Sister Mary: Series 1

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Join Sister Mary in her adventures to help people. Sometimes, she gets into desperate and life-threatening situations, but she does her best to find the solution to the problems. Her entire life has been devoted to helping others, and at the age she is now, she still does not want to give up. In these seven stories, you will find emotional and happy moments, and perhaps endings that you would not expect.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Sister Mary: Series 1

Submitted: September 22, 2013

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Submitted: September 22, 2013




It was a wonderful September morning, and Sister Mary got out of bed to start her daily work. She got dressed, and immediately went to the church at seven o'clock, as the Sun was still rising. There was barely anybody around, but Sister Mary knew that that would change dramatically throughout the day. Soon, the streets would be full of people, going about their day to day lives, the same as she did, while rushing to get to their work. Sister Mary was different - her life revolved around peace and prosperity. She spent most of her days praying to God, while helping the sick or counselling. She loved her job, and her entire life was dedicated to worshipping God, but above all, helping others.

That particular morning, she saw a perfect opportunity to help another living creature, as she saw a pigeon that could not fly. She watched as it tried to flap its wings, but its leg was damaged, and its wings were bleeding. Perhaps a cat had attacked it, she thought to herself. Knowing what to do in these situations, she picked it up and took it into the church, where the priest was waiting.

"Is there a box or anything we could put this poor little creature into?" she asked Father Nicholson.

"I am sure that there will be one somewhere", the Father replied, "what has happened to it?"

"I don't quite know", replied the Sister, "but if we leave it out there, it will die, so we will have to care for it to make sure its life is preserved".

As the pair of them were catering for the innocent creature, a woman and a man, who looked the same age, entered the church, holding hands with tears in their eyes. The Sister noticed them first, and she knew that there was something seriously wrong. She knew who they were - they were Tess and Richard Davids, who sometimes attended Mass with their son, along with over a hundred members of the community. They did not attend every week, but Sister Mary knew who they were.

"Good morning", said Sister Mary, "can we help you?"

"Have we come at a bad time?" asked Tess.

"No, of course not", replied Sister Mary, "the church is always open for you".

"Well, as you may have noticed, we haven't been coming to church these past few weeks", said Richard.

"Yes?" said the Sister, anxiously waiting to see where this was going.

"Well, it's because our son has leukemia, and he's about to undergo a course of chemotherapy".

"Oh, I see...and you're here for someone to talk to?"

"Yes", replied Tess, "I really don't know where else to turn. I'm so worried!"

Tess then proceeded to break down, so the Sister responded by comforting her.

"We're here any time you need us", she said.

"I know, I know", said Tess, "but what if the treatment doesn't work!"

"We're here to help you in your time of need".

"And how exactly are you going to help, eh?" said Richard, "can you cure cancer?"

"No, but maybe God has done this to make you stronger".

"God!" sniggered Richard.

"At this time more than ever, you must have faith!" cried Sister Mary.

"How can we have faith when something like this has happened?!"

"How likely will the treatment be successful?" asked the Sister.

"They don't know", replied Tess, "we caught it early, but there are no guarantees".

"You can't assume the worst", said the Sister, "this may just be the rough patch of your life, and after it all, you will come out stronger, as well as Daniel".

"He's eight years old!" cried Tess, "how will he come out stronger?"

"He will look back and realise who he is!"

"If he gets the chance to..." cried Tess.

"God does everything for a reason", the Sister said, "if the worst does happen, he will be in the hands of the Lord. He will be in safe hands".

"You're not helping us", said Richard.

"What is it that you want me to say?" asked Sister Mary.

"I don't know", he replied.

"Then why have you come here today?"

"Because we don't know what else to do", said Tess, "his treatment starts tomorrow, and he's about to get worse because of it, before he gets the chance to get any better".

"It has to be done", said the Sister, "that's the only way for now. You know how treatments are these days. The survival rates are increasing all of the time!"

"But he's not guaranteed to live", said Tess.

Tess then got up and left, having had enough of turning to religion at a time like this.

Daniel started his chemotherapy treatment a few days later, and, as expected, he got sicker and sicker. His parents would take him to church two or three times a week in order to strenghten his faith and make sure they prayed to God enough. Throughout their difficult times, Sister Mary was there, observing their hope.

"It's ironic, isn't it?" Sister Mary said to Father Nicholson.

"Yes", replied the Father, "cases like this are bound to test people's faith, no matter how strongly religious they are, but at the same time, they only have God to turn to for support".

"They have us as well", said the Sister, approaching them.

"How is he today?" she asked.

"He seems to be getting there", replied Tess, "there's only a couple more weeks of this to go, but I can see an improvement already. I don't want to get my hopes up, but I think the treatment might be working!"

"That's wonderful news!" said Sister Mary.

Those two weeks passed, and it was Judgement Day for Daniel and his parents. Sister Mary had asked them to let her know how things went. She sat nervously in the church, hoping and praying that Daniel would be given the all-clear.

Tess came into the church with Daniel.

"It's good news!" she cried.

"It's gone?" asked Sister Mary.

"It's gone!" said Tess, crying, unable to believe her luck.

"You can move on from this now", said Sister Mary, "this part of your life is over!"

"Maybe God did do this for a reason", said Tess.

"My dear", said Sister Mary, "although the Lord works in mysterious ways, he does everything for a reason!"

Sister Mary watched as Tess and her son left the church with smiles on their faces, hugging each other.

A week later, Sister Mary was nursing the pigeon that she had found weeks before.

"How long are you planning on keeping it here?" asked the Priest, "it's better now".

"We need to find a suitable home for it, where it will be looked after", replied Sister Mary, stroking the pigeon's wings. Suddenly, she noticed a number on the wing.

"It looks like we can trace the owner!" she said, unable to believe that she had not noticed this earlier.

"It looks like another problem has been solved!" said Father Nicholson.

"I'm sure the owner will be delighted to have it back! They must have thought it was dead by now!"

"You never found out if it was male or female".

"It doesn't matter".

When Sister Mary turned round, she was surprised to see Tess stood in the doorway, with tears in her eyes.

"What's the matter?" asked Sister Mary.

Tess did not move.

"Oh, darling, what's happened?"

"The cancer has come back!" was Tess' reply.

To be continued...

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