Sister Mary: Series 1

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

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Poverty in Two Forms

Another week went by, and the nights were suddenly gettign earlier. The green on the trees was fading away, slowly but surely. Sister Mary had recently got over the events of the week before, as that was one of the first times she was unable to help someone in need of her aid. However, she accepted the right for people to choose, and that man's wife had a right not to be with him at his death bed. Sister Mary did not even know if he was still alive or not. Thinking of life, Sister Mary then turned her attention to Daniel. Every day, he was becoming sicker and sicker, and yet, no donor arrived. The doctors had told him that the chances of him surviving were getting slimmer and slimmer by the day. Very soon, he would be in need of intensive medical attention, as he was becoming unable to survive unaided or unassissted by a machine and medicine. It devastated his parents, but still, they refused to give up.

One rather late evening, as Sister Mary was leaving the church, she noticed a woman stood on a street corner, waiting for cars to pull up. She kept pulling kissing faces at them whenever they drove past. This made Sister Mary wonder if she was a prostitute, because it certainly looked that way. However, there weren't many of them in the area, if any, so it was a huge shock for Sister Mary to see one.

"Excuse me", said Sister Mary, "is everything alright?"

"Everything's fine, Sister!" replied the prostitute, seemingly drunk or high on drugs.

"I don't believe you", said Sister Mary, "I think you need my help".

"And why do you think that?"

"You look as though you don't have a home", replied Sister Mary.

"Just leave me alone!" the woman cried, rather aggressively.

The next morning, Sister Mary left her house to go to the church, where she saw the woman from the night before, battered and bruised.

"What's the matter?" asked Sister Mary, "who's done this to you?"

"Someone who picked me up last night!" cried the prostitute, "it was one of those weirdos! I thought it was my ex-boyfriend at first, but no, it was someone worse than he is!"

"You shouldn't be doing that sort of thing at all!" cried Sister Mary.

"Do you think I like doing it? Do you think I do it out of choice?"

"Well, you seemed to have taken drugs last night!"

"I was tired! I'm always tired!"

"Do you have a place to live, or was I right about what I said last night?"

"I have nowhere but a bus shelter or phone box", said the prostitute.

"Then it looks like you're going to have to stay in the church with me", replied Sister Mary.

After a few minutes, the prostitute opened up about her life and why she did what she did.

"I don't want to do this, I really don't", she said immediately.

"What's your name?" asked Sister Mary.

"Danielle", she replied.

"How old are you?" was Sister Mary's next question, as if she was Father Christmas.

"I'm twenty-one", replied Danielle.

"Where did it all go wrong?" asked Sister Mary, disgusted at how someone's life could go downhill so fast.

"Well, a couple of years ago, I made some bad decisions. I was taking loans out, here, there and everywhere, and the loan sharks were not very nice people at all. They kept hounding me and hounding me, and I could only pay them so much back at a time. The debt got worse and worse, and I had to sell my house over it. Then I lost my job, so it was either pay the rent for the council house I was in, or live on the streets. Obviously, I chose the latter".

"How much debt are you in?" asked Sister Mary.

"I'd say about two hundred thousand, still", replied Danielle, "I think I'll be dead before that's paid off!"

"Is there anyone who can help you?" asked Sister Mary, "like family?"

"I fell out with my parents a couple of years back. They aren't the type of people to want to help someone in need like me, even if I am their daughter. I have a brother, somewhere in the world, but I haven't seen him in years. I had a boyfriend, but I broke up with him a few months ago just before I became a prostitute. I'm glad, really, because he was controlling and manipulative. He beat me up almost every day. In some ways, I'd rather be living on the streets".

"You can't carry on like this", said Sister Mary, "you can stay here for now, until you find another way out of this mess!"

Danielle stayed for a few days, trying to think of what to do. On one hand, she was rather worried about the whole thing, because she knew that they could find her at any moment. However, she felt safe and secure under the eye of Sister Mary, and ultimately, she felt as though God may have been at her side.

One day, however, Sister Mary returned to the church to find that Danielle had gone.

"Danielle went with this young man this morning", said Father Nicholson. "I think he's took her to a new home".

"Oh, God!" cried Sister Mary, not caring about being blasphemous. "Her ex-boyfriend has taken her!"

Sister Mary rushed around the town, trying to find Danielle, if there was even a glint of hope of her finding her. Her mobile phone then rang, and it was Father Nicholson.

"Danielle's left you a note", he said, "it says that Danielle has gone with her brother to sort out the mess and she wants to thank you for all the support".

"I hope that's true!" cried Sister Mary, "but there's no way of telling!"

"The man looked like her, come to think of it", said Father Nicholson, "he had her eyes, and they just looked similair".

"Well, I hope that's enough to show that he was her brother", said Sister Mary, "but I suppose only time will tell in the end, as it always does".

That night, Sister Mary returned yet again to the Davids household. However, as she approached the street, it became apparent that there were paramedics inside the house.

"Oh, no! Please, no!" she cried, running over to the house.

As she got to the house, Sister Mary noticed the paramedics carrying Daniel away. He was alive, but only just.

"Oh, pray for us, Sister!" cried Tess, "it's the moment of truth!"

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