The second wife

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Chapter 9 (v.1)

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Chapter 8

The very next morning, Anna Barclay was found dead in number 1. Many of the residents were shocked at this, and others seemed to know that it was coming. Tammy did not seem to understand any other reason for killing Anna, other than the fact that she may have had vital information, and the murderer knew this. Assuming that it was the same killer, Tammy knew that this was her opportunity to close the case.

That morning, Tammy went to the crime scene, where Anna's body still was, and examined it to the very last detail. The first thing that Tammy saw was the rope tightly fastened around Anna's neck - she had clearly been strangled. The next thing that she noticed was that there was a hat near her body. It looked quite fancy, and it looked like a man would wear it.

"So, the murder comes in here, kills Anna and drops their hat here without noticing? That is just too fishy to me", Tammy told another investigator in the room.

"I agree", said the other investigator, "it's obviously been placed here by the murderer for a reason".

"That's something else for me to think about. Anyway, is there anything else that looks suspiscious?"
"Well, it's not suspiscious, but I have come up with the events just before her death".

"Go on".

"Well, Anna is sat at her desk, presumably studying, because of her book that is there".

"What book is it?"
"It's about job interviews".

"So, she was planning on changing jobs?"
"It looks that way. Anyway, as Anna is sitting here, the murderer comes up to her, wraps the rope around her neck and chokes her to death".

"Well, that's quite obvious, don't you think?"
"These marks on her neck indicate no struggle".

"So, it was quick - the murderer had probably planned on how they were going to do it".

"So, why do you think they left the murder weapon here this time?"
"I don't know. Maybe they forgot about it, or simply did not care. This rope tells us very little..." said Tammy, unconvincingly.

"So, has this helped you with your investigation?"
"It's given me a couple of more things to think about", replied Tammy, "but we haven't finished searching the room yet. There could be more information".

After a couple of minutes of searching, Tammy found her next clue, and it was vital for the case. In the drawer, she found something rather shocking. It was a letter, and it said:

"I know you murdered Alesha Christen. I saw you enter the Gardiner's house and take the gun".

"So, Anna was murdered because she was blackmailing the killer", said the investigator.

"But more importantly, we know what gun was used to kill Alesha Christen!" yelled an excited Tammy.

Tammy thought that it had to be one of the Gardiners, but she received a shock when she discovered that they each had a perfect alibi!

The night before, the Gardiners set off to go to a hotel for the night, since Harry and John were competing in a golf tournament, and the hotel was at least fifty miles away, and since they left before Anna was last seen alive, the Gardiners could not have done it. This confused Tammy. She knew that this was her toughest case yet.

She thought to herself, "if the Gardiners did not commit the murder, how on Earth did somebody manage to get into their house and take the gun without them realising? The houses are only small! And why would they go to that much trouble to take the gun from their house?"

There were many questions on Tammy's mind, and this was a very puzzling mystery. It seemed that from the clues she obtained from everybody, none of the suspects could have commited the murder. With the Gardiners eliminated from the list, that left five people: Rupert Christen, Oliver and Imelda Stratton, Vera and Craig, the servant. It was all very confusing for her, and in all of the cases that she had solved, this one proved to be the toughest. The murderer had to be somebody really clever, and very scheming to come up with such an elaborate ploy to kill Alesha Christen. All of Tammy's thoughts changed when she read that note - at first, she thought that the murderer was either Vera or Rupert, but now, it seemed that they could not have done it, given the facts. Once Tammy learned how the murderer managed to take the gun, she would solve the case, she thought to herself.

After leaving number 1, Tammy decided to go home, which was next door. She then thought to herself, "ever since the Christens arrived, Hinbrid Valley has become such a different place".

Tammy decided to go out into the garden, where Vera was sat.

"I've been meaning to talk to you", Vera said.

"Oh, really?" asked Tammy, "what about?"
"Well, I'm very puzzled about something. Do you know that I lost my headscarf yesterday?"

"Well, I was going for a walk in the park today, and I found it there".

"How did that get there?"
"I have absoloutely no idea! But that's not the most confusing part. When I found it, I saw that about a third of it had been cut off! It was gone! Now it doesn't fit my head!"
"Are you sure it's yours?"
"I am certain it's mine. It has my initials on it, and it has exactly the same pattern. It's no coincidence. Besides, headscarves don't come in that size, I mean, the size that it is now, so somebody has obviously cut a little bit off for something".

"Why would anybody want to steal your headscarf from your garden and cut it off, leaving it in the park?"
"That's why I wanted to talk to you about it. It's baffled me!"
"I'm sorry, Vera, but I have no idea. There has to be some explanation, and when I think of it, I'll come and tell you straight away".

"So, are you any further with the case?"
"Fortunately, yes, but unfortunately, this means that the case is even more and more complicated".

"I can't speak to you about that. You're a suspect, remember?"
"Oh...yes", said Vera, trying her best to laugh. Her laugh was obviously fake and seemed quite nervous to Tammy.

Tammy didn't know what to think. Did Rupert Christen actually murder his wife? Tammy received yet another clue with a knock on her door. When she answered, it was the investigator, and he said, "well, I've found out that the hat was Rupert Christen's".

"How do you know?" asked Tammy.

"It has his initials inside, and the Strattons, Craig, and several staff at the local pub said that they all saw Rupert wearing that very hat on the night of Alesha's murder".

"Well, do you know what this means?" asked Tammy.

"That Rupert Christen is the murderer?" replied a clueless investigator.

"No", said Tammy, "this means that somebody is trying to implicate Rupert Christen of the murders!"

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