Prime: Unfinished Business

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Chapter 8 (v.1)

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Chapter 8

Coarse was not a complicated man - he was a straightforward man, who liked to get things done, and done right. He did not like to wait. He wanted to stop Tammy from suffering as he truly believed that she was innocent, although that was not yet proven. He knew that he needed to start investigating immediately. His tactic was simple: to put pressure on each of the five suspects. That way, he might get somewhere, he thought.

The first person to be interviewed was Bess Salting. She said that she was in the toilet, talking to Tracy, and that was all that she had said, until now.

"What do you want?" said Bess.

"I am investigating the murder of Barry Scott", said Coarse.

"Not another one!" cried Bess, "I'm sick of police officers! Can't you just let the dead rest in peace, and I don't mean Barry Scott!"

"It's not as simple as that", Coarse explained. "You see, Tammy Williams has been arrested for the brutal murder of Barry Scott".

"So it was her?" asked Bess.

"You see, Tammy has asked me to investigate the death".

"You're wasting your time - it probably was her".

"If you look at it mathematically, Miss, you will see that it was probably not her. There were six established suspects. Therefore, the chances that Tammy Williams is the killer is one in six".

"Well, one in five to me, because I know that I did not do it, and I knew that Tracy did not do it, so it's a one in four chance to me".

"You say that Tracy did not do it because she was with you, but what about her alibi?"

"I don't follow".

"Who gives you an alibi? Tracy. Who gives Tracy an alibi? You. This is a traditional conspiracy technique, although it is not a very good one. Your alibi is not the most watertight of ones. You are still a suspect in my eyes".

"Alright, you've made your point, but you still can't prove it was me!" Bess replied, grinning.

Coarse knew that that was right: he could not prove it...yet. He had a very similair conversation with Tracy, and her responses were very similair to Bess', as if it were a scripted performance. However, Coarse continued to the brother of Bess, William.

William claimed that he was sat at a table with Linda. In order to prove or disprove this statement, Coarse looked at the CCTV, which was now available. Unfortunately, the results proved to be inconclusive, because as usual, on the screen, not much can be seen but a few blobs and black and white. It was like looking at a baby scan. No information could be retrieved, although Coarse thought that he had seen two people sat at the table where William said they were sat, but he could not identify them.

"So, you claim to be here?" said Coarse.

"I was here", William replied.

"But you might not have been", said Coarse. "You could have actually been outside. Nobody would have noticed you. You could be the killer".

"But you can't prove it", said William, rather smugly.

Linda had said exactly the same thing.

Joseph was the final one of the five to be interviewed. He did not say much, which made Coarse even more suspicious of him. His simple reply was, "you can't prove it".

That was rather strange to Coarse - were they all in it together? It certainly appeared that way, and if only one person had planned it all, it seemed to him that there was a conspiracy of silence between the five of them - they were not about to give any information away, so Coarse was about to struggle with this.

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