The Depressed Lady

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

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Chapter 3

Miss Douthwaite directed us to my room. It was next to Victoria's, and both rooms were fantastic. Victoria told me that she could not believe she was staying in such a house - she had never even seen one like this even in America, and neither did I. After Miss Douthwaite showed us which clothes to wear tommorow, she told us that there was nothing else that was needed. We were then allowed to do some exploring, which was the most exciting part, and I was glad it took our minds off the stress of having to find the money for the car.

"Why don't we go outside for a while?" I asked Victoria.

"Alright. I'm keen to find out what there is outside", my friend replied, rubbing her hands together as if to say, "let's get up to something fun!"

While we were on our way outside, we heard some mumbling in the kitchen. We then walked in there to see who it was, and we came across a woman. Like Miss Douthwaite and John, she looked like she was in her sixties, and she looked extremely frustrated with her work.

"Why can't you make your food better? We have guests!" she mumbled to herself.

"Excuse me?" asked Victoria, entering the kitchen.

"Who are you!" snapped the old woman, immediately looking at Victoria with a sort of bewilderment in her eyes.

"I'm a guest at Lady Violet's house. My name is Victoria, and this is Janet", replied Victoria, trying to calm the woman down slightly.

"What do you want?" said the woman, who seemed very resentful towards anybody in the house.

"We were just waiting to see if you needed any help".

"I'm not in the mood. I'm just sick of her ordering me around all the time!"

"Well, isn't that your job?" asked an inquisitive Victoria.
"That's not the point! She's always so nasty to me! She's never mean to John, Joan or Amos, is she?"

"Who is Amos?" I asked.

"He's the gardener. By the way, my name is Margaret. I'm obviously the cook", she replied, waving her hands around the stacks of pottery and cutlery.

"We could help you a little later, if you like", I replied.

"No. That's all right. Anyway, where are you going?"
"We're going outside".

Margaret seemed rather intrigued, and her mood changed to been more enthusiastic. "Don't go near the place where it's fenced off, mind", she said.

"Why?" asked Victoria.
"I don't know, but the fence is there for a reason".

"Do you not know why it is there?" I asked her.
"It's been there since I came here, and that was about fifteen years ago! Anyway, I've got work to do. I'll see you later".

When we left the kitchen, I was beginning to think about Margaret. There was something about her that made her seem a bit strange. I thought it was strange that Lady Violet would treat the cook differently to the other members of staff in the house. At this point, I also noticed one thing that Margaret and Miss Douthwaite had in common: they had both worked here for roughly the same periods of time. I thought that was very coincidental.

When we walked outside, we noticed what Margaret was talking about. Underneath a window, there was an area that was fenced off for no apparent reason. I thought that was very puzzling as I did not know of any reason why Violet would not have removed the fence in fifteen years. There was no construction work there or anything similair to that, so there was no reason for that to be there at all. It made the garden look messy and unprofessional. On the other hand, the rest of the garden was beautiful. There were trees and flowers everywhere in these acres of land. However, I noticed several gravestones at the bottom of the garden. I thought about who might have been buried there. Was the child buried there? I did not like to think about it, so I followed Victoria towards the violets. When Victoria sniffed the flower, Amos crept up towards her and said, "don't touch that!"
"Why?" asked Victoria, who was shocked by the surprise of Amos creeping up behind her.

"Because Lady Violet likes those roses. She likes the colour purple, and she does not like anyone to touch them, in case they get destroyed".

"Alright", replied Victoria, "does she like them because its her name?"
"Yes. She's always liked the colour. When Lucille was around...never mind. It's none of your business anyway".

Amos looked rather worried, so I asked him if there was anything troubling him.

"Just listen to this warning", he replied, "there is evil in that house. Nobody else knows it, but I know that there is. Over the past fifteen years, I have watched something very peculiar take place, and it is really frightening me". His face looked ever so serious, and it rather frightened me.

"What have you watched?" I asked, wanting to know the truth about the mysterious house.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you. Just listen to me now. I think you should go".

"Why? What's the matter with this house?"
"It's the woman who lives in it".

"Are you referring to Lady Violet?"
"Maybe", replied Amos, turning round to see the magnificent mansion. All three of us were stood there, looking at the house, and I was thinking about what Amos had said. He knew something that nobody else knew. I thought there was something strange about Lady Violet, and I was right.

"How long have you lived here?" I asked him.

"I've lived and worked here for over forty-five years", replied Amos, "I've enjoyed working here, outside in the garden, so I suppose it was a life well spent".

After that, Victoria and I went back into the house, where we went to the library to look at some books, leaving Amos to watch us and the world go by.

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