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Chapter 12 (v.1)

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Submitted: September 09, 2010



Poraxi: The Traitor

I was shocked. Never before had I imagined the bitch pointing a .72 between my eyes would be the woman I once loved. Pure, caring, and the most accurate sniper I ever met. Why, Anna? Why?

June 1, 2061

Anastasia Vorge. Nothing in the world could possibly compare to her beauty. We had grown up together. A bond that I once thought could never be broken.

"Thanks for taking me here," she said, "It's been years since I've seen our old high school. Good memories, Mark."

"Ya," I responded, "Before all this Communist Rebirth crap."

"Hah! Why? You think Reserve guys like us are gonna be called in anytime soon?"

"I know I will! Governments been paying for me after my parents died. More likely than not, they're gonna want something back!"

"Well, you know I"ve always got your 6, Private!"

"Yes, ma`am!"

Laughing, she began hugging me in her wonderful, bear-like fashion.

"Don't die on me Mark."

"Never in a million years."

A bond that I once thought could never be broken...

Turns out it was all a sham to begin with.

Present Time, 2076

"So..." I asked. "I'm one of the sons of the Archaic?"

"Yep, thats right," she said "And I don't intend to allow you the oppurtunity to make contact with the Russians, Americans, or any of those UFA basterds!"

"What? You and I are UFA! Are you trying to tell me you and all these guys are fucking traitors?!"

"No, Mark! You are blind! You think those 'Freedom' fuckers want to help you? They're just going to use you! Just like they once used me! Is that what you want, or do you want true freedom? Join Oasis and I! Together, we, Nova, Oasis, Canyon, and Hail here!" She gestured to a dark skinned man behind her. "We will command an army alongside the Poraxi that will rid the world of this Capitalist nonsense!"

"OUR FATHERS WERE UFA GODDAMNIT! Do you not realize that The Archaic were against the Poraxi during the Galactic Federation Downfall? Because they were, and you're disgracing them with this rediculous Commie bullshit!"

Anna looked away, as she sighed under her breath.

"Why," I asked, "why sell me out like this?"

"It is just how things are now, Mark," she spoke. "Perhaps you will come to see that in the afterlife."

"I guess I never truly did understand you..."

"No, and you still don't."


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