The Dream Seer

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Kassidy has been moved from one school to another all her life. And when her mother finally decides to settle down, Kassidy thinks this is her chance to finally make friends and make a life for herself. She has her friend Gordan to help. And when she accidentally travels to the land of the nether, she knows she is anything but normal. She meets this mysterious guy, who both enchants and intimidates her. She learns that the family she thought was crazy but nonetheless ordinary is also anything but. And she learns why her mother has always been so overprotective of her. But Kassidy is tired of waiting in the shadows, its time to see the light.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Dream Seer

Submitted: February 24, 2013

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Submitted: February 24, 2013



I was just finished preparing myself for the spring dance. I put on this sleek dress I got for Christmas from this auntie that I can't seem to remember. It was this elegant little thing really. It was a tight dress that looked like a neon pink blouse connected to a black pencil skirt. I swear the dress was made for me, except the neon pink part. I could stop traffic in that dress, so I did the sensibly thing to do. I put one of my lace crop tops over it, to make the color not so bright. My hair was just straight, like always. My nails were done a beautiful midnight purple. I wore black flats with sparkles on them, that let my feet glide on the floor. I was dazzling, Gothic, but dazzling. I could only imagine the rude comments my mother would give for me wearing this. “Hooker” or “hoe bag”. But it didn't matter, tonight was my night to get lost in the music. My friends always told me I was a wild dancer, and they were so right. Its as if the music is telling me what to do, what to move. It makes me feel free, in the arms of the song. I make my way down stairs and the limo is waiting right outside the front door. Before I step out I hear my mother. Shoot! I think. “ You forgot your lucky bracelet.” she says. “Thanks.” I say hoping this conversation won't be long. “ Be home by 11:30 tops, and have a good time you look beautiful.” Strange? I think. My mother would never say something like that. She would say I look slutty so put on a jacket and.....and...... she would NEVER let me stay out that late. The latest I have ever been out is 9:45 anything later and she would probably call for missing teen. This is SUPER strange, but I really wanna get to the dance so I just say “see ya”. And with that I'm out. I'm Free! I rush to the limo and hop inside. I'm with my “friend” Gordan who seems to want to be more. And I'm super happy about that, I have literally been waiting for the day he asks me out since I met him in 2nd grade in Ms. Reidenburgs class. He puts a corsage of dark roses on my hand. “This isn't the prom you know.” I say.” “And I am well aware of that Kassie, but you look hmm whats the word ….enchanting when you wear roses.” I blush. I might as well have a sign on my forehead that says blushing cause, my dimples show. “Well I can't believe you dragged me into this mess, I know you love to dance, but can't you dance at home?” says Gordan. He is so dense sometimes. And soon we arrive. Once were in the gym, I'm amazed at how well they decorated. Not at all like the other dances here at Louis Academy . It looks like a dream. Like in those stories I read on dark faeries and their crazy dance party's. It looks like it came to life. I hit the dance floor leaving Gordan to mope at our table about how he hates dances. When I'm on the dance floor I forget about all my surroundings. Its just me and the music now. I lose myself and bump into this guy. “Watch it there, don't want to fall do you?” He says as he holds me upright with his hands. “Thanks.” I murmur because I'm to distracted by his beauty to say anything else. He pulls me close and whispers ever so softly. “Wanna dance?” He doesn't wait for my response. He just takes my hands and we dance. Throughout the night we danced and occasionally he would whisper in my ear everything a girl wants to hear. But he doesn't know me. I have read to many romance novels to know not to be swept off my feet by a phoney like him. I will not swoon, and I will not fall for this inconsiderate jerk. This hot and sexy inconsiderate jerk. Damn he can dance! All of a sudden he lets go and its like all the dancing hits me and I feel queasy. “Let me get you a drink.” He says. “You look faint.” Then he moves through the crowd and leaves me at a table to rest at while he gets me a drink. I'm finally awoken from the daze of the music. And for some strange reason I feel tipsy. Shoot!Did I get drunk off the music? Then I look around and realize that I know no one here. All my classmates are gone. Double Shoot! Am I still even at the dance? That's when I collapse. And just before my eyes close shut I see that guy coming toward me. And even though he barely whispers it I hear him say “Humans.....” The next moment I awake on a couch to whom I don't know belongs to. I look around the room. Its a very simple living room. There is a TV in front me and a glass coffee table on the side. I find a drink just laying there on the table. It looks to be soda, and I'm to sick to care. When did I get this sick? Then it hits me......last night. Oh no! I'm at a strangers house and my mother has no clue where I am! I'm finished with the drink and almost instantaneously I feel replenished. The sick feeling melts away. Suddenly I smell something like pancakes. Mmm my favorite. I follow the scent all the way to the kitchen where I find the same guy from yesterday. Suddenly I'm pissed. I point my finger at his chin and shout “WHERE AM I?”. He responds calm and relaxed like my yelling and crazed face doesn't effect him. “Calm down your at my house, love.” I wanted to shave is head at that. Go Bald! Yes shave his perfectly luscious hair, maybe that will teach him to not take a tipsy girl to his house. The least he could have done was take me home, but his house? “ How can I calm down knowing my mother has probably called the police because I never came home? Huh?” I exclaim. “Oh her no need to worry.” he says calm and confident again. I swear I could slap him. “Why would you just say no need worry, I have every right to worry!” I scream. “And I certainly don't need help from a smart ass, pretty boy like you!”At that he bursts into a fit of laughter. “Pretty boy?” he exclaims. I regret the last few words. “So you think I'm a pretty boy? Eh?” He says while making a full grin. Ugh he really is starting to get to me. “Well you seemed to like this pretty boy last night! I couldn't pull you off me!” Shit! Is he telling the truth? Suddenly I feel queasy again and my body quivers,I was just about to fall when he catches me. “Seems we are running out of time, even a human like you can't last long in this world, but I am glad we met. I never thought I could meet a human who could travel to this world.” WTF he must be on something. “What do you mean this world?” I say stuttering, regretting it. “Laws bind me to say no more than that.”he says softly. WTF “Listen I don't now if your a drug addict or alcoholic, but I do know that my mother is looking for me!” I say. His voice is again calm and he says “ I am not the one who can awaken you from this dream” he says again way to calm and focused. He obviously believes he is right I just believe he is high. I'm about to turn away when he turns me to face him again. He uses his hand and tips my chin ever so slightly and wraps the other arm around my waist. Shoot! He is really strong. His face comes close and he comes to my ear and whispers “ WAKE UP!” He says then blows in my ear. My legs are shaking, I can't take it, its as if some magnetic pole is drawing us closer. And when I look in his eyes I know he is serious, I know he is not high, but I didn't want it all to be real I was gonna finally be normal! “What are you?” I whisper so low I don't think he hears. But sure enough he answers “ Good bye!”he whispers. I am so being punked. This isn't real its impossible. I'm a normal teenage girl, but I know I'm just lying to myself. Suddenly I hear an alarm in my head. He must hear it too cause he says “Times Up” and I'm swept away in this whirlpool. I'm thrashing and thrashing and I see doors to other worlds, other places, other dreams. I awaken from my strange dream, sweating, panting, and screaming.

Once I have calmed I realize it was all a just a dream.Or was it?

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The Dream Seer

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