The second wife

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

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Chapter 2

After their seemingly dramatic entrance to Hinbrid Valley, Rupert and the woman with him entered their new home. Before he went in, Rupert turned round for another look at Imelda and Oliver, before going inside. The doors were closed, but the Strattons remained stood outside.

"Well, this day was going to come sooner or later", Oliver said to his wife.

"I know", replied Imelda, "I just didn't think it would be so soon!"

Imelda and Oliver went back inside, while Tammy went back to her house.

"So, you've met everyone?" asked Danny, unpacking the last few things.

"Yes... I'm telling you, there's some characters round here", replied Tammy.

"Why? What are they like?"
"They are truly upper class people!"

"Well, I suppose the neighbours don't really matter to us. It's still a nice place".

"I've still not been two numbers 3 and 4 yet. I've heard that the woman in number 3 lost her sister, since the man who has just moved into number 4 murdered her!"
"That's what I was thinking. How dramatic!"
"I don't think you should go and talk to him just yet, then".

"Well, I don't know. I'd better go and meet him now, because he'll think I'm rude if I don't talk to him".

"Maybe a little later. They've just arrived, haven't they?"

"Well, you wouldn't want to disturb the Queen of Sheba while she's unpacking her Diamonds".

"So you've seen the woman with him then?"
"Seen her? She almost blinded me with the jewellery that she wore!"

Later, Tammy visited Rupert Christen without a moment of hesitation. She knocked on the door, and Anna answered.

"It's you", said Anna, "can I help you?"
"I've just come to meet Rupert Christen and his wife", Tammy replied, trying to look into the house".

"Who's this?" said the woman, storming behind Anna, "who are you?"
"I'm Tammy Williams, and I live next door but one to you".

"Well...I just wanted to come and meet you. I'm new here too".

" name is Alesha Christen. Can you go now?"
"Alesha!" yelled Rupert, running to the doorway, "she's just joking. Come on in".

Tammy entered the house, comparing this couple to the Strattons.

"So, what brings you here?" asked Rupert.

"I just wanted to come and meet the neighbours", replied Tammy, sitting by the pool in the back garden.

Alesha did not seem to pay the slightest bit of interest. She sat away from the other two, drinking a martini that her male servant had made her.

"Well, I'm Rupert Christen, and this is my wife, Alesha. I know what you're thinking, and yes, I am significantly older than Alesha, but age doesn't matter, does it, honey?"

"Of course not, darling", replied Alesha, glaring at Tammy.

"So, what do you do for a job?" asked Rupert.

"I'm a detective", replied Tammy.

Rupert's face changed instantly.

"Really?" he asked her.

"Yes. I solve murders for a living".

Alesha laughed, spitting out a little bit of her drink.

"I'm sorry", said Rupert, "I must explain everything to you".

"I've heard about it already", said a modest Tammy, looking away a little.

"I want to explain things to you properly", said Rupert, "twenty-six years ago, in this very house, I murdered my first wife..."

Tammy was surprised at his honesty. She assumed that he would deny it, but she was shocked that he was capable of talking openly about it.

"In court, a psychologist described it as a moment of madness, which it was. I just blanked out at the time of the murder. I can't really rememebr much about it".

"And you were given twenty-five years?"
"The courts took into consideration my early guilty plea, and the judge was fairly easy going, so I was handed twenty-five years instead of longer. I've just got out two days ago".

"So, you married Alesha in prison?"
Alesha still did not say anything. Instead, the coughed, and glared at Tammy.

"I met Alesha in prison five years ago, when she came into the prison to film a drama series. My wife is an actress, you see".

"I never would have guessed", said Tammy, trying not to sound sarcastic.

"Anyway, when Alesha saw me, and I saw her, it was literally love at first sight".

"How romantic", said Tammy, again trying not to sound sarcastic.

"After a few years of prison visits, I finally proposed to her, and we married just a few weeks ago!"

"Sorry to pry, but why have you moved into the house where your ex-wife died?"
"Well, I loved this house. I'd lived in it ever since I was a boy. This is my home, even if there has been a million murders here. When I was told this house was up for sale weeks before my release, I just had to buy it!"

