The Depressed Lady

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Chapter 11 (v.1)

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Chapter 10

This revelation added even more complication to the case. It may have been completely innocent, I thought, but how did the maid end up leaving her shoes in the butler's room? That was the puzzle to me, and I needed to find out.

We found John and Miss Douthwaite together, whispering about something. I asked Miss Douthwaite to leave the room for a moment while Victoria and I talked to John.

"So, do you know where these shoes were found?" I asked him.

"Why would I?" John replied.

"They were found in your room, John, and we need to know the truth on how they got there".

"I swear down on my fiancee's life, I do not know how the shoes ended up there!"
"Has Miss Douthwaite got two pairs of shoes?"
"I don't know! Are you sure that they're hers?"

"I'm certain", replied Victoria, "I noticed the markings on them yesterday when we came in".

"Then someone must have put them there!"
"I can think of other explanations".

"Like what?"
"Like you were the ones behind all this. You killed Violet, assaulted Tim, put the note through our doors to frame Amos, and now this! I don't know what to think of this, whether they were meant to be found, or whether you were the one who assaulted Tim, hoping that he would remember the heels so that we would think a woman did it".

"I'm telling you. I do not know how they got there!"
"Maybe Miss Douthwaite knows how they got there".

"Well, why don't you ask her?"
"Oh, don't worry. We will ask her".

Miss Douthwaite was called into the room, where we asked her a few questions relating to this incident.

"Are you missing a pair of shoes?" Victoria asked her.

"Well, as a matter of fact, I am", replied Miss Douthwaite.

"Are these the ones you were looking for?" asked Victoria, showing Miss Douthwaite the pair of shoes.

"The very ones!" she cried, "where did you find them?"
"In John's room".

"You heard me. We found them in your fiancee's room".

"Well, what were they doing there?"
"You tell me".

"I don't know! I've been looking for my shoes in my room all morning!"
"Are those shoes that you have on now your second pair?"
"Yes. I swap them round every couple of days".

"So, were you in John's room last night?"
"No, I was not in John's room at all yesterday, or this morning".

"And when was the last time you saw the shoes?"
"When I left my room for work this morning".

"Are you sure about that?"
"Yes. Certain. Now can you leave me alone? I have work to do".

Miss Douthwaite left, and I had a discussion with Victoria.

"It looks like the murderer is trying to frame everybody but themselves", I said to her.

"It certainly looks that way. Maybe these things are designed to throw us off track".


We were then interupted by Mary dashing down the stairs.

"We've found the assault weapon!" she cried.

"Good God, what is it?!" I asked Mary.

"It's a very big book from the library. I was in there this morning, and there it was. There was blood on it, and it looked like it had been recently used".

"So it's definitely the assault weapon, then?"
"Yes, one hundred percent. Tim can recall the weight of it, and he said it felt like a book".

I thought to myself, what a strange thing to say. How can someone sense what has hit their head just by feeling it for one moment?

"So, this might be able to clear some suspects. Can you tell me, who never goes into the library?" I asked Mary.

"Well, the gardener would have no means to, and the cook would not go into the library either".

"So, we cannot rule them out completely, but someone went into the library just before hitting Tim over the head. Who?"
"Sorry, I can't help but listen to your conversation", said Margaret, coming out of the kitchen.

"And?" Victoria asked her.

"Well, I saw something that might help this investigation".

"What is it?"
"Well, earlier today, when the master was hit over the head, just before that, I noticed Amos was hanging around upstairs, just looking around".

"Why was he doing that?"
"I don't know, but it's a little bit strange if you ask me. First he goes into the house for a knife, and then, I see him in the house again, and this happens!"
"Thank you for that information. You've been the best help we've had so far!" I cried.

Immediately, Victoria and I went looking for Amos. It was getting rather late, so we thought that he might be in bed. Miss Douthwaite was outside, smoking a cigarette. We knocked on the cabin door, but there was no answer at all. We tried again. Still nothing. We opened the door, where we found that inside the cabin, Amos was lying there. Victoria went inside to see if he was alright. She came out, and when I asked her if he was alright, she simply replied, "he's dead".

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