Bending the Rules

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - First Words

Submitted: October 10, 2013

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Submitted: October 10, 2013




“So what foreign language are you taking this semester?”

“Well my name is Italy, and I can’t speak a lick of Italian so what the hell. Already got Spanish down and I hear its pretty close.”

“Lets see here, it says that Professor Molino has two classes open.” She says.

“Molino Molino, that’s the hot guy right?”

“I have no idea.” Says Crissy.

“I had him for Spanish last year he’s not bad” her friend I didn't know chimed in.

“Damn, says he also teaches German, dude is a linguistic whiz.”

“Oh here he comes, Giovanni!” she hollers waving.

“Ah Nikola ciao, how are you?” Asked the tall, smooth faced man; barely stopping as he hurried toward his class.

“I’m great” she replies with a big smile.

“You taking one of my classes this semester?”

“I wish, maybe next year.”

“I look forward to it, see you around” he says once again picking up his brisk stride”

“Oh yeah, you can definitely tick me off for his class” I say.

The scent of his expensive cologne lingered in the hallway. He was dressed casually in a fitted polo and jeans. His black hair was well combed and contrasted beautifully with his clean olive complexion. Made me wonder just about what manner of professor was he.

“Did I hear you call him by his first name?” Crissy asks.

“Sure, he’s really cool. Our entire class called him Giovanni. He says Mr. Molino makes him feel ten years older and that it was his father’s name.”

“God Amora would die if she saw him” I say.

“He is fine” Crissy admits fanning herself with a pamphlet as though he had set her ablaze.

I wasn't too caught up in the conversation not to notice our mystery guy walking up the corridor to the labs. As usual he had a serious look on his face, yet his mouth was relaxed which showed a hint of gentleness in his expression. He looked straight ahead; his eyes not holding too long a gaze on anything or making contact with anyone. He saw me looking at him and smiled as he passed by. Wow he had cute dimples. Dimples were my thing man.

I hadn't allowed my eyes to linger too long, and the next time I looked up again all I saw was the tail of his white lab coat as he docked inside. He really was inexplicable and it made me wonder about him more. I decided to let it alone and snatched up my things for the next lecture.

The next day I started Giovanni’s class. I must say that sexy Italian accent paired with such a seductive voice did little to help my concentration.  He had the kindest eyes when he smiled, which he did quite often. He was also a helpless nicotine fiend as he stepped out for a smoke every 15 minutes. It did seem to interrupt the lecture but he was too gorgeous for anyone of us to protest.

“So Italy, how is it that you got such a unique name?” he was asking me now.

“It’s just as much a mystery to me” I say.

“Have you ever been?” he asks.

“Not even” I say.

“Italy is a very beautiful place. I've never met someone named Italy before, but like the country you do have that factor of beauty in common” he says as his lips curl into a knowing smile; Knowing that his flattery though unrequited was not unwelcomed.

He walked back to the head of the room and blurted out something in Italian and then turned and looked at his class for a response. My phone vibrated furiously in my pocket. It had been doing that for the last minute and I was beginning to get annoyed. I decide too take it out and switch it off and enjoy the rest of my class.

 After it was over I strolled sluggishly through the halls, scrolling on my iPad to see what class I had next if any at all. I suppose that’s something I should know off hand, but I had become less stringent about these things this year. It seemed I had an entire hour before my next lecture. I posted up on a nearby wall as I texted Crissy to come meet me while still checking my other classes on my Ipad.

I stuck a pen in my hair scratching at my scalp, thinking that it probably needed a wash. I dreaded the heat outside now that would make it thick and mangled. I loosened the ponytail a little bit as I sucked on the other end of the pen now, maneuvering the electronic devices around as I do.

“Excuse me”

I was just about to ask this person what was their problem and to wait a damn minute but thankfully decided to look up first instead.

“Oh....hi” I say holding both devices in one hand and removing the pen from my clenched teeth.

“Hi” he says.

“Oh am I blocking the entrance? I didn't realize” I say stepping further away from the door.

He smiled politely but kept his eyes on the door as he pushed it open. I hadn't realized I had wondered onto the medical testing block again. Suddenly I was overly conscious of my messy hair and plain white V-neck that read “I Love Sex” in big pink and black letters (a gift from Amora). I had slipped on a hoody before I went into class but removed it as soon as I walked out. Anyway he probably didn't notice since he didn't really look me in the face.

“Really now?” Asks Giovanni as he slows in passing.


“Your shirt, it’s very interesting” He says continuing his stride with a naughty smile.

Immediately I flung my hands across my chest to hide the embarrassing print. Why on earth hadn't I burnt this or given it to good will like the rest of things Amora bought me?

Shit” I say as my iPad slips out of my hand and hits the floor.

Just as I stooped to pick it up hoping the screen wasn't cracked, our mystery man appeared in front of me kneeling also to do the same. I stand up first allowing him to pick it up and hand it to me.

“Thank you” I say.

He responded with a toothless smile; it was only then that his irresistible dimples appeared.

“You’re welcome” he says after a while.

“I knew you spoke English” I say to myself rather than to him.

“Sorry?” he says confused.

“Oh never mind, I’m Italy” I say extending a hand.

“Shaheed” he says taking it hesitantly.

His grip was firm but swift. I think my skin hummed when we touched or I could have imagined it.

“Is it broken?” He asks.

“Um what?” I ask.

“Your device” he says pointing to the Ipad.

“Uh no thank God I paid like doesn't matter, Shaheed right?”

“Yes, but everyone here calls me Shah or Mr. Ibrahim.”

“That’s Arabic isn't it? I ask, my heart momentarily sinking for some unknown reason knowing almost with certainty that he was indeed Muslim.


“Where are you from if you don’t mind me asking?”

“I am from Egypt.”

“Oh, well I’m an anthropology major, it’s a really big thing for me to meet people from other cultures.”

“Anthropology? I don’t know what this is”

“Oh it’s just the study of different cultures really, I would love to interview you some time.”

‘Oh, Okay” he says scratching his eyebrow and lowering his eyes to the floor.

“Is that okay?” I ask.

“Yes, its fine” he says smoothing out the already smooth collar on his shirt.

Okay so now I was really perplexed at his inability to make aye contact with me. But then I saw highlights of pink in his cheeks; thought he was blushing and that was so cute, but then I noticed it wasn't so much his eyes avoiding mine. It was him trying to redirect his attention away from my shirt.  Now I too was turning pink and vowing to destroy it as soon as I got it off me.

“Anyway I better get going” I say squeezing the iPad against my chest and making a quick disappearance. 

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