The Depressed Lady

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Chapter 9 (v.1)

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Chapter 8

Unsurprisingly, this note made me think. My first thought was, if Amos did do it, how did the person see him? Obviously, one person was lying, and the question was, who?
I had no idea what to think of this. Was the person who wrote this lying or telling the truth? If they were telling the truth, why not come forward and just say? No, the person has to be lying, I thought. It must have been designed to confuse me, so there were further complications with the investigation. I came up with two possible solutions to this, as there were only two. The first one was that Amos did it and made it look like he had been falsely implicated. The second possible solution was that whoever did this did their very best to try and frame Amos for the murder. I decided to wait until morning before disturbing Victoria to see what she thought about this.

After a long, sleepless night, the morning eventually came, and I went to the room next door to see what Victoria thought. To my surprise, Victoria had also received a note, with the same words written on, and the same handwriting.

"So, who had it in for Amos?" Victoria said.

"I don't know! This just complicates things even more!"
"I wouldn't stress about it. Perhaps we should put this to one side until later purposes".

"You're right. Anyway, it's Violet's funeral today".

"Yes. Tim has already sorted the body out, so there is no point in waiting, is there?"
"I guess not".

Just then, we were interupted by a knock on the door, and Mary entered the room.

"Can I come in?" she asked.

"Of course", Victoria replied.

"So, are you any further with the case?"
"I don't know, to be honest", I said, "anyway, is a vicar coming over?"
"Yes, later. Before she died, she left me a note saying that she wanted to be buried next to the rest of her relatives; all six of them, who lived and died here like she did".

"So, can you just bury her without her body been examined?"
"Last night, Miss Douthwaite, Tim and I went to the police, where they said they would look into it, but I told them that there were already two people looking into it, and that they had got nowhere. I told them that you were studying History. The police can have time to look into it, but I told them that Violet was stabbed, she was found in the cellar, and that's it. It looks like I have all my hopes on you two to solve the murder of my cousin".

I looked at Victoria, who looked back.

"What time did you go out last night?" I asked Mary.

"I don't know. Maybe 9:30?"

"And what time did you get back?"

"It was a fairly long drive, so we got back at about 11:30".

"So, you, Tim and Miss Douthwaite are excluded from sending the note!"

"What note?"
"The note that someone pushed through Victoria's door and mine last night".

"What?! Let me see that!"

Mary read the note, and asked me, "when did this happen?"
"Last night, when you were out".

"So that means Amos did it!"
"Not necessarily".

"Then whoever sent this note was the killer!"
"Yes. I think you're right".

"So that means that you only have three suspects left: John, Margaret and Amos".

"Maybe, but maybe there are two people working together to pull this off".

The night before, I considered that possibility, and I tried to work things out in my head, but it was just too complicated.

"Anwyay, when we go to the funeral, which is in a few minutes, I would like you two to come with me, and nobody else", Mary said.

"Why?" I asked, "we only knew her for one day".

"Violet would not like only one person attending her funeral. Anyway, I do not want to be alone when I am there".

"Alright, we'll do it", Victoria agreed.

Immediately, Victoria, Mary and I went into the garden to bury Violet. When we got there, we found that the headstone was already in the ground, and I was shocked to find out how old she was. Her gravestone said:

"Violet Carson

Died 3 August 1960

Aged 46 years".

To me, Violet looked lots younger than she was, for someone who had lost everybody close to her. I then looked around the gravestones. All of the words had eroded away over the years, but I saw the six headstones, knowing that underneath one of them, there was the body of her child. It was probably the one next to Violet, as before Violet, the child was the last one to die. The thought of a child been buried there gave me the shivers. I looked at the headstone, and I was just thinking about who could do this to her. I knew it must have taken some brains to plot something like this. However, how could they plot her murder when they did not know that she was going into the cellar? The complications of the investigation put even more pressure on me, as I was thinking to myself, "how am I going to solve this? This was the work of a criminal mastermind!" I may have exaggerated slightly, but I had to come up with a plan to make them trip.

After the service, the vicar returned home, and Mary sat down on a nearby bench. Victoria approached her, to check if she was alright. Mary just sat there, with tears in her eyes, saying, "where did it all go wrong?"
"I'm sorry for your loss", said Victoria.

"Violet must have done something really awful to someone to make them kill her", said Mary, appearing as though she did not listen to Victoria.

"We are doing our very best to find this monster", said Victoria.

"It's just the thought of them been out there...somewhere in this house right now. Find them...find them, please".

After that, nobody else said anything. I looked around as all of the suspects were in sight. I saw Amos, trimming the hedges. Margaret was stood in the window, washing up. Miss Douthwaite and John were stood outside, having a cigarette, while John put his hand on Miss Douthwaite's. Tim walked over to Mary, and put his hand on hers. It was awful to know that I had just looked at the murderer without even knowing.

Later, I was still thinking about the case, going over everything in my mind again and again. I got thirsty, so I walked downstairs for a drink of water. Before I got to the stairs, I heard Mary and Tim arguing.

"Why can't you just believe me!" cried Tim.

"I trust you! I do! It's just you haven't been proven innocent yet!"
"For all I know, you could have killed her!"
"And you would love that, wouldn't you? You would inherit the house while I'm getting hung for my cousin's murder!"

"Don't talk like that! I did not marry you for the house or the money!"
"Of course you did! Little Timothy Crabble, marrying the rich heiress! You make me sick!"

"Fine. I'll get a divorce!"

"I hope you do!"
"You are a selfish witch! Why can't you just accept, that this is not about the money or the house! It's about you!"
"Well, you don't seem to think that because you are getting a divorce. I know your plan, Tim. If you divorce me, you'll make the American kids think that you couldn't have killed Violet because you left the house for me! I know your plans!"

"Shut up! Just shut up!"

I heard Tim coming towards the door, so I quickly ran down the stairs.

When I entered the kitchen, I saw that the light was out, and Margaret was nowhere in sight. In fact, there was nobody around. I got my drink, sat for a couple of minutes, finished it, and washed it for Margaret.

When I returned to the hallway, I was shocked to see that Tim was lying there. He was not moving. I was terrified for the worst, but I felt his pulse. In my mind, if he was dead, I would have felt even more guilty because I let someone else die. Feeling his wrist, I did not detect a pulse at all. Panicking, I felt for five more seconds, and fortunately, I detected a pulse. He was alive, but only just. Because somebody had assaulted Tim, I could have been able to get closer to finding the murderer.

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