Not Heaven's,Not Hell's,but of the Two in Between

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Submitted: March 17, 2013



Chapter 2-Moranna

"I'm hell on heels,say what you will but I done made the Devil a deal.He made me pretty,he made me smart,now I'm gonna break me a million hearts.I'm hell on heels,and baby I'm commin' for-"  I pulled out my ear buds as I saw Perilous exit the  Institute,quickly checking the ally before looking up at me.She made sure to make eye-contact before turning the corner.As I stood,I noticed that,after a few minutes,a second person came out."What the hell Perilous?"I bared my teeth.Unlike my sisters,since I was a Darker Angel,I actually had fangs.But the person,I soon realized it was a guy,was wiping blood away from his mouth."Werewolf."I thought,"Damn it,Perilous."That girl did some really idiotic things in my book.I shook my head before I jumped.This time,I was alone,and I liked it.Perilous slowed me down,and Theresa always had to do things HER way.

I didn't bother pausing a the window.I just barged right in."Don't even think about it."I hissed at the scientist."Ha-di!"I waved my hands in two different directions.The cage to my left exploded,and the assisstants and the scientist flew back against the wall."And thats how you do that."I smirked."Come on kid,lets get out of here." The boy stepped out of the rubble.He was about Perilous's age."Remind me to never make you mad."He muttered.I grabbed his collar and pulled."Hey I can get out of here myself."He snapped."Then why did I have to save your sorry little ass?"I gave him a look."Now,come on before I really do get pushed over the edge."This time,he actually followed.

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