Alesha approached Rupert.

"We're happy here, aren't we darling?" she said, placing her arms around his neck.

"Of course we are. The past is the past, and we must look forward to the future!" cried Rupert, "we'll be here until we die!"

Tammy decided that she had had enough after Rupert said that. She got up, and tried to be as polite as she could, before leaving. When she got home, Danny was ready with the jokes and questions.

"So, you're still alive then?" he asked her.

"That's not funny", replied Tammy, "I don't know if he is genuinely like that, but that Rupert seems very friendly. You wouldn't think he'd murdered someone before!"

"Well, I'll be keeping my distance from them. That woman is a fool if she's married a murderer".

"I don't know what must be going through her mind, marrying someone who murdered his other wife!"

"Well, that's her problem, not yours. What do you say we go out tonight for a chinese".

"Of course!" replied Tammy.

Meanwhile, Rupert and Alesha prepared to go out shopping together.

"I hope they have diamonds in this place", said Alesha.

"Just consider yourself lucky you live near to all of these fancy shopping centres. There are no ASDAs around here, you know", replied Rupert.

"Thank God for that, I don't think I could cope with all the common folk around here, throwing eggs off our car!"

"Only the rich come here, my darling".

When they opened the gate, they were suddenly approached by Harry Gardiner.

"Oh, look. It's that polite boy from number 6", said Rupert, "how are you today?"
"You...are...evil", said Harry, pointing his finger at Alesha.

"What?" said a stunned Alesha, even surprised with the fact that she managed to speak.

"You heard me", replied Harry, "you're a slut, and a whore!"

Harry gave Alesha the evil eyes, and he watched the pair of them get into the car and drive away. Alesha still watched as Harry stared at her, his eyes almost closed. When the car started to drive away, Alesha turned round, only to see Harry still stood there staring, and pointing his finger towards her.

"You said he was polite?" asked Alesha.

"Well, he was fine with me before", replied Rupert.

"Why on Earth would he call me evil? I've never even seen him before in my life! Why would he do that?"
"It beats me", replied Rupert, driving on.

After having finished their shopping, Rupert and Alesha decided to go for a walk to the park. After five minutes of sitting down by the lake, they were interupted by a woman.

"So, come back crawling to your nest, have you?" said the woman.

Rupert turned round, and he knew straight away who the woman was: Vera.

"You!" he yelled.

"Is that all you've got to say?" Vera asked, "after what you did?"
"Who the Hell are you?" asked a confused Alesha.

Vera looked at her for two seconds, and moved her face closer to Alesha's. "I'm your worst nightmare!" she replied.

"She's Dawn's sister", explained Rupert.

"Oh, right. I thought she was some mad woman. You never know these days, do you?"
"I have a good right to be mad. Your husband brutally murdered my sister, and he wanders round this park, with not a care in the world!"

"I went away for twenty-five long years!" cried Rupert.

"They should have shot you, like you shot Dawn! Dawn lost her life, but you kept yours, and you can live the next thirty years in complete and utter bliss. What does Dawn get? She gets put into a hole to rot away!"

"Have you finished yet?" interupted Alesha.

"This isn't the last you'll see of me. I live right next door to you!"

"Well, that problem can be solved. We'll just grow some trees next to the fence so we can't see you".

"Grow some trees", laughed Vera, "you couldn't grow a brain!"

"I beg your pardon", said Alesha, standing up.

"You heard me. It puzzles me, why you married this homicidal maniac!"

"Because I understand him! He went through a moment of madness. Haven't you?"

"I'm pretty mad myself right now".

"Really?" said Alesha, sarcastically.

"Haven't you got somewhere else to be?" asked Rupert.

Vera laughed. "I certainly have, darling. I certainly have".

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Alesha.

"Even you can work that out. Everywhere you go, I'll be there, waiting. You will see me on every street corner, and even when you go on holiday, I'll follow you".

"Don't be such an idiot! You're making a fool of yourself, saying those stupid things!"

"Just you wait and see, Rupert Christen. I will not rest until you are back behind bars. Just watch me!"

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