When You Find Me

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: November 19, 2011

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Submitted: November 19, 2011



I stirred out of bed. I stretched my arms and legs and sat on the end of the matress. I looked around. There were no more cardboard boxes. Had that man moved them?

I wanted to cry, but somehow, tears weren't coming out of my eyes. I think I cried all of the water out from my body last night. I put the blanket over me. I looked up. The window had been broken on one side. It wasn't broken yesterday though, was it? I left the 'mystery of the window' alone. The sky was full of fog. It was definitely morning, I just didn't know what time in the morning. I leapt off of the matress when I saw a huge spider crawling around. I screamed.

"Woah!" The curly-haired guy says as he runs into my room. "Are you okay?" He walked over.

"Yeah." I nodded. I felt quite embarrassed, it was just a spider...

"What happened?" Then I had an idea... Why should I answer his questions when he won't answer mine?

"I'll answer that if you answer my questions." I cross my arms.

"This is stupid..." He starts to walk out of the room.

"Please! This isn't fair! I haven't done anything wrong yet I get this punishment!" I shout at him. I fall onto the bed and delve into my crying state again. I feel his arm across my body. I look up to see him sitting next to me, staring forward.

"What you wanna ask?" He asked me reluctantly. I looked straight at him.

"I want to know where my family is. Then I want to know why I'm here. And what-"

"Woah woah woah, one question at a time." He cracked a slanted smile. His voice suddenly sounded quite attractive. He looked back at me. His arm was still wrapped around my body. I shook my head and got to business.

"Firstly, where are my family."

"I don't know."

"What do you mean you don't know where they are? Does that mean they're safe? Have you just got me?"

"We just have you." He rolled his shoulders back. 'We'..?

"Right, so why have you got me?" He took his hand off of me and placed it beside him.

"Do we have to do this now?"

"Um, I think I have a right to know why I got kidnapped and taken to this, I don't even know what it is! How many kidnappers are here? What the hell is going on?" I threw my head in my hands and forcefully pulled my hair from the roots.

"Let go. Stop hurting yourself." He said, gently taking my hands away from my head.

"I'm hurting myself? You're hurting me by not telling me where the hell I am! How would you like to be kidnapped and taken to a place you don't even know and be around strangers who are complete nutcases?"

"I'm not a nutcase!" He looked at me with an evil streak in his eye. "Take that back." He sealed the gap between us to about an inch. I made that horrible shrieking noise again. He hit me round the face. "Shut UP!" The room was filled with the deafening sound of silence. I looked away, holding my hurt face. I felt the pain tingle on my cheek. I could feel the redness arousing. I felt his hand tug on my arm. "I, I'm sorry." I tugged away from him.

"I hate you." I mumbled.

"What?" I heard him ask. I threw myself around to look at him and shouted: "I hate you!" I ran off of the bed, still clutching my face, and escaped the room. I saw the door opposite that I had taken a shower in. Then I looked to my right. Dead end. I looked left. Just a hallway. I supposed there were a set of stairs round the corner. There was no time to wonder. I ran straight into the bathroom and shut the door behind me. There was a lock. I locked it quickly with fear overwhelming me. I rested my head on the door breathlessly. I looked around me. I was in a laundry room. I closed my eyes and opened them again. I was still in a laundry room. Where was the shower? Where was the toilet? Suddenly, breaking my thoughts, I heard a banging on the door behind me. I chucked myself off of it and stood facing the door. The tremendous force of all the kicking and pushing was enough to break the door right down...

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