The second wife

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Chapter 8 (v.1)

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Chapter 7

Next on the list to be interviewed was Vera. To Tammy, Vera was a likely murderer if the murderer was not Rupert. If the person who had murdered Tammy's grandmother had got out of prison, Tammy would feel the same way and do the same things, although she would not go as far as murder.

"Vera", Tammy begun, "I need to ask you to explain a couple of things a little more to me, OK?"
"What do you want me to explain?" asked Vera, "I'm not involved in this murder in the slightest. Rupert Christen murdered his wife, and it's as simple as that!"
"There is the possibility that Rupert did not murder Alesha".

"Once a criminal, always a criminal, no matter what anybody says!"

"Can't you see that Rupert might have actually seen the error of his ways?"
"No. He has not! Everyone who commits murder should be killed themsevles".

"It's understandable why you feel that way, but plenty of people who have killed have left prison, and have become very helpful, descent members of society".

"Is that what you wanted to talk about? To persuade me to be friends with that homicidal maniac over my sister's dead body?"
"No...not at all..."

"Well, you can forget it. There is nothing useful that you can get from me, and even if the murderer was someone other than Rupert, and if I saw them kill Alesha, I would let them get away with it!"
"I thought you just said that all murderers should be executed?"
"You know what I mean - like murderers in Dawn's case, who kill for no good reason. Well, plenty of people had a good reason to kill that superbitch, and quite frankly, the world is a better place without her!"
"That's quite harsh, isn't it?"
"Once you do find the evidence to go against Rupert Christen, Hinbrid Valley will be a peaceful place again!"
"Anyway, I need to ask you a couple of questions".

Vera sighed. "If you must", she replied.

"Firstly, what was your plan to get your own back on Rupert Christen?"
"Do I need to answer that?" replied Vera.

"No, but..."

"Then I won't!" yelled Vera, folding her arms and staring at the wall.

Tammy waited for ten seconds, and saw that Vera was not budging. "Look, if you do answer these questions, at least I have some information, so it does not look like you are hiding something".

"Fine!" cried Vera, "I'll answer your bloody questions, but they won't help with Alesha's murder!"

"Go on".

"My plan was to stalk them until they left Hinbrid Valley. I thought that they would get so sick of me that they would not want to live here anymore, and they would use their millions of pounds to find another place. There, are you happy now?"

"That's a fairly reasonable response, so yes".

"Is there anything else that you'd like to ask me, darling?" said Vera, sarcastically.

"Yes...lsat night, you flashed a gun in the pub. Why did you do it?"
"Well, firstly, the gun has no bullets in it, so nobody was in any danger, and secondly, I wanted to scare that bitch Alesha and her even more psychotic husband!"

"Where is the gun now?"
"It's in my bedroom".

"When and where did you get it?"
"If you must know, that was my grandfathers, from the second World War. I've never touched it since he died in 1975. Anyway, enough with my life story. You've heard enough of that already".

"Can I have a look at the gun?"
"It's in one of the drawers".

Tammy found the gun, and examined it. Vera was not lying. The gun was in fact from the 1940s. Tammy also thought that it was a coincidence, since the murder weapon had suddenly vanished, and Vera owned a gun. Vera could have managed to kill Alesha and run away with the gun easily. Now, Tammy had two guns to consider: Rupert's and Vera's. Tammy was not certain that one of the two guns was the murder weapon, but she knew that if one of the guns were, she would get closer to closing the case.

"So, are you going anywhere tonight?" Tammy asked Vera, trying to make her relaxed and unsuspiscious.

"Well, I was going to, but my headscarf is missing, and it's supposed to be a freezing night", replied Vera, "so I don't think I will now".

"When did you last see it?" asked Tammy, trying to change the conversation.

"I put it down in the garden, on the table, while I opened the door. I forgot about it until later, and when I went to look for it on the table, it was gone".

"It might have blown away".

"No. I remember putting it underneath my vase".

"So, are you certain that you left it there?"
"I am one hundred percent certain. It's a mystery to me".

"Hmmm. I'll let you know if I find it", replied Tammy, leaving Vera's house.

Next to be interviewed, and the final three people, were John, Eva and Harry Gardiner. Tammy saw that Eva and John both had the motive to murder Alesha, but could they do it together, or would they be in it alone? Also, Tammy knew that Harry Gardiner transformed from a polite, fairly shy boy to a hateful, horrible brat towards Alesha. What did he have against her? These were the questions that Tammy wanted to try to answer.

"So", said John, "who's first?"
"I'd like both of you together", said Tammy, "there's not that much to talk about".

"Fire away then", said Eva.

"Well, firstly, I want to know, what did you do when you got home last night?"
"Well, John and I opened a bottle of champagne after sending the babysitter home. It was strange, really, because Rupert had given us that bottle on their way home, as a way of an apology. Alesha did not look too amused, though".

"So, after you drank the champagne, what did you do?"
"We went to bed", replied Eva, "it had been a very tiring day, and we wanted to just end it".

"Did you, by any chance, see or hear anything in the area last night, that was unusual".

"Funny you should mention that..." said John.

"Could it be linked to the murder?"
"Actually, I think it might be".

"Then tell me, please!"
"When Eva and I were lying in bed, we heard a woman's high heels running around the outside of our house. It was very loud. I looked outside but I couldn't see anybody. It was too dark. About two minutes later, we heard the shot".

"So, I need to find out who this person was, because they might have vital information. Tell me, is this usual, or has it never happened before?"
"Nobody has ever ran around making that much noise at that time of night since we've lived here", said Eva, "so, do you think this person was the killer?"
"Maybe...but there might be another explanation yet".

"I'm so sick of my life at the moment. Alesha's now dead, so we have no star for Pure Evil!"
"I'm sure you'll find someone else", laughed Tammy, "can I speak to Harry now?"
"If you must".

Tammy knocked on Harry's bedroom door.

"Hello, Miss", said Harry.

"Hello, Harry", Tammy said, "do you mind if I come in and ask a couple of questions?"
"Of course you can come in", replied the seemingly angelic child.

"Harry, I need to ask you some questions about Alesha Christen. Do you know who that is?"
"Yes. She was married to Mr. Christen in number 4. She got murdered last night".

"Who told you that?"
"My mother and father".

"OK, and can you tell me what you thought of her?"
"Well...she looked a bit nasty".

"Were you nasty to her?"
Harry remained quiet.

"It's OK, you can tell me", said Tammy, desperate for answers.

"I did not like Mrs Christen. She was very nasty to my mother and father".

"Did your mother and father ever talk about her?"
"All the time. They complain about the lenghts that they have to go to for Alesha".

"Alright, and did you hear your parents talk about what they were going to do about it?"
"No. They just complained about her?"
"Did your parents go out after they came back last night?"
"No. They stayed in and then went to bed".

"Did you hear a woman running around your house last night?"

"OK", said Tammy, who had ran out of questions.

Having interviewed every suspect (except for Anna, who Tammy did not yet consider a suspect), Tammy decided to try to think in more detail, but the question was, where to start?



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