Prime: Unfinished Business

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Chapter 9 (v.1)

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Chapter 9

While Coarse was trying his best to find out the real killer of Barry Scott (and failing), Tammy sat alone in her cell, wondering what her fate would be. She had two and a half months to wait until the trial, which was a very long time. Still, she knew that she was going to get sent down anyway, unless Coarse saved her. Nobody else would listen to her, so Coarse was her only hope. She had thought about it herself, but she was too tired and focussed on surviving in prison, so she could not think about it in too much depth.

It was still her first official day of been in prison, and a guard opened the door to inform her that she was allowed out for one hour to exercise. This terrified her - having to face psychopaths, with barely anybody there to help you. She knew that she might as well have faced it sooner or later.

Tammy left the cell, and walked over to a scruffy looking table, where nobody was. She did not want to sit near anybody, and she hoped that nobody would bother to notice her. A woman approached her, and she looked rather violent.

"What are you in for, then?" she said, taking a seat.

"Murder", Tammy quietly replied.

"So you're a lifer then?" the woman asked in a rather friendly tone of voice.

"I'm waiting for my trial yet", Tammy said, rather frightened.

"Oh, right", replied the woman. "Well, it's not as bad as you think here. They're alright - we're on the nice wing, even though it's full of murderers".

"Are they really alright?" asked Tammy.

"Well, you are, aren't you? And I am, and I killed someone!"

The woman then proceeded to ask Tammy about the circumstances of Scott's death, although she purposely failed to mention the fact that she was a police officer - if she did, she would probably die.

"She was a police officer", a voice said, in the background.

Tammy froze for a second. She had no idea who said that. Then, she looked across the room, and the penny dropped: Libby was in the same wing as her. Libby. She was a psychotic serial killer who Tammy had arrested a couple of months before.

"She was the one who got me arrested for the murders!" screamed Libby, "if it wasn't for her, then I wouldn't be here!"

"You what?!" screamed the seemingly nice woman who had conversed with Tammy.

"I don't know what she's talking about", cried Tammy, desperately, "she's crazy!"

"I'm not!" cried Libby, "I told you, Laura, about the one who had me arrested. Her name was Tammy Williams, who was a young woman!"

"She did", replied Laura.

Several large woman circled around Tammy. There was no hope for her. One of them jumped on her, and the rest followed. The rest was blank, but Tammy remembered been pulled out of the pile of women by one of the guards. She was then escorted to another quiet room, where she was left in there.

Later that day, at dinner time, Tammy was allowed out again, but she was allowed to eat separately from the others, given the circumstances. She could still see the women who attacked her through the bars, though, including Libby. Then, Libby made a surprising move: she approached Tammy.

"How've you been?" asked Libby.

"How do you think?" Tammy replied, "and why do you even want to talk to me?"

"Because I have nobody else to talk to. Deep down, I really admire you for what you did. I am now starting to realise that what I did was wrong. I've had time to think about it. I was...still am crazy. I appreciate the fact that you want to do good for the community".

"Well", Tammy begun, rather lost for words, "what you have to say does not really interest me right now, because I have other priorities".

"I was a vet, you know", said Libby. "Can't you see, Tammy? We are similair!"

"But I didn't kill anyone!" Tammy protested.

"That's what they all say", said Libby. "You did, really".

"Are you wearing a wire?" asked a suspicious Tammy.

"No", replied Libby, "and I'm not trying to get you to confess. The point is, we need each other in a place. Now that the truth about you has come out, you have no way of going back. You are going to be tortured. You will suffer for the rest of our life. It's happening to me, now. I don't want to come out of my cell because a big gang of them usually bully me. I hate my life so much and I would do anything to kill myself, but they have me on suicide watch. I can't cope in here, and the same thing will happen to you. So, why don't we just talk to each other about our problems, and we might get somewhere - who knows?"

What Libby said frightened Tammy - was this the end for her? Was she going to suffer non-stop?

"You got what you deserved", Tammy argued, "and you might then truly realise that what you did was wrong!"

Tammy then got up and returned to her cell, more determined than ever to get out of the place.

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