cars carried on driving. What was she going to do now? She remembered something about waiting for the cars to stop for her to cross, so she stood there, waiting for five minutes. A woman then approached her, and also stood there waiting to cross. After another minute, the woman said, "why isn't it changing?"
"That's what I was thinking", replied Janey.

The woman then noticed that Janey had not pressed the button to change the traffic.

"You are one dosy woman", the woman said, pressing the button, "how thick can you get?"
"Well, I don't understand how these things work!"
"You've never used one of these crossings before?"


"I must be dreaming!" yelled the woman, walking away, shaking her head. Janey entered the shop, feeling very embarassed.

When Janey was inside the shop, she took out the ten pound note that she had been given to spend on food, to give her a head start. She was told by Dr.Kindle that if she was ever confused about something, she should come straight back to her. Janey chose to buy bread and fruit with the money. She then noticed a woman. She was elderly, like Janey, and looked very familiar. Janey thought nothing of it and bought the food and left.

Janey then walked home. On the way there, she came across the place where it all happened - the old cafe. It was still there, and it had not changed much. She saw the road where her mother was killed, and had horrific flashbacks. She then remembered shooting herself. Janey then walked down the street where she used to live. She saw her old house, and cried. It had been modernised, and looked very different. Janey then saw that two doors down, where her "friend" Kate lived when she was a child, the house had not changed much. Then that woman who was in the shop approached the house. She talked to Janey.

"Honestly", the woman said, "I've lived in this house all my life, and it's now that the council say it's falling apart and they need to move me out!"

"Kate!" cried Janey.

"Sorry, do I know you?" asked a very puzzled Kate.

"You're not going to believe this, but I'm Janey!"
"Your best friend from childhood!"
"Janey? Oh, my God!" Kate cried. She then stopped. "Wait a minute", said Kate, "Janey went into a coma, and that's the last I've heard of her!"

"I woke up a few weeks ago! This was my house!" she cried, pointing to her old house.

"Fine. I need you to prove it, if you're the real Janey".

"Well, when we were children, we used to chase each other up and down the fields, and we used to spend the Summers together".

Kate almost froze, and looked at Janey. "Oh, my God", she said, "that really is you, isn't it?"
"Of course it is!"

"I can't believe it! I thought you were never coming back!"

Kate and Janey, both with tears in their eyes, gave each other a massive cuddle.

"Come into my house", said Kate, "we've got a lot to talk about!"

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